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Reckless Love3.jpg

Vocalist Olli Herman

Interview by Luxi Lahtinen 

Transcription, translation and on/offstage pics by Terhi Pihlaja

Finland’s Glam Metal/Hard Rock sensation Reckless Love haven’t had much time to start resting on their laurels since their highly successful self-titled debut album was released on Universal Music (Finland) last year. During 2010-2011, Reckless Love have been in constant motion either doing gigs here and there around the globe, plus of course writing new songs for the band’s follow-up album, “Animal Attraction”, that has now finally been released.

“Animal Attraction” basically continues from the same musical footprints left from their debut album, only this time introducing a bit more mature refinement while clearly maintaining the same vibe and spirit that was wrapped around their debut record: It’s the party time again boyz and girlz – with big and catchy choruses, strong 80’s-tinged Sunset Strip-spirited songs keeping us a good and wild company the best possible way they can.

This is what this interview with the luminary Reckless Love vocalist Olli Herman is also mostly all about: The new record “Animal attraction”, plus about their plans to continue Reckless Love’s world enslavment.

Meeting Olli backstage just prior to the band’s show at DOM, Helsinki on November 4th, turned out to be a really interesting yet pleasing conversation, so without prolonging your curiosity any further, let Olli continue… 

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You guys just paid a visit to “Clash of Choirs”, a TV show where you were one of the choir leaders last year. How was it?

Well, it was like going home. We dropped by to see some friends, and people in the production team are dedicated fans. They realized we will play at DOM tonight and asked for free tickets to the show. Well, let’s see…  Nah, of course I invited them, they’re great fellas. They have a busy schedule tonight but I hope many of them can make it to the show. Yeah it was just awesome there once again. Lordi was there, what can I say more… well, of course all the other choir leaders. I’m tempted to wear a blindfold and think that the fucking Finnish Humppa music is just shit, but when I see how dedicated all these people are to what they do, I have nothing but respect for them, they fucking give their all.



Your new album Animal Attraction has been out for about a month now. You can probably now look back a bit more analytically and see what you did at the studio, and if Animal Attraction turned out to be just like you originally wanted. Is there anything that’s bugging you because you can see now that you could’ve done something differently?

In fact, no. I feel the same as after our debut album, I’m so fucking satisfied with it. I think it’s a lot better than the first album, and what I liked even more with this album was that we had a busier schedule set, I felt we were doing things and doing them fast. I feel like we were making our debut album from the year 2004, just polishing and tuning it forever. With the new one we had the true rock ’n’ roll attitude. We had a fucking good song, went to the studio and loaded all our vibes in it – and voilà, we have our first demo ready. And then the same again but 100 times harder and it worked so damn well. In my opinion the drum sounds have more balls in the new album. It’s closer to our live sound, in that sense it kind of grooves more than the first album. There are very bold sounds on our first album though, but this one ain’t any easier as a whole either, maybe the drum sound is now more like basic Rock, but then again, in my opinion we have crazy extremes there, like Hot, which is called Lady Gaga Rock by the Swedes. How fucking cool is that! We did indeed let things influence us on purpose. Me and Pepe started thinking what could be something fresh we can bring, Hair Rock has been done so many times, for 20 years in the 70’s and 80’s, even early 90’s. The visit in L.A. opened our eyes even more, they know right away what the catch is. Hot worked out extremely well there and we got feedback it’s so cool that we’re so 80’s looking Heavy Rock band but sounding so fresh. What a great feeling, we were able to build a lot of self-confidence and we dared to make bolder decisions on this album, much fresher stuff. I dig, unashamedly, all stuff that sells extremely well. Girls Girls Girls by Mötley Crüe could be sung by Michael Jackson, it’s just such a good song, with a distorted metallic guitar sound. So Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Britney Spears… nothing directly from there, but we were thinking what are they doing what we could do, just like the middle section of Hot is like the middle section of Hold it against me by Britney Spears, dubstep.. We thought that fucking hell we could play it, really play it, having a blast beat part in it… fucking cool, this is it!


How ready were your songs at the time when you went to the studio? Did you try to change some things spontaneously still at the studio?

