Garagedays – master mind / singer,guitarist Marco Kern

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Marco Kern master mind / singer, guitarist – Garagedays

Interviewed by: Anders Sandvall

Thanks to Tom Hack at Massacre Records for setting up the interview.

Thanks to Massacre Records for providing the promo pics.



Garagedays is the name of the Austrian band that recently released their brilliant debut album DARK AND COLD to the metal masses. I hooked up with band leader and master mind Marco Kern in order to set the record straight regarding the bands past present and future as well as DARK AND COLD as the recording process that took them to Sweden. Garagedays has also been out as support act to the band Master and the music of Garagedays ought to appeal to fans of heavy metal. 


Hallo Marco,how are you today?


Hi Anders, thanks I’m OK. But first I have to say, excuse my English faults 🙂

I thought we could begin talking about your band Garagedays  debut album called DARK AND COLD that you recently released . How long have you worked on the album?

With the Mix and Mastering it took about 3 months.

Is the album the result of the demo you recorded in 2010?

Yes, it’s the result of the Demo „Dark and Cold“ with two more tracks on the album.

Were all of the songs from the demo featured on the debut album?



Where was the demo recorded?

We recorded the Demo and also the Album in our rehearsal room. So really homemade 🙂

Who writes the music and material in the band and what are the lyrics about?

I write the lyrics and compose the songs roughly. The main message is to be yourself, believing in your dreams, never give up. Life inspired me, by kicking in my ass lots of time. So, the lyrics are also authentic with things in the past of my life. About assholes around me and motherfuckers in my area! You’ll see if you read the booklet 🙂

DARK AND COLD clocks in on 40 minutes isn’t that quite short for being a full length album?

I don’t think so. Better you have 40 minutes and you’re wondering why the music is over and your head want to BANG, and Bang and Bang, he he . You can have also an album with 60 minutes and your finger is continuously on the NEXT button. So this albums are really short – I think you know what I mean?

Do you think that Garagedays have developed music wise since the beginning? If so in what way?

Of course! It would be very sad if we couldn’t make a development! There are enough Slayer Copies around 🙂 I try to explain with my bad English, so please be patient: For two years now I’m a proud Father and this naturally has an effect. Means, I’m now able to write and compose Ballads, for example….and I’m not drunk every day 🙂 This means, now, I really can work on GOOD songs.!!! And I’m over-floated with great ideas.

Before the album was out you posted a few songs on your MySpace site. What did the fans think of the songs?

We got great responses, so we saw that we’re on the right way and people like us.

Who has done the art-work to the cover of the album? What do you think of the cover?


Rene Kössler, a good friend of us did the artwork and made the official Video to „I´m your Hate“ He do a great job and we love to work with him! I’m very satisfied with the Cover. It says exactly what the summary of the tracks on the album means: DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME, YOU’LL NEVER KNOW WHEN IT’S DARK AND COLD!


Where does the title DARK AND COLD come from? Does the title have any special meaning to you and the band?

DO’NT WASTE YOUR TIME, YOU’LL NEVER KNOW WHEN IT’S DARK AND COLD! Focus on the priorities in your life! Our priority is to be Musicians 🙂

How would you like to describe what kind of music Garagedays plays?

Aggressive, dark,  powerful, raw and whatever else you like to add if you want to describe Heavy Metal Music, that is heavy! (Hallowed Magazine Canada) I couldn’t describe it better 🙂

Who’s done the mastering and the mixing of the album? And was any of the members part of that process?

King Diamond guitarist Andy LaRocque made the mix and the mastering at Sonictrain Studios,Varberg, Sweden! Yes, the whole Band was in the Studio!


What did you think of Sweden?

My Grandmother is from Finland, so I feel very connected to the North! Varberg is a really nice City and I was very impressed about the people there. They were all so friendly and helpful. I think they are more open minded there than here in my country. No frightened eyes because of the long hairs and leather jackets 🙂 You know what I mean! The only bad thing was, that it´s very hard to get some alcohol and the booze is very expensive.

How was it to work with the legendary Andy LaRoque and do you think that you’re going to work with him in the future ?

It was a great honor and a great experience to work with him! We had a blasting time there and would like to come back! We’ll see. But we’ll have also a well named producer at the next album be curious!


Are there any plans on shooting a video to any of the songs?

„I´m you´re Hate“ is our official Video and still released! Take a look to our Homepage!

In retrospect are you happy with the outcome of the album?

Of course! A big dream came true. Our CD in Stores wow, unbelievable! 

Have you had a release party for the album? If so when and where was it and did you perform live?

No, not a release party in that way! At this time we were on European Tour with Master that was our out coming 🙂


Have you read any reviews of the album? What have the critics to say about it and do you care about reviews?

I confess, I’ve read ALL reviews! I do care about that! And I was absolutely Blown away about the great positive response! Of course we also had 5 „bad“ critics, but I also like them it makes me thinking about to make some things better on the next album!

Have you had any respond from fans on DARK AND COLD? What do they think of it?

