BLAZE BAYLEY Bayley @ The Underworld, Camden

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Blaze Bayley @ The Underworld, Camden

Friday 9th December 2011

Review and Photos by Sabrina Dersel  

On my way to a good power metal gig tonight, I can feel my vocal chords warming up already for those long notes!

The English born singer has been the lead singer of Wolfsbane from 1984 to 1994,and nowadays since their recent reunion.

Blaze is however world know for having been the lead singer of British metal band Iron Maiden from 1994 to 1999. Following his departure from the band, he quickly formed his own self title band “Blaze” in March that year.

The new official line-up for live gigs features the confirmed Claudio Tirincanti on the drums, old occasional touring member Dave Andrews on the guitar, and two Belgian musicians (Steve Deleu and Nick Meganck) respectively on the other guitar and the bass.

Tonight’s extravaganza opens with “The Brave “ and “Futureal”. He spends those two songs at the very edge of the stage, he couldn’t have been any closer to his fans.

In between each songs there is more or less a long motivational talk,which his fans drink like beer!

From his own words: “Don t let them tell you you can t do what you want”, “Whatever you wanna do don t let them tell you what you can and can t do”, “Fuck you! Blaze said I can fucking do it”… you can feel a lot of his own resentment. He insists on thanking the crowd and NOT the labels company, “Everyone of you that bought the ticket”.

Tonight it is only about him,his band and his fans,and it feels like a privileged moment. “YOU!YOU” he yells at people to get them singing with him,all the way at the back, he wants to reach to everyone presents in the venue. And he very much succeeds, it is a blast to hear everybody singing their hearts out!

His voice is extraordinaire, you totally understand why he was Iron Maiden frontman for a few years. This is well complimented by great musicians,they are playing very tight and beautifully.

He calls tonight’s  crowd “The elite of headbangers available in Camden tonight!” a title that suits all of us pretty well!

After thanking everybody form his heart for the support he still receives till now, it is already the end of the gig, and he doesn’t forget to let us know he will be waiting to meet us at the merchandise stand! And I am already there waiting!!!

In February 2012, Bayley  will tour Russia with the other former Iron Maiden singer, Paul Di’Anno and what a brilliant evening that will be!

There are some Live recordings of the London gig available on Youtube if you fancy listening to the songs and the Bayley Speech for yourselves!

Official website


The Brave

Futureal  (Iron Maiden song)

Lord of the Flies  (Iron Maiden song)

Ghost in the Machine

Silicon Messiah

Ten Seconds

Look for the Truth  (Iron Maiden song)

Virus  (Iron Maiden song)

Voices from the Past

The Launch

Man on the Edge  (Iron Maiden song)

Kill and Destroy

Watching the Night Sky


Blood and Belief

The Clansman