Yea, and it’s the best thing. In my opinion we did kind of mistakes in the studio, which is part of playing Rock music. We played rather in the “more is more” than “less is more” mentality, we played our ass off whether it will go into clay or charcoal, but at least it will go with full steam ahead. Afterwards we were like oh fuck, this is too much, we have to take a note back, and then we did it again and learned from our mistakes, but still it was always 100 times better. If we hadn’t played our ass off 100% and more, we wouldn’t have realized it. We would’ve tried to do it all over and over again and thought that something’s not right but not figuring out what, so it would’ve ended up being on the album but it would’ve been shit.


The producer Ilkka Wirtanen was involved in making the new album, he played a role also on your first album. Does he have the right touch to it all and totally understand what Reckless Love is all about, hence he has acted as kind of a mentor to advise if something doesn’t fit in this package and when something sounds exactly the way it should?

Yea but it’s actually mutual, not only Ilkka’s input. Maybe his role is more to hold the horses. I confess that I recognize myself being a fanatic… I can put myself into such a mode that I would’ve made something like Hot sound even more techno-ish. Ilkka said: “Dude, that’s not rock ’n’ roll”, and I did agree. Ilkka’s role was both for and against, he knew how to mentor, and that’s why we wanted him to be the producer also on the first album. He was already so deep in all this, but on the other hand he was also a bit like an outsider to be able to see if I go too far and Pepe maybe too. He will slow us down and remind us that this is Rock, Hair Rock.


There was no situation where Ilkka went soloing a little bit too much within a song, or songs by himself?

No, the opposite. We had to kick him, we wanted to do fresh stuff. Ilkka was like no no, you guys are a hair metal band. But mostly we got to do what we wanted. A bit over the top but afterwards Ilkka has admitted – and maybe it’s his tactics – that he slows us down on purpose so that it will not be too much over the top. There is a groovy symbiosis between us and that’s why he is with us, he knows how to play this game. It’s kind of social psychological interaction which brings the right addition to this. It proved to be working with the first album, and it was polished to the top on this album. Ilkka is actually more involved in this album, he’s got songwriting credits even more than on the first one. On the other hand Pepe has done more too, I have no song credits at all. I might have started to sing a short riff like in Coconuts, but does it mean I composed something, no, the guys did, so I did the lyrics. Also vice versa, the guys said that it’d be cool if this song title was Fantasy and then I am like.. (*sings*) yea cool, it works, I will use it.

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Do you see Reckless Love being quite a democratic band, do you listen to each other’s opinions?

Not at all, there is no democracy in any way. Fucking hell, we are all like dictators, it is dictatorship at its worst when we fight about our own ideas. Before every gig we have material from two albums and we have to drop some songs, and then we start fighting about what to drop because we all have our own favorites. One doesn’t want a song played which for another one is the best song in the set. But we do know nowadays how to take it with humor. After the debut album and all the promo tours we were together a lot, and about a year ago we faced a little meltdown in the band chemistry, it was like one of us will die now or we just have to think this is not so serious, it’s only rock ’n’ roll and then we giggle. If sometimes for some reason we fight for real, fortunately we are able to giggle right after it and think it’s not so serious. Nowadays – at least when writing songs and at the studio – the dictator is the song, it’s the linchpin. If the song requires a dubstep guitar solo, we must do it then, otherwise the song would be incomplete without it. But then again, it is not the heart of the song, everyone must be flexible, I can’t always do what I want to, if it does not fit in the song and I can’t make it work. Then we have to find another way to find something new which is double cool. I may realize it only on tour that my idea sucked and wonder why I even suggested it in the first place.


You seem have clear roles in the band; Pepe takes care of composing songs for the band, and you handle the lyrics. How do you usually find the idea where to start from?

Pepe and I maybe had some kind of a telepathic connection, and especially when thinking about the lyrics on this album I would say I found some kind of a Zen mode. Sounds like nonsense cliché bullshit, but seriously, first of all Pepe is a god damn good singer; he also does some stem singing with me – and the backing vocal parts are mostly done by Pepe and me. Pepe is more into doing more harmonic type of vocals on this new record though. It can be done already on the demo, for most of the demos he does it so that he puts the microphone on the table, plays with his acoustic guitar, sings some nonsense in crappy English, and then throws a word – like “fantasy” or “tonight” – in the air. He knows already what the vibe is in the song, and then I find my Zen mode; I am like s(h)itting in a toilet, you know, I do not have any home office or so. I am a minimalist when it comes to decorating my home, I have almost nothing there because I want to have stress-free environment, I can concentrate on one thing at a time, I guess I have ADHD or something. So I am there in the corner of my couch, my laptop on a small stool, head set on, and Pepe’s downloaded demo, and then I listen to it and try to clear my mind. Many song titles consist of only one word on this album. Whatever came to my mind, I summarized it all into one word only, and when the word was found it became the title of the song.


