VOIVOD Confirmed For Montreal’s Suoni Per Il Popolo Festival

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VOIVOD has been confirmed for Montreal’s Suoni Per Il Popolo which will run from June 6 to 23. The festival – celebrating its 12th year – presents Liberation music to audiences in Montréal, Québec, according to a press release.

“Liberation music is inspired by freedom of expression, improvisation, and sonic exploration and appeals to music aficionados world wide. Liberation music is comprised of an eclectic collection of genres which includes but is not limited to free jazz, noise, electronica, turntable art, soundscapes, experimental rock, electronica, musique actuelle and spoken word. Given the context in which much of this music is made and the reaction it provokes, it is also music that resonates with progressive social movements. The festival presents both established musicians who bring a wealth of tradition, experience and history to their playing as well as younger, emerging artists.”

For more details visit Casadelpopolo.com.

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