Arch Enemy on Swedish Chaos Tour 2011 with support at Mejeriet Lund Sweden

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 Arch Enemy

Swedish Chaos Tour 2011

Engel – special guest
Evocation – support act

Mejeriet, Lund, Sweden
11/11 – 2011

Reviewed and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall


It has been five years since Arch Enemy was out on a proper Swedish tour but they’re currently out and supporting their new album KHAOS LEGIONS which in my opinion is one of the best albums of 2011, and when they stopped by at Mejeriet I felt it was time to go to Lund and check out the band live. After the Swedish shows was done they headed out in Europe to once again conquer European soil and Arch Enemy is one of those bands that either are recording in the studio or out touring. I saw them this summer at Graspop Metal Meeting in Belgium and it was an amazing show. Mejeriet in Lund is a really nice concert venue where most famous bands have played through the years. Arch Enemy held a contest this summer where the first price was to open for the band and besides that are the band also involved with Amnesty International and Animal Rights that are aloud to spread their messages during the bands shows in forms of selling t-shirts and inform about their organizations. It’s really nice to see that the band is using their success to raise awareness for important things.

The doors opened at 7 o clock and it was nice to come into the warm club after having waiting outside for a while. Well inside went time pretty fast and after only 15 minutes was it time for the support act to kick off their show.


The band ran through two songs before the singer asked how Lund was doing and said that Evocation was there and looking forward to playing for us. The bands music was thrash metal in the heavier edition and it was obvious that the members need a little more experience before they take on a crowd on a live stage. Time flew by and 25 minutes went fast and that was all Evocation had for this time. There’s not much to say about Evocation. Their show included some standard thrash metal music that didn’t do much for me at all. I hoped that the change between the bands was going to be quick and my prayers were heard. It only took the crew 20 minutes to change gear and shortly it was time the special guests to enter stage.


The members entered the stage to the tones of the intro and the audience seemed to pay Engel more attention than what they did towards Evocation. Personally I have problems with Engel’s light In Flames sound but the audience seemed to be liking the band. Engel played for about 45 minutes and as soon as the band went of stage began the crew to prepare the stage for Arch Enemy.




Mejeriet seemed to be semi-full and everyone waited and anticipated for Arch Enemy to kick off their show. Behind the drumkit hung a small backdrop with the cover of the new album on it as well as two smaller screens  stood positioned behind the huge drumkit and they lit up as the band came on stage.



Arch Enemy

The intro the band went on stage to is the opening track to KHAOS LEGIONS called “Khaos Overture”. As soon as the intro had faded out kicked the show off with “Yesterdays Is Dead And Gone” and singer Gossow ran out on stage. A lot of smoke covered the members but Gossow had the crowd in the palm of her hand from the very beginning and the fans seemed to love her and the band. “Revolution Begins” followed instantly and the song made the fans bang their heads even harder.

Band members are:

Angela Gossow – lead vocals

Michael Amott – guitar

Adrian Erlandsson – drums

Christopher Amott – guitar

Sharlee D’ Angelo – bass

Gossow said that the next song up “Ravenous” was dedicated to their friend Johan Liiva who also sang in the band before Gossow. Gossow sounded even sharper and more mean live compared to on album and she can knock the socks of any male vocal in her genre. Also D’Angelo and Michael Amott worked really hard with connecting with the fans and Gossow ran around on stage during most of the show. “My Apocalypse” and “I Will Live Again” and the screens behind the drums showed pictures and clips of war and various ugly things that was actually pretty fitting to the angry music that was played. The crowd didn’t mind the poor lighting that partially made the members stand in the dark or mind the smoke machine that gone crazy and covered the stage in smoke. Just in front of the stage a circle pit was formed and everyone involved ran towards each other and smashed into each other something that the band seemed to like.





Gossow said she wanted to hear bone smashes and break and fired off the new song “Bloodstained Cross”. After “Taking Back My Soul” was it time for Erlandsson to do a drum solo and everyone but him walked off stage. He played drums to a pre-recorded synth loop and he really showed that he is an amazing drummer. The hard rock and metal audience isn’t spoiled with hearing fun and cool drum solos but Erlandsson’s solo was something extra ordinary. Right after the solo had ended was it time for the rest of the members to join Erlandsson on stage and fire off “Under Black Flags We March” and during the guitar solo took Gossow the black flag that was placed at the side of the stage and marched with it across the stage back and forth.

Gossow said that they had brought Amnesty International with them on tour because that there are still today in 2011 countries where you’re not aloud to speak your mind and that it’s important for the band to get involved and work against all kinds of cruelty and injustice that still are around all over the world. That also included Animal Rights that followed them on tour. The really tight and oiled machinery of death then fired off “Dead Eyes See No Future” and the already insane crowd went ballistic and together they almost raised the roof of Mejeriet. Christopher Amott performed a solo that transcended into a solo by his brother Michael and both brothers are mean on guitar. The solos was great but a little too long in my opinion.







When Gossow re-entered the stage she fired off “No Gods, No Masters” and she said that the band was touched by the warm welcome Lund had in store for them. “Dead Bury The Dead” and the mighty “We Will Rise” that Gossow dedicated to the fans ended the show and it was nice to hear that the band didn’t focus entirely on the new album this night but that they also performed older classical ones as well. The dedicated fanbase wasn’t satisfied with 65 minutes of mayhem and shouted for more action on stage so the band shortly after came back and fired off encores. Christopher Amott was first on stage playing the instrumental piece “Snow Bound” Bould? Yes, and he was shortly followed by Michael and the rest of the band. The monster hit “Nemesis” was the final encore and it was no doubt that the fans loved the final track. As soon as the song ended, after about 90 minutes, was an outro played and the members went of stage for good. Before the band headed of stage they gathered on stage and formed a line and thanked the audience and threw out guitar picks and drum sticks.

Arch Enemy once again proved that they are one of the leading bands in their genre both live as well as on album. The band was tight as hell and the show was on of the best ones of 2011. But maybe I wanted to hear more of the older songs from ANTHEMS OF REBELLION and WAGES OF SIN. The only thing that didn’t work on favor of the band this night was the lousy lighting but the blame should fall on Mejeriet for that and not the band. Besides that was the show amazing and it’s always fun to visit Mejeriet to see gigs. In the future I hope that Kulturbolaget (that from time to time rent Mejeriet) places more of their shows at Mejeriet next year because it’s a great venue.


Set list

Khaos Overture

Yesterday Is Dead And Gone

Revolution Begins


My Apocalypse

I Will Live Again

Bloodstained Cross

Taking Back My Soul

Under The Flags We March

Dead Eyes See No Future

No Gods No Masters

Dead Bury Their Dead

We Will Rise


Snow Bound



Thanks to Kristian Kornhage head of press at Kulturbolaget for help with press/photo pass to the show. Thanks to Totte Lundberg, head of Kulturbolaget, for all the help. A big thank you to crew and staff at Mejeriet in Lund.

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