So it can be quite simple at times.

It was quite easy this time with this album. And the best thing is, even though there is a song called Fantasy, it’s like fantasy. “Life imitates art”, all songs hold true. Everything comes straight from the heart, the lyrics are so very true. What a great feeling it was to realize that when I had found the idea of the song first, right away I knew what I am going to write about. It was surprising and easy.



I’ve studied your lyrics carefully, and of course sex and the party mood belong to this 80’s thing as well as a good deal of humor seems to be very well present. But if we philosophize more, could you ever imagine that you made songs for example about pricy train tickets, or any political stuff in general?

Of course, but it would be from the Reckless Love point of view: oh fuck the train tickets are so expensive that now also sex on the train will cost too much! (*laughs*) Actually there’s a good idea! We just returned from a show in Kemi by a night train and the damn cabin costs something like 100 €. Why to pay for the cabin, you can go directly to the toilet, they are clean nowadays. (*laughs*)


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So it’s out of the question, otherwise it’s not the 80’s and Reckless Love.

Yeah, it was the private jet in the 80’s. Maybe it does not belong to the 80’s Heavy Rock to whine about the prices of train tickets. It’s mainly positive energy, but never say never. I know pure politics will not be included in my lyrics, the lyrics will be always done tongue-in-cheek, with humor, there must always be some coconuts.


I was just about to mention the song Coconuts

It is weird, the song totally divides opinions. Even a British reviewer – who clearly had not listened to the lyrics – was like: ”What the fuck, it belongs to the primary school kids to make sex stories about bananas and coconuts.” I don’t even sing about sex in that song, it’s the only song where I don’t even mention the word sex! Fucking hell, there we have a monkey who should eat coconuts and learn how to read or listen! Fuck. (*laughs*)


You have a new Reckless Love logo and it looks absolutely terrific.

Thank you.


In the previous one you had the two S letters placed differently. Did you possibly change the logo because some people might associate the two S letters with the Nazism?

You so fucking got it, it is the curse of the “Nazi-S” letters. First of all, Reckless Love used to be Reckless Life, which is a Guns N’ Roses song, we did Guns N’ Roses covers first, you know. We couldn’t keep the Reckless Life name if we made our own songs. But then we all thought that Reckless is a fucking cool word, it looks and sounds good too, and part of the R could nicely be lengthened, and the S was left there. And then the word Love, something larger than life, we wanted to add there. But then, bitch slapping your fucking face, the first album was banned right away in Germany. Universal – a multinational record company and a huge market in Germany… it did put us a little down. They said that we must change the logo, and we thought no way, we don’t change anything just because of that, and Kiss also had problems with their S letters but then it was all OK after all. But then we kind of grew up and became wiser, the new one is now actually our logo from the demo times, we returned to our roots. It is designed by me, and we had it ages ago before we even used the “Nazi-S” logo on the first album, which is the actual new logo banned in Germany. So we went back to the original one. It has been modified a little though, e.g. part of the K is stretched a bit, and the R is a little different. We’ve got there also my childhood idols, I did steal the S directly from ZZ Top… (*laughs*)



You’ve got a couple of videos out from the new album, Hot and Animal Attraction, and we can see quite big, visually eye-catching scenes on both videos. They seem not to be low budget videos, apparently the purpose is exactly the same as what we used see by Mötley Crüe, Warrant and Poison on MTV?

Oh if only I could show you even a small piece of what’s coming up… We have an ace in the hole if we talk about big visual thing…


Spit it out!

