LACUNA COIL Darkness Rising Tour 2011 @ ULU, London

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with Straight Line Stitch and October File

Darkness Rising tour 2011

ULU, London 22nd November 2011

Review by Wolf Shankland 

Photos by Graham Hilling

Lacuna Coil launched their upcoming album ‘Dark Adrenaline’ tour ‘Darkness rising’ in a small little venue in Nottingham. I however joined them at the jolly old London ULU, London and was majorly impressed, not only with the choice of venue, but the bands set as well as choice of special guests in Straight line stitch and October file!

October File

October File are an interesting band hailing from the academic city of Oxford.


October file really lit up the stage with their interesting mix up sound, influenced by the likes of Killing Joke, Godlflesh and Discharge.

The band opened up their set with ‘Munitions’ which had the energy flowing through the room.


Then followed up with ‘Crawl’ and ‘Falter’ which really started to draw the crowd closer, you could see the passion in Ben Hollyers face during the next songs ‘Eau du War’ and ‘Public Display’ before ending with their massive ‘Isolation’.


So the next time you see this band supporting, check them out. For a support band they really didn’t do that bad.


They were full of enthusiasm and had the crowd going a couple of times with some awesome riffage. (3.5/5) 

But as the band finished and the stage crew started gearing up for Straight Line Stitch, the crowd started moving forward.

Straight Line Stitch

And for good reason!!! This awesome band hailing from across the pond were definitely a good choice in special guests.


This band had the crowd flying through the air with their melodic/demonic style vocals provided by the beautiful Alexis Brown.


Opening with ‘Tear Down The Sky’ the crowd began to circle and smash to the intensely heavy opening riffage that echoed through the grand ULU.

Followed by the powerful ‘Never see the day’ which shows the bands more melodic side behind them but don’t get me wrong, that was only in the chorus, they still punch you with the immense riffage.


Next up was ‘Laughing in the rearview’ then ‘Bar Room Brawl’ which really had the crowd flying off rails but nothing could prepare us for the next song announced ‘Conversion’ one of the bands best selling singles is filled with both emotion and brutality, fans went nuts for this one.

Next up, ‘Taste of Ashes’ which was originally recorded with Jamey Jasta aka the voice behind Hatebreed. Though obviously he couldn’t make it to the gig, Alexis did an awesome job with a little help from her guitarist.

Now we’re at the end of the road and a beautiful ending with ‘Black Veil’ another crowd favourite (I should know, the little blonde next to me screamed so loud I went deaf, though was impressed with it ha-ha) but the crowd went insane and a flurry of bodies flew over the crowds!!! A fitting, end for an awesome band. I recommend these guys are checked out!!!! ASAP!!!!

But now the moment arrived as the lights went down and the equipment came out for our mighty headliners….

Lacuna Coil

The lights exploded on as ‘Our Truth’ echoed into everyone’s ears!!! The fans began jumping around to the groove of the Arabic styling’s.


Cristina really felt the energy if the crowd, but thought it was time to get them into overdrive with ‘To the edge’ the fans went crazy to this little number, I myself decided it was time to windmill ha-ha!! And even continued onto ‘I won’t tell you’ which was taken from their shallow life album, really had people feeling the groove.

‘I’m not afraid’ was the next song, a bit more mellow for the fans, giving them the chance to get ready for ‘Kill the light’ which is taken off their upcoming album ‘Dark Adrenaline’ and if this is what we have to look forward to off the new album, then its going to be a stonker!

Both Cristina and Andrea’s vocals are at optimal performance during not only this one song, but so far the entire set. ‘Fragments of faith’ a good opener for what was to come, pushing Andrea to the limits.


As The song finished, Cristina announces a crowd favourite that has men and women (and wolves) howl in excitement as ‘Heavens a lie’ fills the entire room!!! Heads banging, horns in the air, fists pumping, definitely a song for the favourites but the best was yet to come…

The next two songs; ‘Daylight Dancer’ and ‘Wide awake’ began to mellow out the crowd, but what really did it was the song ‘Without Fear’ the beautiful Italian sung song really had hearts going (I swear I saw a grown man cry!!!) the lighters went into the air as arms began swaying, a really moving song off the awesome ‘Karmacode’ Album.

But now Fans are ready for this next song, from the beginning to be honest. ‘Swamped’ began to play as the crowd began pitting in different areas, the crowd singing along to the song at the top of their lungs. If you thought ‘Heavens a lie’ and swamped were good, we ain’t done yet!


The heaven voice echoing the halls that is Cristina Scabbia echoed like Gabriels horn through the whole of the ULU signalling the start of ‘Fragile’. ‘Enjoy the Silence’ however got the crowd singing along to this famous Depeche mode cover, the lights in the background lit the room up in a flurry of colours, fitting this electric atmosphere perfectly!!! An epic finale… Or was it???


The crowd screamed for more, so they decided to deliver three amazing encores! Taken from ‘Shallow life’ they started off with ‘Survive’ they crowd cheered happily, throwing their fists into the air.

‘Trip the Darkness’ was next and the roar of the crowed drowned out the intro to this epic song from their upcoming album. With its melodic verses and pure heavy breakdowns this is one to checkout!!! TRIP THE DARKNESS!!!!

And now we come to the bands final song, and what a song it was!!! Another ‘Shallow Life’ favourite ‘Spellbound’ had the fans moving in every direction known to man, singing loudly and out of tune ‘I AM SPELLBOUND’ it was the perfect song to end on.

All in all Lacuna Coil get a 5/5 from me.

It’s good to see that a band that a lot of people (including myself) have followed and grew up with haven’t changed in their performances what so ever. I look forward to ‘Dark Adrenaline’ and anything else they have coming up in the far future!


Our Truth

To the Edge

I Won’t Tell You

I’m Not Afraid

Kill The Light

Fragments of Faith

Heaven’s a Lie

Daylight Dancer

Wide Awake

Without Fear



Enjoy the Silence

(Depeche Mode cover)



Trip The Darkness