The Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band – Here I Go

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The Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band

How I Go

Released: 2011, Roadrunner Records

Rating: Rating: 4/5

Kenny Wayne Shepherd burst onto the music scene in the mid 90’s at the young age of 17. Since that time he has become a seasoned artist both in the studio and on the road. HOW I GO is his 6th studio album and he just keeps on getting better with each album he records.

Over the past decade and a half Shepherd hasn’t strayed too far from his Blues roots. His music is still Blues heavy with a tinge of Rock and Roll which make for an enjoyable listen as well as helping to turn younger music fans onto the Blues. For this album he even tries his hand at The Beatles’ “Yer Blues” and does a really excellent job at it. While it doesn’t sound as heavy and aggressive as the original it is true to how Lennon wrote it,  he just added a little more Blues to it. Shepherd has turned the old Bessie Smith song “Backwater Blues” into a modern era classic. It is upbeat, soulful and really hits you where it counts. You would swear it was written today instead of nearly 90 years ago. It is really turned up a few notches. The rest of the disc is your standard upbeat Blues with a few mellower moments added in to round out the disc.

For guitarists and lovers of Blues this is an album you should own. A fantastic album to sit down to listen to after a rough day at work when you want to chill out and relax. Upbeat to keep you interested but soothing on the ears to relax you.