Let’s keep it as a secret still for the time being. But in reality actually something big does not necessarily require insane budgets. Jaakko Manninen directed both videos and quoting him: it needs an absolutely fat location. In other words a fucking nice place, and the technology nowadays is a gift from heaven, so with a small budget absolutely great stuff can be made. Jaakko has done both videos, he had one camera man in the desert scene of the Hot video, and the rest is done freehand by Canon EOS 7 by himself. We are there on the streets of L.A. – going crazy, a bit tipsy, carrying our own gear and Jaakko is crawling on the Sunset Strip, shooting, changing the lens and asking us to do things again if he didn’t capture a good video shot right away. And he works at such an energy level that makes things look awesome. I don’t know how much he appreciates that I reveal some videographer’s secrets, but when directors take average 50-70 cuts per video in 3.5 minutes, Jaakko takes 150 cuts, he shoots a lot of material, and he just have a fucking good eye on the location and the perspective from where to shoot. In reality it doesn’t require as big of a budget as it might look like.


The videos remind me of the old Glam Rock bands from the 80’s on MTV, there is this easy-going attitude.

Exactly, we want have fun. It shouldn’t look like we are all the time totally squeezed by enormous pressures – it’s just pure fun, you know. I admire Jaakko’s artistic view, if you can talk about art when it comes to us, but the same thing as I summarize a song into one word, Jaakko can find that one tasty, “looks-big-and-good” type of video shot; he is after that one shot which might last for 30 seconds, like the Baywatch one, we fucking tried over and over again but when we got it, oh man, it’s just such a gem! (*laughs*)

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How did you actually get to know Jaakko?

It was by coincidence. We started thinking about a video for Hot, and about a month before the May Day we had a meeting at Universal. We had a summer song, so it should be a summery video, but there was still snow melting outside. A studio video then? Nah, you can’t find that “fat scene” with any blue background. “Hot like California”, hey let’s go to L.A . to shoot the video! Then the general manager of Universal says: “Yeah there is this…” and someone from the other side of the table remembers there is Jaakko Manninen, and the next thing we know is that we have two gigs in America and then we are there making the video somewhere in the fucking desert.


It was a good trip, I assume?

Yes. We all whine about things always, we are real cry babies, we always want things to happen fast and sometimes forget to look back. Things will happen when they happen. You just gotta pull the right strings, and the general manager of Universal need to have the right color pants on him the day we happen to have a meeting there. There is so much coincidence in these things, which is cool in my opinion. The same with the album, it was coincidence that we happened to get all the songs ready within such a short time frame; all the feeling and everything. One gets a perfect idea of the times of the record. That’s why I love all the records from the 80’s because it’s like a small time machine, you can turn it on and you hear the space where Stephen Pearcy sings Ratt songs and you can hear and see when he is sweating in the vocal booth, it’s so damn great. The same when you watch the videos, you see it all, the bare truth and the superb polished show. It’s the same with Hot and Animal Attraction. We didn’t have any tents there or assistants doing my make up, I did it myself in front of the rear-view mirror of our 400 dollar Hot van, and then Jaakko said: “OK guys, let’s shoot”.


Speaking of audio-visual stuff, now that you have two albums out, have you discussed with Universal about making a live DVD at some point, if you find a good venue for video shooting it?

It is at a planning stage, but we have talked about it a lot. We do audio recordings on the shows on a regular basis to maintain the reality as to how we sound and to keep our drinking under control. Of course, but it’s at the stage that we are kind of testing it and looking for the best solution. We don’t want to make a DVD that is in a damn great venue and is amazing technically if it happens to be for example like the one where we were promoting this album on our first gig in Spain. Hessu plays with a drum set that the sponsor had brought but it’s not his own and then something goes fucking wrong. It has to be a special a place where we’ve been at least 3 times in a row and we feel it’s our place, we know how everything works, where cameras are etc. We are maybe perfectionists. For example my favorite band Van Halen, they have not said a thing officially in public, but for 1.5 years now there’s been rumors that some people have seen the final product already. They have hundreds of hours of video shootings for the live version and then nobody will ever see anything anywhere. The mysticism around it is so cool. I kind of put myself into trouble when I say that we have even thought about making a live DVD. Yes we have thought about it but I don’t know if we will ever release one. If we will, we want to provide something that is not like 8 tracks but it has to be like 4 hours of everything super neat. Zeppelin DVD is one of my favorites, I’m not even a big fan of the band but they have 6 hours of material, short clips from here and there, and one amazing show. There are also some shitty quality bootleg footages that have been made look more professional, but you can always spot something neat from there anyway. You are able to go deep down the surface and explore a whole new world.


You were shooting the Hot video in L.A. and you had a gig booked at the Viper Room. How was it in front of the local audience? How did they welcome you and what kind of impression did it make on you?

