ARCEYE, Ted Maul & Betreaus @ The Purple Turtle

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ARCEYE, Ted Maul & Betreaus @ The Purple Turtle 8/12/11

By Sabrina Dersel

The wind of winter has descended upon us and already one band has had to pull out due to an illness, we hope that the members of Hostile return soon. Until then, we headed to one of Camden’s great venues, The Purple Turtle for a night of what promises to be immensely metal proportions.



Manchester based group. They opened really well and by the time second song began they had the crowd hooked with their blend of Gojira like fury and a classic thrash feel.


They drew one of the biggest crowds of the night and had everyone nodding along to the beat of their insanely talented drummer. They’re extremely gifted musicians, showing the right amount of prowess as to not seem self indulgent and not serve the song.


The rhythm and groove is crushing and for me, Manchester has a new export rather than the two football teams and the rain!

Songs like Locust were brilliant and they have had their video for the song Towards the Sun reach rather high up on the video polls.


These guys are definitely poised to make a big impact after playing Bloodstocks New Blood stage in 2010. After a successful 2011, things look good for Betreaus in 2012.


Ted Maul:

Frontman Sol confesses that Ted Maul have been away for too long.But they do not show it and are by far one of the most bruising bands of the evening.


They take off and cruise at brutal speed and hardly ever slow down providing much bit needed in the lineup tonight.


They tear the crowd a new one with crushing rhythm and grinding prowess. They also had a very touching and well said tribute to the late, great Dimebag Darrell with a rendition of 5 Minutes Alone that was one of the best displays of everyone absolutely getting down and enjoying themselves for the same reason.


On a side note, it’s scary that it has been seven years. But Ted Maul continue to brutalise and vandalise our ears with some of the best sounds I’ve heard in a while.

There are pretenders, moping about, combing several different styles and ripping off everyone left right and centre, but Ted Maul have this down to a tee.


It’s manic, maniacal and a magnificent return.



Sadly it seems, everyone came to see the previous band, the crowd had dwindled a little when Arceye took to the stage but it slowly crept back when they hit they’re second song which had a melancholic opening into a bruising riff that wouldn’t be out of place on a Lamb of God record.


To tie them with this great band who have flown to the top of the groove metal (if we have to use sub genres to describe) pile is a great compliment to pay a group.


They show the aplomb and skill not only to pull it off, but to endure it and punish the crowd with some ear splitting riffs and rhythm.


They also show slight progressive tendencies along with their tight as a nuns bum rhythm.


All in all, a great band and great headliners.


A sterling night of bands and music and also hosted in the great venue that is the Purple Turtle. Please keep going to your local music clubs and supporting the local and unsigned bands who you want to see play and make more music that you like. Keep defending the faith!