Casablanca – Apocalyptic Youth

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Apocalyptic Youth

2012, Rocket Songs Records

Rating: 5/5


Casablanca are a fairly new band on the music scene. They released an EP back in 2010 to much praise from critics and fans alike. Now they issue their full length debut on Rocket Songs Records. By combining their EP plus a several new tracks we get APOCALYPTIC YOUTH.

The killer title track starts off the disc. The song is heavy on guitar work by Ryan Roxie (ex- Alice Cooper). Ryan is from the old school of Rock guitar and has a classic tone with just the right amount of distortion and cleanliness. It is very 80’s Metal sounding with a hint of 70’s Rock. This actually kind of sums up how the entire album sounds. The solo’s are pure 80’s in 70’s Rock/Hard Rock songs. There are great grooves and hooks throughout the album that just grab you and haul you into the music. Drummer Josephine does an excellent job keeping this groove going and has many cool fills throughout. There is one in “Last Of The Rockstars” that really stands out towards the middle/end of the song.

An entire disc of 10 fantastic Rock songs that you will want to crank up. The music is a borderline Hard Rock/Rock n Roll mix. Some may say more Rock but to each their own. I say call it what you want and you will call it one of the greatest albums to blast through your speakers. Buy it and crank it up!