Faces of Bayon – Heart of the Fire

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Reviewed: February 2012
Released: 2011, Ragnarok Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Metal-Rules.com UK Team

This Stoner Doom Metal band comes from Fitchburg, MA and this album is dedicated to their drummer Matt Davis who died only last year. Mike Brown is now playing drums for the band live and on all their future recordings.

The band includes members Matt Smith on Vocals and Guitar (ex Warhorse, Engorged), Ron Miles on Bass (ex Scattered Remnants, Twelfth of Never), and Matt Davis (ex Twelfth of Never, Labyrintheory) and newest member Mike Brown. This is the bands first album, focusing loosely on the concept of Lucifer\’s damnation.

The production of this album isn’t great due to it being recorded live in the \”Cave of Bayon\” but sounds amazing considering it is live and is mixed by the band themselves, with the mastering done by Roger Lavallee, giving the album a very raw feel which is great for this genre. I personally loved all the tracks on this album, with all the songs flowing perfectly into each other with the slow but heaviness that is stoner, doom metal which is in fact one on my favourite metal genres. Matt has great vocal versatility in these tracks with his clean vocals being quite hypnotising, before bringing the deep soul-crushing growls which I adored, with the other members bringing incredible riffs, esp in the 13 minute track ‘The Original Sin’, they seem to go on forever…which was not a bad thing!

Faces of Bayon are a real stoner/doom metal band bringing out the gloom yet beautiful sounds in their music, and this is one album that needs to be added metallers collection.

Review by Jo Blackened


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Track Listing:
01. Brimstoned
02. Ethereality
03. Godmaker
04. The Original Sin
05. Where The Golden Road Ends
06. The Fire Burns At Dawn

Matt Davis “” Drums (R.I.P. 1973-2011)
Ron Miles “” Bass
Matt Smith “” Guitar, vocals
Mike Brown “” Drums