The Quill – Full Circle

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Reviewed: April 2012
Released: 2011,
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Having formed back in the 90’s and receiving praise from RAW and Metal Hammer magazines is defiantly a good place for Swedish quartet the Quill to begin their music career. In the years that followed: members have been replaced, international tours across Germany and Japan have followed and now the band release their most promising album to date, a thirteen track offering sprawling with shades of 60’s, 70’s rock, heavy metal and even a slight dash of grunge for good measure.

Opening up with ‘Sleeping with your enemy’ the band induces a guitar riff intro and solid drumming. Magz Arnar’s crisp vocals, which hark toward Buck Stone Cherry really add that extra layer of authenticity for their sound. The song breaks into a soaring chorus then bursts into an impressive solo and melodic section. ‘Full Circle’ picks up the pace with further emphasis upon infectious guitar riffs and solid bass grooves, culminating in a punchy powerhouse of a song. ‘Black Star’ has an eastern led guitar intro that wouldn’t sound out of place on dream Theater’s Scenes from a Memory. Magz injects some lyrical euphoria into the narrative, “I am traveling at the speed of light and feeling that nothing can stop me now”. An overall Uplifting track which is made consistent with hard hitting drums and a solo led crescendo.

Breaking things down a bit, although not in a mediocre fashion, is the soulful ballad ‘River of a Moon child ’. A warm and alluring twist on what has come before, gives listeners a chance to soak up the band’s versatility. Perhaps the most notable instrumentation here is the brooding bass and drums section which provides enough density to make it a real gem on the album. These qualities are also found in ‘No way out’ which has a sombre yet subliminal effect on the ears as guitar melodies meander throughout the introspective lyrical passages. Finishing with, ‘Waiting for the Sun’ barges forward with penetrating with guitar riffs and tribal drumming, mean while the guitars move into prog territory as melodic guitar effects are stirred into the melting pot before the album’s final solo takes flight.

All in all, I was pleasantly surprised with the range of influences and production of ‘Full Circle’, indeed an album that lives up to its name (in terms of being a well rounded collection of tracks and instrumentation). Good work guys.

Review by Ben Spencer


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Track Listing:
1. Sleeping with your enemy
2. Full Circle
3. Black Star
4. Medicine
5. Bring it on
6. River of A Moon Child
7. 24/7 Groove
8. White flag
9. Pace That kills
10. No easy way out
11. Running
12. More Alive
13. waiting for the sun

Maqz Arnar: Vocals
Christian Carisson: Guitar
Rob Triches: Bass
Jolle Atlagic: Drums