Masterforce – Until The End Of Time

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Reviewed: February 2012
Released: 2011, Indie
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Near the end of 2011, I was cobbling together my short list for albums of the year. I narrowed my list down to a Top 100 and realized that a full 25% of the albums on that list were debut albums. This warmed this old Metal heart to realize that the scene is still strong and vibrant with new bands joining the battle against crappy music each month. One of the new young bands that caught my ear was Italy\’s Masterforce. In fact 2011 was a good year for \’force\’ bands…Holy Force, Fullforce and Masterforce!

These young Italians put out their debut, indie MCD. This four-tracker entitled UNTIL THE END OF TIME is a good introduction to the band. Falling firmly in the Power/Folk camp they guys show enormous potential. The band is graced with the operatic voice of Francesca. She sings high and clear but not way up in the soprano range. The songs move along a a mid to fast pace with some folk elements mixed in for effect. Each song uses some violin to create the folk feel, more than a classical style, reminding me of Skyclad. The guitar tone is good and works well in tandem with the aforementioned violin. The songs flow well, galloping along with enough changes in the composition and arrangements to keep your interest.

The EP has good production, nice presentation and most of all engaging songs. I hope to hear more from these guys in the near future. I\’ve seen this release listed as a demo but I think these guys are battle-ready and would fit nicely on the Napalm label or maybe AFM. I\’ve picked these guys as my Best New Band in my 2011 Year End lists.


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Track Listing:
1. Revelation
2. Masterforce
3. Fallen Angel
4. Sign of Justice

Francesca Bidut : Vocals
Lorenzo Masi : Guitar
Jacopo Avaglio : Guitar
Davide De Lazzari : Bass
Giovanni Di Lena : Violin
Diego Zanelli : Drums