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FORBIDDEN founding member / guitarist / songwriter Craig Locicero has issued the following update:

“Recently I’ve been getting bombarded with questions as to what exactly I am doing musically because I have so many updates about my different projects. FORBIDDEN, SpiralArms, Demonica, and now Manmade God have all been thrown out there. So please let me explain a little bit.

“At the end of 2011, I made a commitment to myself: 2012 will be the year I have the most musical gratification and fun I will ever have had in my life. So far my mission is working out pretty well.

“FORBIDDEN. We are writing a record presently and what we have so far is smoking-shit-hot-thrash-attack!  Sasha Horn has been a lightning rod for our original energy since he’s joined up.  The only issue we have is the amount of time we get to spend together with Steve Smyth and Sasha both living elsewhere. But we have our “Four Dates of the Apocalypse” coming up here in April and we finish that up in Santiago, Chile and Sao Paulo, Brazil!  That will be awesome. While we get together to practice, we also work on new songs. Then, it’s Wacken in August and recording the new record before the end of the year for a 2013 release.  I sure hope there is a 2013!

“SpiralArms.  Big plans for this year…FINALLY!  When I joined back up with FORBIDDEN in 2008, we put Spiral on hold longer than we ever intended it to happen.  I love this band, man!  Tim Narducci has been finishing up the mixes for Freedom over the last few weeks and it kicks some MASSIVE ASS!  There’s a very positive response to the songs from every turn in the industry right now, and that’s exciting, but I think we’ve all gotten over the idea of becoming huge and just want to do things right. Spiral can be a kick ass cult band and maybe a lot more, but we’re cool letting momentum take us wherever we may end up.  Great f’n band and I am committed to seeing things through. Can’t wait for everyone to hear it!

“Demonica.  We are in suspended animation while Hank Shermann is killing it in Volbeat and I’m so damn busy.  Need a new drummer eventually.  Maybe this time a guy from Europe that I don’t already play with… hmmmm?  But ultimately it’s Hank and Klaus Hyr that call the shots in Demonica.  So Marc Grabowski and I will await instructions.

“And yes, Manmade God got together for the first time on March 28th since our crash-and-burn in 2005.  It was a kick-ass experience for all of us and very therapeutic.  The idea is for us to love and respect each other and the music we wrote that hardly anyone got to hear.  It was a surreal and wonderful experience playing the songs again along with some other gems that reminded us of why we did what we did.  On one hand, seems like a small travesty that more people didn’t know about MMG when it was happening.  However, it seems like we’re better equipped to deal with ourselves this time around.  Honestly, I think we sound much better now!  So we are gearing towards a show in late July and will take it slow. No hurries, no worries but for friendship, respect, and the love of our music.  We made a new Manmade God band page on Facebook if you’d like to be updated.  We’re pretty much videotaping the entire process for later use.  Go ahead and check that out.

“So that about covers it.  I guess I’ve better get back to work.”


Watch the video for the track “Omega Wave” on YouTube.


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