Jethou – [EP]

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Reviewed: March 2012
Released: 2011, Black Oak Entertainment
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Two guys and a drum machine, is the way that south London two-piece Jethou, from Penge describe themselves. At first glance, such a title may appear obscure to some. Well obscurity is perhaps one way of describing the south London metallers and their 8 track offering. So they begin their journey with ‘Pornography’ an opener with heavy chugging riffs, accelerated drumming and a twisted and eerie spoken dialogue swamped together with guitar distortion to create a muddy and overall quite raw sound.

‘Meat head’ carries itself forward with enough bravado to live up to its name, with a foreboding drum intro and grind-esque guitars swinging back and forth and a double kick pedal that launches into a rapid fire procession of blistering intensity. A slight glimpse of melody to soothe those bleeding eardrums intervenes before a much needed solo.

‘The Well’ continues in the bands spoken dialogues fashion found earlier, infused with layer upon layer of distortion and a thick sonic boom bass that will send shockwaves across venues throughout their any live shows they are set to play.

A song worth noting here would be the sludgy and brooding density of ‘A Blaze in the South London Skies’. A desolate and enraged noise that fits well with vocals cut through like a shadow looming over a sunny south London day.

This is something that I feel worked well but flows better in the ethereal ‘The End Of All Time’, with its tribal drumming, dark lit melodies and vocal arrangement.
Finishing of the record is ‘French Letter’ a song which has slight industrial tendencies with a male and female dialogue waywardly crossing each other, an interesting stance to take in the band’s experimentation.

However, the EP does become tiresome feeling at certain points. I can see a certain amount of craftsmanship here but it does feel quite tedious formulaic at times. Putting this aside though, there is quite a lot of potential to be found and it would be interesting to see where Jethou take their musical endeavourers in any subsequent releases.

Review by Ben Spencer


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Track Listing:
1. Pornography.
2. Meathead.
3. The Well.
4. Punnished
5. A Blaze In The South London Sky
6. The Lost Rivers of London
7. The End of All Time
8. French Letter

Sam Carter guitars programming/ vocals
Jamie butler bass and general mayhem