Villainizer – I Bomb New York

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Reviewed: February 2012
Released: 2011, Indie
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

In 2011 the Canadian Academy Of Recording Arts And Sciences (CARAS) made an announcement of interest to the Canadian Metal community. Namely they announced that after a 17-year hiatus, Canada’s national music recognition program (aka the Juno Awards) would be rejoining the rest of the civilized world and re-establishing the Metal Category for the 2011. By the time this review goes to publication, it is very likely they will have announced the final nominees for the category, with the winner to be presented the award at the end of April, 2012. In the spirit of supporting underground Canadian Metal I’ve decided to do a spotlight on some Canadian acts. I feel these are some excellent Metal records from across Canada. The other artists in this spotlight are Anonymus Demisery, Final Darkness, Gales Of Avalon, Magnetic, Morningless, and Nephelium. Feel free to read the reviews of these albums.

Deep in a cave in the Rocky Mountains of Western Canada there is a cell of terrorists plotting our destruction as we speak. Their primary weapon is digital death from above via a Heavy Metal CD. I happen to know the leader of this trio of rogues and back in April of 2010, he gave me a copy of his first attack on mankind, THE VILLAINIZING which I reviewed here.

Unfortunately for me, I gave it a poor review because I don\’t support terrorists. However this splinter-cell didn\’t like my review and they put a jihad on me. They captured me, tortured me, brainwashed me and indoctrinated me into the way of Terrorist Metal. They sent me forth with a copy of their latest weapon of mass destruction simply called I BOMB NEW YORK and I have seen the light!!

This 11-track collection of warcries and prophecies of destruction is a holy proclamation of the power of the new sub- genre of Terrorist Metal! All should bow before this great tome of fiery thrash riffs, battering drums and harsh vocals.

Villainizer worship at the altar of the holy great ones, Annihilator, Exodus and of course Megadeth. The latter band has a close place in the blackened heart of Villainizer as you can hear the clever musical reference to Peace Sells (the classic bass line) in the title track. Everywhere the disc rips along with a classic thrash sound, not too frantic but tight, fast and energetic.

The reason why you should pledge allegiance to I BOMB NEW YORK is the quality of the riffs, the solos, the speed and the energetic sense of fun. The lyrics are hilarious and very clever filled with terrorist references that are sure to annoy people with no sense of humour. I suspect that right now Government agencies around the globe are starting some sort of classified file on Villainizer.

For a homemade WMD, I BOMB NEW YORK is of very high quality, the explosive mix detonates right off the disc and blows your speakers with Metallic shrapnel. This cluster bomb comes housed in a totally pro package with lyrics, lots of colorful characters and a bonus bombshell the debut THE VILLAINIZING EP is included for your pleasure and pain.

Not only have Villainizer single-handedly invented a unique new sub-genre of \’Terrorist Metal\’, they have done a superb job. I BOMB NEW YORK deserves to be in your own thrash arsenal. Find them before they find you.


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Track Listing:
1. Welcome To Arabland
2. A.L.I.S. In Arabland
3. I Bomb New York
4. Der Arabische Bösewicht
5. Terrorist Metal
6. The Aftermath
7. Eye The I In Kill
8. Terrorplane
9. Lockerbomb
10. Ta3ala Bei Nana
11. Post Bombem (A Song For Osama)

The Villainizing EP (Bonus tracks)

1. Jewish Necromancer
2. Black Death (When Death\’s Been Drinking…)
3. Cinderhella
5. The Headless Thrasher

Rob The Arab Villain
Sam The Jewish Villain
John The Saddlebag Villain