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AXEMASTER is making good steady progress on the final writing and the recording/production of their new CD. Guitarist Joe Sims is producing the album and has done early mixes of the guitar and drums for 5 songs which so far sound 100% better than any of the band’s previous releases. The response from the few people who have listened to them has been outstanding. A contact of the band who writes for several European metal publications (including a major magazine) listened to a couple of the advance mixes and said this about one of the songs: “The riffing is so supreme! The main riff in the song is almost killing me. Fuck yes! And killer lead-fills too. The song has a mean drive to it and makes the listener headbang automatically. What a great song! I love it!!! I am so curious how it will sound with lyrics (although I could also live with a pure instrumental).”
Joe Sims said about the recording “this is the first release I have produced on my own and the result so far is much better than even I expected. I have been taking my time and paying attention to every small detail and it’s DEFINITELY paying off. This material is by far the best stuff I have ever done and the CD has to have the sound quality to match. So far so good, the sound’s there and the performances have been top notch!!!!”. Vocalist Tony Webster said “it’s been a crazy last few months. I spent a lot of time getting ready for 2012 with The Metal Command Radio Show which has taken a lot of time away from writing. However…so far the recordings are going well. Every week Joe comes up with better and better sounding mixes and recordings of the guitars and drums. I have now written parts for 5 songs and recorded my parts for 3 songs. I can tell you that this album is taking Axemaster and even my songwriting down a much darker lyrical path than ever before. So far the vocal parts are sounding killer. I am in full force writing mode for this new album”.
There is still a lot of work to be done in writing, recording, and production, so it will be a while before all the material is completed. But the progress thus far is proving that the high expectations that everyone associated with the band has had for the upcoming CD are slowly becoming reality!!!!
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