Super cool. I can’t say it sucked. We faced technical issues though as we did not have our own gear there. I was a bit nervous when I thought whether everything’s gonna go smoothly on stage. There were 4 bands before us, we were the last ones and nobody knew who we are. Curtains opened, we started to play and in the middle of the first song people had their fists up in the air and they were head banging. The bands before us played Jazz and R ‘n’ B and I thought why the hell are we playing the same night, but people were indeed moshing, this genre was born there and you don’t have to tell them twice what it is all about as they know it right away. They hear the first song and they can already sing along the second chorus. Amazing party and everybody smiling, it was crazy. In addition Americans are so hard core professionals, we were still in war when they were already making millions by singing, they really know how to do it. We might have been nervous on stage with regard to technical issues but the sound guy succeeded well at coming up with an amazing sound to the audience. The A and R from our publishing company said after the show that we had an amazing sound. It was super cool.

 Reckless Love5.jpg



You also met the guys from Steel Panther, they had a show there at the same time.

Yeah, they play as a house band at the Sunset Strip House of Blues in L.A. and at the House of Blues in Las Vegas.


You did show up the stage too. Was it upon their request, as you’ve played cover songs too?

They didn’t know what song it is but Stix Zadinia is the drummer, and he is an active Twitter user, the Americans in general are quite sovereigns there. All of us have exchanged a few words with him in Twitter, and I guess somehow he got to know that we are going to L.A. and asked us to go to see their show. We went there to see the show and right away they turned the spotlight towards us, and Michael Starr says: “Britny Fox is here”, and then Satchel next to him: “Dude, that’s a lot of facelifts”, then after two songs we are in the spotlight again and they say: “We were just kidding, those guys are Reckless Love from Finland, they’re an awesome metal band, let’s get ’em on stage”.  And there we are on stage, Stix gives the drumsticks to Hessu and Satchel gives the guitar to Pepe, Michael stays there with me and we performed Panama.


Have you talked about touring together in the U.S. or in Europe?

It is a very appealing thought. I’ve got Michael Starr’s phone number, and we’ve sent a few SMS messages to each other, but it’s been more like ”Dude, your record sounds good.”, and vice versa, but nothing else. The tours and those types of things are so fucking unpredictable because we deal with Universal which is the world’s largest record label, and we both have a gig promoter, they have an American manager and gig promoter, and it’s such a political hassle, but as a thought it is absolutely great. I’d go right now without asking anyone, I guess they would too, they seem to like us, but you never know.


Steel Panther will be coming to Helsinki, Nosturi on March 11th 2012. It would be great to see Reckless Love on stage, too.

We did think about it too but we’ll see what happens, we haven’t been in contact with them, but who knows. At least we will go to see the show, and maybe there will be Britny Fox again in the audience…


You have a tour in Britain again in November. You will have 7 gigs and you have opened the game there pretty well already. What are your expectations now that you have your second album out, and you probably play at the same venues as before?

Some of the venues are the same, there will be a couple of bigger ones, too. The venue in London is bigger, and a couple of other ones. Our expectations can be high but you never know, we have been away from there for over a year now so who knows if they still remember us, have they heard our new song, seen the video, you can never know. We still get good feedback from there though. You never know. The island is kind of bizarre; they like you today but tomorrow not at all. But we have seen good signs and I think they have high expectations, too. Fingers crossed, and toes too.


Have you gotten any emails from a country where you haven’t done any shows yet and it hit you by surprise, to see you have success there, too?

We’ve done two shows in Italy so far, in Venice on a small crappy cruiser, maybe 200 people on it, and an Italian journalist from the Rolling Stone said that he’s seen this kind of hysteria at the time of Beatlemania. They were pulling your hair, it was just crazy there. We also had a New Year’s show in Pisa for the same promoter, and we all thought it was a dreadful gig there. The gear was whatever it was again, and for the Italians 10 minutes is 3 hours. At the venue we are like “where’s the PA system?” and they’re like “Something will happen, this is Italy, take it easy.” But it was a fucking great show, in their opinion! It was great for sure because the most important thing is that the audience is enjoying. We will go there now for an extensive tour. It always hits you by surprise; I’m not assuming that it’s evident that we can get to go abroad. Spain hit me by surprise, too, we had never been in Spain before but there was a club which was packed and everybody was singing along with us.


