EDGUY @ O2 Academy Islington

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Edguy @ O2 Academy Islington

Supported by Voodoo Six and Primitai

4th February 2012

Reviewed by: Wolf ‘Annihilation’ Shankland

Photography by Michelle Murphy

Now this was a crowd!

Waiting in line with a few of my mates was a massive experience, the hundreds of ‘Edguy’ fans waiting for the legendary power metal band hailing from Fulda, Germany.

Each one eagerly waiting for the O2 Academy to finally open their doors. Even in the cold and the snow, their spirits were lightened up by the crazy Scotsman in the wheelchair, flying up and down the crowd, doing his best power metal scream and challenging people to a drinking contest: hold the can with your teeth and lean back and drink whilst air guitaring with both hands and not dropping it. Winner gets four cans. Loved it!!! Watching people spilling drinks down themselves made I chuckle. 


It hit half six and the doors opened, people pouring in, showing the stewards their tickets and dumping their coats and bags in the cloakroom, no one wants to hold their bag whilst moshing!

The merch stand already giving out t shirts and CD’s.

The bars open for people to get their drink on (no matter how expensive) and the crowds standing before the stage. The lights fell as “Primitai” entered the stage.

This power metal band based in the south east England really did us justice. Opening with the epic “Sin City” This band carried on with a barrage of fists and powerful guitar solos including a very impressive guitar duel!


The singer really knew how to get the crowd going!

This band played at BLOODSTOCK OPEN AIR and HIGH VOLTAGE FESTIVALS in previous years and you can really see why in tonight’s performance. (3.5/5)

Primitai set list:

1.    Sin City

2.    The line of fire

3.    Degeneration

4.    Rockin in hell

This gives us a break for now, the crowd hurries over to the bar and toilet and to greet Primitai who chilled at the bar waiting as “Voodoo Six” took to the stage.

Another British band who were honoured to play alongside “Iron Maiden” back in 2005 and I have to say, wow!

I’ve never seen this band before and could tell they weren’t like the other bands on the bill. This Groove/Funkadelic/soul metal band from London really fitted in to the bill amazingly!

Playing songs from both the album “Fluke?” and their EP “Falling Knives” the crowd demanded for more even after they had left the stage.


A truly awesome band!! “I’m a long way from home! That’s why I’m here!” still stuck in my head… Get “Fluke?”

Voodoo Six Set list

1.    Like the others did

2.    Falling knives

3.    No friend of mine

4.    Take aim

5.    Take the blame

6.    Sharp sand

7.    Something for you

8.    Stop

9.    Long way home

Now the crowd began to converge.


EDGUY have taken the stage…


No disappointment what-so-ever with this legendary band. Tobias still has it in him even after all these years!


This German, power metal band have toured with the likes of the “Scorpions”, “Aerosmith” and Metal gods “Iron Maiden” this band ripped the O2 Academy apart with their powerful “Nobody’s hero”

These guys also know how to get the crowd going with their taunts, “I was in Birmingham and Manchester! And those guys know ho to rock harder than you!” BOO!!! We obviously proved him wrong “I take it back, you guys rock so much harder!!” Gotta love Tobias’s enthusiasm haha!

Playing hits new and old this crowd were a happy bunch and “Edguy” really hit this crowd in the face with everything tonight!

Even their sneaky little tease, playing the intro the “Iron Maidens the Trooper” stopping as the crowd begin to sing.

There’s one more thing I want to add, “Save me” is my wedding song seeing as I asked my girlfriend to marry me during this song!! That’s the power of “Edguy”!!

Cheers Tobias!! She said yes!


But overall I give Edguy 4.5/5!!!

Now, everyone starts to leave, getting a last minute t-shirt of Voodoo Six I bumped into Voodoo Six’s Guitarist, Matt Pearce. I asked how he thought the gig went and he really enjoyed himself on that stage and loved the energy that filled the room during the show.

He was also impressed someone heard the funkadelic sound in the bands music. Glad to help Matt.

Now for the incredibly long journey home, dam snow 😉 but the entire concert deserves 5/5 tonight!

Edguy Set list:

1.    Nobody’s Hero

2.    The Arcane guild

3.    Tears of a mandrake

4.    Rock of cashel

5.    Lavatory love machine

6.    Robin Hood

7.    Ministry of saints

8.    Save me

9.    Babylon (With “The Trooper” tease)

10.    Superheroes


1.    Vain of glory opera

2.    King of fools