NAPALM DEATH @ Camden Underworld

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NAPALM DEATH @ Camden Underworld

16th December 2011

Review by James Ford

Photography by Michelle Murphy

It was very chilly evening in Camden Town tonight, with the fan’s gathering outside the venue looking incredibly cold, and even more so when the doors opened 20 minutes late…

The first Band who took to the stage tonight were ‘Hostile’!  These guys from Rome (Italy) and only formed in 2006 by A.J. who was apparently brought up in a grave yard house and with their line-up consistings of vocalist Jay Mills, the guitar duet of A.J. Mills and Jack Young, Alex Hill (son of Ian Hill, Judas Priest) on bass duties and Gunga on the drums, they made a very good start to the night.

They got a great reception from the crowd with their Brutal, Thrashy, yet Molodic tracks which seemed to lure more and more of the crowd in, and making them rush to the stage, and with only a 30 minutes set they certainly fuelled the night’s energy from what was to come!

Soon to follow were; Flowers of Flesh And Blood.

This Hardcore/Punk outfit made their way to the stage with great enthusiasm and brutality that immediately filled the venue with screaming metal kids, and I have to point out that they were one of the loudest bands of the night.

With members Keefer – Vocals, Joe Burwood – Guitar, Steve Lavin- Bass and Santiago Perez on Drums they kept the energy going throughout their set and this London band played an amazing set!

With them gigging throughout 2012 I will be sure to check these guys out again when they’re back in London, great stuff!!

It was then The Atrocity Exhibit’s turn to raise Hell!

This band knew very well how it’s done in the Metal world!  With their Grindcore, Doom, Sludge metal sounds these Midland based guys and have seen a lot of member line-up changes over the recent years, but have settled with James Caygill – Vocals/Guitar, Danny Curtis – Drums/Vocals, Lee Kidman – Guitar and Fuzzy Dave on Bass.


With their fantastic songs throughout their whole set and with a beautiful blind of grindcore and even some punk elements, the fans couldn’t control themselves and were leaping on and off the stage!

The overall atmosphere was amazing! Killer band!


Finaly, the band everyone was waiting for; The Gods of Grindcore! NAPALM DEATH!

These UK guys are known for their insane energy and tonight was no exception!

Jumping on stage with such energy and rawness, the guys whipped the fans up into total chaos, with fans going just as crazy as the band!

The room was more packed then i’ve ever seen it before and filled with intense energy!

The band played classics such as ‘Scum’, ‘Mentally Murdered’ and ‘Next on the List’ it was clear to see that Napalm Death always delivery the goods when it comes to their live shots!

I have to say these guys played better than when I saw them at Bloodstock earlier in the year!

Again the excitement was too much for some fans who couldn’t contain their excitement and it was ridiculous the amount of fans who were jumping on stage with the members, just to jump off again in the awaiting crowd!

There is little security at the Underworld but the members didn’t seem to mind and enjoyed the excitement and with the amount of fans who were jumping off the stage was definitely at sight to see!

All in all, this was one night that shouldn’t have been missed and if I could sum up this performance in two words, those words would be PURE ENERGY!