Final Darkness – Final Darkness

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Reviewed: February 2012
Released: 2011, Indie
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

In 2011 the Canadian Academy Of Recording Arts And Sciences (CARAS) made an announcement of interest to the Canadian Metal community. Namely they announced that after a 17-year hiatus, Canada’s national music recognition program (aka the Juno Awards) would be rejoining the rest of the civilized world and re-establishing the Metal Category for the 2011. By the time this review goes to publication, it is possible they will have announced the final nominees for the category, with the winner to be presented the award at the end of April, 2012. In the spirit of supporting underground Canadian Metal I’ve decided to do a spotlight on some Canadian acts. I feel these are some excellent Metal records from across Canada. The other artists in this spotlight are Anonymus Demisery, Gales Of Avalon, Magnetic, Morningless, Nephelium and Villianizer. Feel free to read the reviews of these albums.

Some guys don’t like peanut butter in their chocolate. I’m one of them and I’m not afraid to admit it. Rap and Metal just don’t mix. Never have, never will despite what the baggy-shorted dudes in Anthrax try to sell you. So when Rob Doherty (ex-Into Eternity) put out his rap-Metal project DIGITAL DOOMZDAY in 2011 I was horrified. My review was not favourable. However, redemption is a hand.

Rob is back with his new (sort of) project Final Darkness, and despite an uninspired band name, all is forgiven. I say uninspired because there are dozens and dozens of bands that are named ‘Final-Something’ or ‘Something-Darkness’, but oddly enough it seems no one has picked Final Darkness yet so it works. Nit-picking and past grudges aside, Final Darkness is a ripping project that is music to my ears!

Nine cuts, 37 minutes of very nice Thrash-tinged Death…or is that Death-tinged Thrash? Well, whatever ya wanna label it, it’s good aggressive Metal. The whole albums blows by a pretty fast pace, some of the drumming almost borders on blast-beats, it’s pretty fast and furious. There are a couple of slower pieces scattered in to help us take stock for a minute, kind of in that mid-chug zone Testament plays in. has a nice thrash vibe to it, some catchy breakdowns, (I know it’s a dirty word to some) but never used as the root of the song. There are some clean vocals mixed in and the vocal cadence on ‘Ghost’ veers close to rap and is the most ‘modern’ sounding in terms of construction. The band plays it pretty tight but I can certainly see this band getting really fast, loose and sloppy at the bar when they open for whoever is passing through town on a big tour. As for guitars, Rob hasn’t played this well in a long time.

The band shows their age with a ripping cover of a song that is now over a quarter of a century old, namely, Razor’s, ‘Evil Invaders’. It’s better than many versions out there and it’s almost as good as the Hypocrisy version. That’s cool cuz I bought it on cassette when it came out too so that’s not a shot at the band. Rob brings a couple of Into Eternity buddies (Justin and Tim) by for a guest shot and has roped in Neil Kernon to do the final (darkness) mix and knob-job.

Final Darkness is yet another great new Saskatchewan act waving the flag of Metal and their self-titled debut is well worth your time and attention.


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Track Listing:
1. Final Darkness
2. Ghost
3. Memories
4. Aurora Falling Down
5. Kill Room
6. The Greys
7. Two Of You
8. Darkness Falls
9. Evil Invaders

Rob Doherty