BIOHAZARD “In Your F*cking Face Tour”

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BIOHAZARD “In Your F*cking Face Tour”


@ The Underworld – Camden, London UK

Friday 3rd February 2012

Review by Sabrina Dersel

Photography by Michelle Murphy

It is a cold arctic temperature in London tonight but this is not going to stop the fans queuing to see Biohazard at their sold out gig!


Five minutes after the doors opening, Dripback takes the stage.

Despite their early time slot, there is a good turn out of their fans.


As always, they deliver a very powerful and raw heavy hardcore metal, making them one of the most interesting bands London has to offer.


Hearing “Kick Out Time”; to which they released a video for, is pretty brutal and messy!


A support slot is not long enough for this band in my opinion, with only a 30 minute set.

They truly deserve to unleash their rage and talents for a headliners set!

And as Luca nicely puts it “Don t forget to check our lovely merch at the back”!



After a quick sound check, Lionheart is on and kickstart their set!

The five piece Hardcore Metal band from California is composed by Rob Watson on vocals, Earl Pitts and Rob McCarthy on Guitars, Evan Krejci on Bass and Jay Scott for the Drums.


They play fast and the crowd grows and don’t hesitate when they are told to “Circle pit around the pole!”.


For the intro of “Built On Struggle”; drummer Jay stands up and yells his lungs out to the lyrics!


Before starting the notes of their last song “Brother’s  Keeper”, Rob thanks Biohazard for them the given opportunity to play with them and making this “A dream come true!”.

A third support is on the bill tonight with the young guys of Heights filling the slot.


They are a Post Hardcore band from England, and full of bounce and energy!

Before unleashing their first notes, they do a quick check on how high and solid the floor amps are to stand and jump on, so you know what is in store later on.

They are the type of performers who jump around the stage and beg for your attention, which in my opinion, undermine their music, even the crowd is hardly reacting to all this.

Towards the end of their set, they are less energetic which makes me appreciate their sound better. They do have music skills and hopefully they’ll find the right balance soon. Heights end their set by throwing and smashing their guitars on the floor!

And finally now, it is the highly anticipated turn of New Yorkers Biohazard.


The venue is totally packed and ready for their fusion sound of Hardcore Punk and Heavy Metal.

Coming out to a heroes welcome they immediately kick things off with “Urban” which saw the pit go totally apeshit!


There is no real division between the stage and the pit, as very fast singer/guitarist Billy Graziadei jumps and surfs on the crowd!


Every songs that will follow will see a non stop amount of fans getting on stage, dancing, jumping, screaming, diving and crowd surfing!

The original lineup consisted of bassist/vocalist Evan Seinfeld, guitarist Bobby Hambel, and drummer Anthony Meo with Guitarist/vocalist Billy Graziadei joining  the band soon after; changing the band to a four-piece.


As of 2012, the lineup consists of Billy Graziadei, Bobby Hambel, Danny Schuler, and Scott Roberts. They also just released the new album “Reborn In Defiance”.


Billy asks us if we are still alive? Before starting the riffs of “Reborn To Fight”.

It was stated this song was performed many years ago, in front of a crowd composed by bold, long hair, blue hair, green haired crowd with everybody getting on perfectly, and he insists he is happy this is still happening today!

“We are the Outcasts and let’s be proud of it!”.

It is truly the world record of crowd surfing tonight, even Billy who keeps physically going on and off the fans, gets his nose punched by accident (maybe from the microphone he was holding?) and get a nosebleed through one of his songs.

But this will not stop anything of course, he keeps on going as if nothing has happened!

For the last song “Hold My Own“, the stage is invaded by most of the people backstage, including ‘Dripback’, and all of the members stage dive into the crowd.

This has been an incredible, loud and furious night and the cold that hits you outside is quite welcomed after all the sweat and hell hot atmosphere inside the Underworld tonight!