Phase Reverse – Phase Reverse

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Reviewed: February 2012
Released: 2011, Aural Music
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

As 2012 settles down and makes itself comfortable for the long months ahead, one of the things 2011 can be remembered for was its new love affair with all things international, and in the process putting a pin in the somewhat inflated Western industry.

Of course opportunities were also abound for those nestling under the radar closer to home, which within their number count Phase Reverse, a hefty rock trio from Greece, re-releasing their debut album to a wider audience. Taking a southern rock vibe for its foundation, the self-titled album is walled and roofed by a multitude of influences including blues, groove, and doomy stoner rock. The result is a sturdy head-nodathon that would take a bit more than the lungs of the Big Bad Wolf to topple.

With an air siren and the somewhat odd sounds of small creatures, ‘Cross To Bear’ opens proceedings with a Corrosion of Conformity style measured groove, whilst ‘Tear Down The Walls’ catchy pre-chorus coaxes out a higher vocal pitch. Just before the halfway point big ballad ‘Crash ‘n’ Burn dials things back, only for the band to pick up on their earlier thread on the gruff ‘Death Ride’.

Crossing to the second half of the album and the ground is a little weaker below, although the galloping groove half way through ‘Wide Awake’ is a highlight. Whereas if ‘Road Fever’ sounds familiar in the first instance it’s because it’s structured very similarly to AC/DC’s ‘It’s A Long Way To The Top’ – in fact the first few lines are almost identical. Unfortunately Phase Reverse don’t finish on the same high level as they began with acoustic ‘High Hopes’ falling short of the band’s previous efforts, and closer ‘Long Gone’ running on far too long.

These are small gripes though for a debut album that is generally as consistent as Phase Reverse is, and its latest release should give the band a much-deserved leg up into the wider rock conscious. Let’s hope Greece can bear to give them up.

Review by Kirsty Birkett-Stubbs


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Track Listing:
1. Cross To Bear
2. I Got Your Back
3. Eye To Eye
4. Tear Down The Walls
5. Crash ‘n’ Burn
6. Death Ride
7. Road Fever
8. Wide Awake
9. Changes
10. Who Gives A Damn
11. High Hopes
12. Long Gone

Anastasios (Tas) Ioannidis – vocals and bass
Alexandros (Alex) Alexiou – drums
John (Chief) Stergiou – guitars