It’s a good example that sometimes things just happen when you are not expecting it.

Indeed and I wish the record labels would also see that sometimes you don’t need so much effort to make things happen. We don’t have an album released in Spain yet; we went there for a gig to organize a full tour there in the future in order to get our album out there. Why do we climb into a tree arse first, I don’t get it, but that’s the way it goes. I don’t know if the gig had any that commercial value anymore. If a club that holds 800 people is sold out on your first show, what if there was our record out already, we would be performing at venues that would hold at least 1’000 people. I don’t think that the record label would need to stretch too much to release the album there… but it’s how the world goes around, money talks.

 Reckless Love8.jpg

What about on tours in general, after a good show I assume you want to have some more fun, a couple of beers, and perhaps some fast food. Looking good is part of your image, so it can’t be just beer and pizza, can it? Do you work out on long tours and take care of your good looks in order to not return to Finland a few kilos heavier?

Before you should’ve answered that you will lose the kilos by getting laid, but I am a taken man so I can’t say so even as a joke. Well, it’s true that for example I can’t drink too much, for example our tour in Britain took 16 days and we had 15 shows; to scream 1.5 hours on the stage every night is not easy. You have to control your drinking. And taking into account that I had 38.5 degrees temperature after the first three shows, it was then a whole another case. I did not eat nor drink, I took only pain killers to try to keep the temperature down at least for the 1 hour we’re on stage. Depends on the situation, but we can’t underestimate the audience either. If I get wasted tonight, who wants to pay tomorrow to see Olli Herman puking on stage. No thanks, at least I wouldn’t want it. You have to know your limits, but of course there is always a party in every city, that’s why we’re there, we want to provide party time. But alcoholism would get you easily if you didn’t have any discipline. Sometimes it really gets you easily… very easily. I’ve seen my drinking go out of control.


Do you or Reckless Love have things you would like to experience or achieve within 2-3 years? At some point doors may open that you would never have dreamt of but suddenly you are there on the other side of the door already. Do you have a goal that would be so cool to achieve and would wrap up the Reckless Love history so far, and from where it would be great to keep on going?

Actually I stopped counting them when we had a recording contract with the world’s largest record label, an album released, magazine cover in Suosikki and Soundi, some magazine covers also in Britain, a tour in Britain, Download festival and over 10’000 people in the audience, Loud Park festival and almost 15’000 people in the audience, playing with my idols on the same arena, my idols saying that we are fucking awesome… At some point I realized I am not dreaming! After that I have kind of settled and think that if I died now I would die with a smile on my face. I don’t have any personal goals anymore. From now on the most important is that we can make things grow. I have always said that we want to be commercially very successful. Many times people understand it wrong. We don’t aim at being millionaires, it’s the opposite, if we were commercially very successful we could put more money into producing big shows, venues, big tours, long tours… The goal is to get this thing to grow to be able to do audio-visually enjoyable stuff without having to struggle with the venue. We want to be able to bring our own production on tours and provide people unfailing entertainment and throw a party, the best party ever. We can do it even now, we are born to play at crappy rock clubs, but these things could be done in an easier way, too. Nobody’s physics or mental health can take it forever, oh well why not, maybe you can get used to it. But my dream is to become as big as possible. The location of the venue, the record sales, or who is on the stage with you do not matter. What is my dream venue? Is it Wembley Stadium… I wouldn’t care even if we had to play somewhere in the middle of nowhere, as long as there’s a hell of a party, loads of people, everybody having fun, the sound is good, hell yeah! It’s not the venue, it’s people. The goal is that we can bring Reckless Love entertainment to as many people as possible.

 Reckless Love6.jpg

My last question, as we have been here for quite a while and I guess I have to let you get ready for tonight’s show…

This is my bad habit, I like to talk about myself… (*laughs*)


If you had to act as a Marketing man to those people who haven’t heard of Reckless Love before, how would you summarize Reckless Love in one or two sentences, so that they would understand what you’re all about?

(*sigh*)… Well I guess that’s it. It’s just (*sigh*)… (*laughs*). We offer only basic stuff, and the best thing you can offer to people is that you don’t need to think about… We all know that life sucks big time, but the 1.5 hours we’re on stage, it’s fucking cool.


There you are, it can’t be said any better. I want to thank you for the interview and for your time.

Thank you. No problem.