Sunn O))) – 00 Void reissue

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Reviewed: April 2012
Released: 2011, Southern Lord Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

BOOM!! Cried the bass, you can tell this is going to be a traditional Sun O))) album. A long awaited reissue of the 2000 recording via Hydra Head (USA) and Rise Above (UK) was finally reissued at its rightful home at Southern Lord Records.

The album opens with “Richard” and eerie, droned out song that features the guest bassist, Stuart Dahlquist who brought in the song with his fellow collaborators. A slow and dreary guitar echoes through this track and continues to for another fifteen minutes before “NN O))” which was brought in collaborator Greg Anderson. Another fifteen minute song filled with the long dreary guitar. Now “Rabbits revenge” was an interesting song and weird rendition of a Melvins song, the riffs from this track were salvaged from a live tape from 1985 from their set in Seattle, but an interesting song none the less, and then finished off with “Ra at dusk”.

The Album did however have some special guests to help them along with this reissue. Pete Stahl (Scream, Wool, Goatsnake, The Earthings?, Queens of the Stone Age) contributed to 00 Void vocally along with Petra Haden (Queens of the Stone Age, Foo Fighters, The Decemberists) who also contributed violin to the album.

If you are a hardcore doom fan then this is definitely your album, long, dreary with attitude. Definitely breaking away the traditional way of metal, introducing a unique style and sound and I actually like it. It is a long droned out album but if you want different then this is it.

Review By Wolf Shankland


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Track Listing:
1. Richard
2. NN O))
3. Rabbits Revenge
4. Ra at Dusk

Stephen O’Mailey and Greg Anderson
Stuart Dahlquist
Petra Hade
Pete Stahl