STEEL PANTHER: Live at Club Nosturi, Helsinki

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11’TH of March 2012



Steel Panther from Los Angeles is well known for their humorous lyrics, and exaggerated on-stage personas that parody and exaggerate the 80’s glam metal lifestyle. The band was formed in 2000, and the debut album FEEL THE STEEL came out in 2009. The sophomore release BALLS OUT followed in 2011. By their own words, Steel Panther is “the hottest band out of Hollywood since Motley Crue, Guns N’ Roses and Poison ruled the Sunset Strip,” and it does seem that fans of those bands in Finland have accepted Steel Panther as their show here sold out within just a few days.

The Nosturi stage came alive with the energy of a Steel Panther when the band headed onto the stage and started with their new album’s opening track, “Supersonic Sex Machine.” This was followed by another newbie – “Tomorrow Night.” The sold-out and crazed crowd were really into the band. When Steel Panther next jumped into the classic “Fat Girl,” it was then hard to hear the song clearly under the extra noisy “sing-a-long” and chanting the chorus lyrics: “Fat girl. She’s everything I wanted and more. Fat girl. She can’t fit through the door.Woooooah woooooah… Thar she blows“. That’s some serious rock ‘n roll lyrics.  🙂


Steel Panther are raunchy and very tongue in cheek, but their skills are outstanding. Lead vocalist Michael Starr, who once sang for L.A. Guns, commanded the stage with high energy, great vocals, and funny remarks. The man could have been a perfect fit for almost any late 80’s band on the Sunset Strip, for sure. Guitarist Satchel presented his extreme talent throughout the show. The man was literally on fire, and his guitar solo was hilarious when he pleased the crowd by playing a long string of well-known riffs from the classic metal bands like Iron Maiden, Metallica, Guns’n Roses, and Ozzy.


Bassist Lexxi Foxx was “dumb and blonde” on stage as always. The man mostly concentrated on bringing out his sparkly pink hand mirror to apply lipstick and hairspray during the show, but that was enough to make people laugh for sure. Drummer Stix Zadinia stayed a bit more in the background but did solid drumming work and told some obscene “questionable” jokes with the rest of the guys.


It’s always a sign of a good band when even if you’ve never heard a song from the band in your life, and you’ll still have a party and find yourself singing along in no time! It was hilarious but also a bit confusing to follow how young people, mostly in their early 20’s sang lyrics like: “I’m in Tokyo; I’m looking for a ho. I tried to score some blow, but I don’t speak Japanese, no. Find a geisha girl; I take her for a whirl. Wrap a tuna roll on my dick, and the bitch is on her knees, yeah!”  Although the band gives a lot of fun to their fans, they must also have a lot of fun on stage.

Along with “Asian Hooker,” from which I just borrowed the above quote, the most cheered songs were: “Community Property,” “Fat Girl,” and of course the band’s biggest hit and set closer, “Death to All But Metal.” What is common with these songs is that those all come from the bands, now classic, debut release FEEL THE STEEL. The sophomore album BALLS OUT is a decent release, but as a whole, its material isn’t as memorable as its predecessor, in my opinion. There are few gems on BALLS OUT like the opening song “Supersonic Sex Machine,” acoustic “Weenie Ride,” and hilarious “Gold Digging Whore” but as a whole, it does repeat the same indecent and chauvinistic jokes which were already used on the debut one.

When I did ask Lexxi: “What’s the biggest difference between the two albums” he answered: “This new record has different words, and it’s a different album cover, so that’s a big difference. We’re not on the front cover, which kind of bums me out because I think we look bitchin’, but I think the chick is cool too”. Satchel then continued: “BALLS OUT was…  It was all bitchin fresh material, I think? We tried to write the same way but not do the same thing, got it?” It’s going to be interesting to see what will happen when the band someday releases the next album? Do they have enough capability to regenerate themselves, or are they now permanently stuck into this?


But anyway, that’s just speculation about the distant future, so let’s go briefly back to tonight’s performance. It was good, it was loud, and it did make the crowd laugh. Fans were pleased. It was way more than just another ordinary rock concert. It was a great show consisting of a killer band, great music, standup comedy, tasteless jokes, and some female beauty. Until you experience them live, you’ll never understand how good they indeed are. I still remember when I witnessed my very first Steel Panther performance in Sweden Rock two years ago. I was blown away then, and I ranked their performance on the top three of the whole 70 band list from Sweden Rock. I’m blown away again because the band tonight was at least as good as then…again, this show goes to my top list for 2012.

If you’re looking for a fun evening out with exciting entertainment, then head to a Steel Panther show. The show was a pure party from beginning to end. No matter if you already know their songs or not, or what you come expecting or not expecting, their show will not disappoint.




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