They wouldn’t be Fans if they wouldn’t like it! Mostly of them are from the US and people there really love it! And show maximum support!


Label & management

Was it hard to get a record deal?

It was hard to get „the right“ deal. I never want to sell my soul, or my boys out, so that was really hard, to sign the best offer!


How come you chose to sign on for Massacre Records and are you happy with the work the label has put into the band and the album?

Massacre Records is an established, well known Label. They did and do a great job and they offered me what I wanted a Worldwide Release of „Dark and Cold“! How I told you a dream came true!

For how many albums are you signed for at MR?

These days everybody have to see what’s successful, do people like us or not. Do the audience want Garagedays. You know what I mean? So we signed only for DARK AND COLD yet. We´ll see what the new year brings………………

Has the album been released worldwide yet?


If you can’t buy it physically is it available to download?

Available as download, online and in stores. You’ll find some current links on our Homepage!

Are you currently co–operating with any booking agency or management?

I October we signed a Management Deal with Bear Metal Management from Florida,US! Mr. DeVito worked/work with artist like W.A.S.P., Skid Row, Queensryche, Where Angels Suffer, Tokio Blade, Skid Row and many more, so I think we’ve choosen the right man for us 🙂


Who own the legal rights to the demo that later became the album?

All Rights are still mine 🙂



When and where was the band founded? I know that you are the band leader and founder right?

I founded the band around 2004/05.


Was it easy to recruit members to the band?

Yes, people here know I’m a Maniac 🙂

Was it given from the start that you was going to play your kind of music?

Yes, you can’t create something new, so you have  to make the music that you feel in your heart and that’s Garagedays sound influenced by the big ones of the NWOBHM area!

Has the line-up been consistent since the start or have you had any member changes?

Yes we had member chances, but these guys are not worth to lost a word about them!

I’m very satisfied with the new members : Lead guitar: Rene Auer and Drums: Matti Mai !!!

You come from Rattenberg in Austria,does all of the band members come from the same town?

Rattenberg is a the smallest Town in the World,I guess! Around are some villages and from these villages are the members! All very close,lol

I know that you recorded a demo back in 06 – 07? What can you tell us about that demo?

You mean „Leather and Spikes“? A great Demo, but unfortunately no one wanted it earlier he he he

Have you done a lot of live shows during the years and have you   played on any larger rock festival?

Yes, we’ve done lots of live shows and a European Tour! We ARE a Live Band we want more!!

How come you named the band Garagedays?

Our Rehearsal is in a garage in a junkyard! What name fits better?

You were really productive during 2010 and recorded two demos and was named demon of the month in the German magazine Metal Hammer how did that feel?

It was the first Highlight in this year! Demo of the Month/heroes of tomorrow! Another dream came true! You can imagine that it feels GREAT! That’s why I don’t cares a lot what the small webzines says about bad lyrics bad sound. The big Magazines also Rock Hard gave us great reviews! That counts!

Which band/artists have inspired you through the years?

The big ones (personal opinion) WASP, Motörhead, Judas Priest, Metallica, Iced Earth, Slayer, Testament, Saxon, Johhny Cash 🙂 Savatage, Dio, Twisted Sister and many more!

With thought of all the demos you guys have recorded would you   call Garagedays for a DIY kind of band?

Definitely yes we are!!!


The Future

I know you were out on tour at the beginning of 2011 –  where were you and how was it?

The Tour goes through Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Czechia. It was a great experience! As a „unknown“ Band you haven’t a tourbus for yourself so it was a Hardcore experience, but we don’t want to miss it. We learned a lot! Of course, some dreams are broken 🙂 but we would do it all over again!


How was it to tour with Master? Were there fans nice to you?

The audience was great! We got lots of new fans! All Death Metal Fans has their roots in „normal“ metal, so they really liked us. For example, the people wanted pictures and autographs.

You have got a really nice website do you think it’s important to be online and active on the various social networks that are available today?

Very important! We use every (free) network, and promo page…..

Who takes care of your sites and make sure they are updated?


My wife takes care of the sites. She’s the promo queen 🙂 She also do the bookings and other stuff. Very important to have her in the backline!

Do you get a lot of mail from fans? What’s the most common question you get from fans?

No, not a lot of. Sometimes they want a signed album or tee, that’s all.

Are you currently working on new material?

Yes, we do!

When can we expect the next album by Garagedays out in stores?

If all goes well, it will be out in Summer 2012

What are the plans for the band in 2012?

Playing some Festivals. Touring in US and release the new album 🙂 Very busy year I guess 🙂


Could you give the readers three reasons why they should buy DARK AND COLD?

Aggressive, dark,  powerful, raw and whatever else you like to add if you want to describe Heavy Metal Music, that is heavy!

Do you have any final words of wisdom to share with the fans and readers?

Don’t dream your life, live your dream! CHEERS!!!

Thanks for taking the time to make the interview,I wish you and the band a merry christmas and all the best in the future .

Thanks for your interest in GARAGEDAYS! It was a pleasure!

Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones! I hope you put DARK AND COLD under the Christmas Tree 🙂



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