KRISIUN @ The Underworld, London

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Krisiun w/ Malevolent Creation & Vital Remains @ Camden Underworld

Wednesday 15th February

Review by Sabrina Dersel

Photography by Michelle Murphy

Tonight in London is a Death Metal “Dream gig come true!” as The Underworld is hosting “Sounds Of The Extreme Tour”.  This extreme line up has between its claws three great metal monsters: Krisiun,Malevolent Creation and Vital Remains.  After some troubles getting our passes, we finally manage to catch Vital Remains from the first second they are on stage.


Vital Remains are American death metallers from Providence, Rhode Island, forming in 1988. Guitarist Tony Lazaro is the only original member of the band and after many changes of musicians, and sadly the departure of Deicide frontman Glen Benton on vocals, Vital Remains is proving tonight they are still at the top of their game.

On stage are Scott Wily on vocals ,Tony Lazaro on guitars and what a guitar! Gator Collier on bass, Brian Weber on guitars and Alberto Allende on drums.


They quickly open their set of anti-religious fury with the track ‘Icons of Evil’.  Scott is an excellent frontman, keeping the fire going all through their set, which is composed of tracks from their two best albums ‘Dechristianize’ and ‘Icons of Evil’.


When Scott isn’t pulling people on stage and pushing them back to stage dive, he gives some brilliant wind-milling moves! The brilliant forty minutes set includes ‘Devoured Elysium’, ‘Hammer Down the Nails’ and ‘Saviour To None… Failure to All’.

It is quite easy to notice the use of some Spanish-style solos, which sets them apart from most death metal bands, as well as most songs being around seven minutes.


The brutal yet dynamic sound is coming to its end with the famous ‘Dechristianize’ song, which is introduced by a sample of the “Carmina Burana”theme, as well as the band showing their back to us with only their horns up in the air dimmed with blue lights. What an evil sight! “Thank you Motherfuckers, we’re Vital Remains, see you next time London”, and I hopefully wish it won’t be another four years wait till their next performance.

Once they leave the stage I can’t resist but going backstage and grabbing our photographer on the way to get more information about Tony’s evil black and red lights guitar. The band very kindly welcomes us and we are given details about the beast! It is a Yavkon custom, designed by yours truly Tony Lazaro.


It is a beauty, which sadly is having its last blast, because yes the Yavkon custom is retiring and will be proudly exhibited on the wall in his house.


But fear not as its follower will be a custom design too. I really can t wait to see it!

With all this talking, we sadly miss the opening track of Malevolent Creation.

The Buffalo death metal band did play at the French festival “Hellfest” last year and was acclaimed for their solid performance.

Tonight is exceeding expectations as the already sweaty fans are treated to a great setlist which even includes songs from the first two highly-acclaimed albums “The Ten Commandments” and “Retribution”.


“Remnants Of Withered Decay”, “Multiple Stab Wounds”,“Eve of Apocalypse”,“Slaughter Of Innocence” and “Decadence Within” are played with all the destructive and devilish force coming from Frontman and vocalist Bret Hoffman, Phil Fasciana on guitars, Jason Blachowicz on bass and Gus Rios on drums.


The closing track “Malevolent Creation” does unleash every last bits of energy and liveliness from the fans!

Brazilian brutal trio death metallers Krisiun triumphantly returns to the Underworld with their newest monument of brutality, "The Great Execution",their eight studio album. Krisiun has a very fast and technical way of playing, we are talking here about a high speed death metal violence, honestly introduced by singer-bassist Alex Camargo who says “we are gonna play hard and fast” before starting the riffs of the second song.

He often thanks the crowd for their support as there wouldn’t be any shows without them. The crowd responds screaming and growling and are ready for the next fifty minutes of mayhem metal madness!

Moyses Kolesne on guitar and Max Kolesne on drums are two machines, rendering great sounds on “Ravager” and “Sentenced Morning”. The track “Black Force Domain” got everyone singing and yelling with their lungs!

With tracks like ‘Kings of Killing’, ‘Combustion Inferno’ are also perfectly played.  Again we are told that “Every time we play here we have a great time”, and I bet the fans have even a better one!


To mark their last seconds onstage Alex Camargo stage-dives onto the crowd with the fans being more than happy to carry him out high, as a dark king with his followers.


This has been a great night for death metal music, fans are totally exhausted, sweaty but what a happiness in their eyes!

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