Monster Magnet – Dopes To Infinity 2011 The European Tour at Kulturbolaget Malmoe Sweden

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 Monster Magnet

Dopes To Infinity 2011 The European Tour

Black Spiders – support act
17/11 – 2011

Review and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall

This Thursday marked the return of a band that have visited Sweden quiet a lot this past year. Monster Magnet was about to once again take on the Malmoe crowd at the best venue in town Kulturbolaget and sources said that the band was about to perform their highly acclaimed album DOPES TO INFINITY from 1995. Last time I saw the band was a few months ago at Getaway Rock Festival where they did a great performance. Monster Magnet brought along an exclusive vinyl EP that is called “DOPES” and have three song on this which they only sold during this particular tour so there were many exclusive things taking place at Kulturbolaget this night. Me and a friend met up with the band earlier during the day and everyone was really nice and took the time to chat for a while.

Black Spiders had already begun to play when we arrived to the show and it sounded like they played stoner metal in the same spirit as the headline act. Black Spiders said good bye at 9 o clock and a while thereafter was it time for Monster Magnet to take over the limelight.


Monster Magnet

“Vertigo” began the show and Wyndorff looked cool in a black leather jacket and jeans. The next song “I Control, I Fly” followed instantly as well as “Look To Your Orb”. Instead of backdrop hung a huge video screen that showed psychedelic patterns and lines. The band members are:

Dave Wyndorff – lead vocals, guitar
Phil Caivano – guitar
Bob Pantella – drums
Jim Baglino – bass
Garrett Sweeny – guitar

When Wyndorff didn’t sing he took his usual stroll around in circles on stage or stood faced towards the drums. Wyndorff’s voice sounded amazing and when “Dopes To Infinity” and “All Friends And Kingdom Come” was fired off went the audience crazy. Wyndorff seemed happy with the response from the fans and even though he didn’t do much talking in between the songs he smiled and looked happy to be on stage. It was Baglino that took most space on stage and took care of the connection with the fans. All of the members except for Wyndorff took off some of their clothes because the heat had risen and Sweeny also changed guitar to an acoustic one when it was time to perform “Blow Em Off”. Wyndroff then said that it was nice to be in Malmoe and thanked the audience for coming to the show this cold night. He said that the band really appreciated that and fired off the song “Dead Christmas”. The sound worked great but the light wasn’t the best and a few of the members stood in darkness and played from time to time. Then followed “Third Alternative” which is the longest  instrumental song on the album with its 8 minutes. The song is an orgy in guitar solos and when each guitarist played their part Wyndorff went of stage. The song went straight into “Masterburner” and while the rest of the band showed their skills went Wyndorff of stage again.





The last song was “King Of Mars” and as soon as the song ended went everyone off stage and by then had Monster Magnet fired off about 1.20 minutes of music. But the audience wasn’t satisfied with that and wanted to hear more Monster music. And of course came the band back on stage after a short while to play encores for the longing crowd. “Negasonic Teenage Warhead” the second single from DOPES TO INFINITY was the first encore and that song made everyone on the venue scream of joy and bang their heads a little bit harder. Wyndorff seemed to wake up more and more the closer to the end the show came and he sang the song with one foot up on the amp. “5 Years Ahead Of My Time” was a medley together with “Hallucination Bomb” and the two huge hits “Powertrip” and “Space Lord” included the usual sing a long part from the crowd and Wyndorff thanked the brothers and sisters of Malmoe for coming to the show. In “Powertrip” Wyndorff leaned out to the crowd and showed his finger and the fans did the same thing back. That song closed the show.  Wyndorff woke up during the encores and it was a pity he didn’t do that earlier because when he wants to he can be really charming and an extraordinary frontman. Those two classical songs closed the show after 1.45 and as soon as the band had thanked the audience and walked off  began the crew to clear the stage.





Monster Magnet treated the small Malmoe crowd to a show that began in a kind of wobbly way that evened out as the show passed by and became a jackpot when the encores was played. Most old hardcore Monster Magnet fans had turned up for the event which was a bit unlucky because this particular thing with performing the entire DOPES TO INFINITY album is probably never going to happen again. The only negative thing with the show was the really long solo parts, hey I know that Monster Magnet plays stoner rock and that guitar orgies is a must but it can get a little boring live. The lighting was a disaster. However, it was it nice to hear the entire DOPES TO INFINITY back to back live and it’s always nice to see the legendary Dave Wyndorff in action. The album wasn’t run in proper order but all the songs was featured.


Set list
I Control, I Fly
Look To Your Orb
Dopes To Infinity
All Friends And Kingdom Come
Ego, The Living Planet
Blow Em Off
Dead Christmas
Third Alternative
King Of Mars
Negasonic Teenage Warhead
5 Years Ahead Of My Time
Hallucination Bomb



Thanks to Kristian Kornhage head of press at Kulturbolaget for help with press/photo pass to the show. Thanks to Totte Lundberg, head of Kulturbolaget, for all the help. A big thank you to crew and staff at KB, it’s always a pleasure coming to the club.

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