Lizzy Borden – DOM Helsinki Finland

Rhapsody of Fire
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The 5th of December 2012




Lizzy Borden is known for his horror image with the axe, blood etc.  Back in the 80’s the band enjoyed massive success amongst metal fans. When the next century arrived, Lizzy Borden basically vanished from the map in the wake of other 80’s metal bands when other types of metal and rock were renewing the hardrock/metal world. Lizzy returned to the limelight in 2000 with the DEAL WITH THE DEVIL album, but disappeared until APPOINTMENT OF DEATH saw the light of day in 2007. Lizzy Borden visited Swedenrock for the first time ever in 2008, but getting to Finland took a few years more. Even though the band has been waited on for years and years, but unfortunately close to just 200 people crawled to the gig to testify the legend of the old school American Metal.

Before Lizzy got on the stage to deal with the devil, the domestic and rather unknown rock combo named BATON ROGUE MORGUE opened up the show. The five piece rocked hard in front of the fistful of people having arrived on time. Even though the band is a pure Finnish combo, the singer for some bizarre reason tended to communicate in English. The band has put a lot of money into the band as the self produced albums, huge posters and nice looking t-shirts, but above all their touring bus was tremendous huge and modern. As for their set, well it is pure hard rock to the bone for sure.


After the mandatory roadie break, the opening riffs of Lizzy Borden roared out of monitors. Lizzy himself appeared dressed in a black long hood with eccentric lights mounted into the hood. The 80’s horror hard rocker switched these masks once in a while when playing songs in the set. As for the set list offering a plenty of the classic Lizzy Borden songs from the heyday of the 80’s and of course the newer metal from the fantastic Appointment of Death album such as the video song “Tomorrow Never Comes”. Above all “Me Against The World”, “There Will Be Blood” and of course “American Metal” belong to the essential Lizzy Borden setlist. Even though Lizzy gigs rarely, his experience on the stage is so professional with a little spontaneous when communicating with the audience or facing some unexpected technical problems with the microphone. Beside the changing of the masks during the gig, an axe was an obvious trademark for Lizzy. He kept swinging the axe and finally poured tons of blood out of his mouth by dipping the blade of the axe to the mouth. The audience was baptized into the blood as well.


The bassist Marten Andersson appeared to be such a relentless performer on the stage.  Playing some chorus of the Swedish fairytale Pippi Longstocking as a part of the his bass solo sounded amusing. Both the new guitarist were vital and energetic on the stage. They were recruited to the band within the past few years and appeared to be on fire with intensive swinging and moving. Dario Lorina is known for being a miracle child on the guitar, having gained the fame and glory by playing with Eric Martin and on the last Jani Lane. Along with Lorina, the second guitarist AC Alexander is another veteran in the metal hard rock world. Lizzy’ Brother behind the drum kit pounded the drum like a maniac.

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The show was definitely pleasant and unique in a way as Lizzy offered rare old school metal meal for about 200 heads. The Audience seemed to be extremely pleased with the Lizzy Borden gig when leaving the venue. Hopefully Lizzy Borden will be testified once again on Finnish soil without waiting a few decades.  



Tomorrow Never Comes

Red Rum

Voyeur (I’m Watching You)

Guitar Solo

Live Forever

Visual Lies


Eyes Of A Stranger

Under Your Skin

There Will Be Blood

Me Against The World

American Metal

Perfect World (I Don’t Wanna Live)

Give ’em The Axe


Master Of Disguise