Hardcore Superstar – The Tour Ain’t Over Til We Say So – 2011 with support at KB Malmo, Sweden

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Hardcore Superstar

The Tour Ain’t Over Til We Say So – 2011

Avatar, Ammotrack (support acts)
Malmo, Sweden
4/11 – 2011

Reviewed and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall



The best Swedish glam/sleaze act Hardcore Superstar celebrates 10 years in the business this year and have recently released the compilation THE PARTY AINT OVER TIL WE SAY SO to sum up the bands musical history so far. Also featured on the album is a newly recorded song called “We Don’t Need A Cure”. And to celebrate it properly the band is out on tour throughout Sweden and Finland. The tour is going to end in their hometown of Gothenburg the day before Christmas Eve and along with them they have the two support acts Avatar and Ammotrack. The band was greeted with a gold/platinum award for the single “Moonshine” at their gig in Stockholm where the tour started two days before they came to Malmoe. I guess that 2011 was the year of Hardcore Superstar. Since it was Friday the first band scheduled to be on stage at 8 o clock because Kulturbolaget throws nightclub after the shows on weekends. I was there to see Hardcore Superstar and hadn’t heard either of the support bands before. A small line had formed outside the doors when I came and it went pretty quick to get inside the club. While I waited for the music to begin a took a walk and took a closer look at the merchandise the bands sold.


Ammotrack was the first band out and the bands glam metal worked pretty well in line with what Hardcore Superstars music. Not many people gathered in front of the stage but despite that the band worked really hard in order to get the small crowd going.



The singer introduced the band and said that it was nice to be in Malmoe and even though the members were pretty young they were really skilled music-wise. The sound worked good but it was worse with the lights and the singer was standing in darkness when he stood on the small ramp in the middle of the stage. After 30 minutes was the Ammotrack show over and since the band used the same drum-gear as Avatar went the change really fast and it was soon time for Avatar to enter the stage.


The singer ran on stage when the band played the first notes of the opening song and he had on a hood/mask that made him look like robber and just like Ammotrack the members of Avatar were really young. It felt like the the crowd was more positive towards Avatar and nodded along with the music. Before the song was over the singer ran off stage and when he came back he was painted like a clown on his face and when he didn’t sing he marched round and round on stage. As soon as the song was over the singer said “We are Avatar and we have brought the circus to Malmoe, we are here to scare you all” and the next song began. I don’t know what to say about this actually. I mostly smiled and leaned back and listened to the bands kind of light In Flames music. A few more songs was played and then the singer went off stage and came back with a can of gasoline which he drank off, I guess the can didn’t contain gasoline though.






Well, even though the music maybe wasn’t the optimal to warm up for Hardcore Superstar it was kind of fun to look at the singer and I give the band credit for at least trying to put on a show for the audience. 35 minutes later the circus was over and it was time for the evenings main act to enter the Malmoe stage. You could sense a bit of tension and excitement in the air and according to the record label is this club tour a unique tour. The audience was mixed and I could see young girls standing and waiting at the front of the stage as well as older guys that probably was around when the first wave of glam/sleaze metal came back in the 80’s. Besides a huge backdrop with the band name on it and some amps was the stage clear from things and the band was going to have a lot of space to move around which suits the members perfect.


Hardcore Superstar

As soon as the band showed up on stage the audience screamed their lungs out and the only one missing on stage was singer Jocke Berg. He ran on to stage in the beginning of the first song “Kick On The Upperclass” and joined his band mates. Everyone who has seen the band live knows that Berg doesn’t stand still for a minute when he performs and he began the evening with running a lap on stage after which he jumped up and down in order to get the crowd going. The band members are:

Jocke Berg – lead vocals
Adde – drums
Martin Sandvik – bass
Vic Zino – guitar

“Bag On Your Head”  followed and all of the fans sang along with Berg without him having to request it. Berg wanted to come a lot closer to the fans and jumped down into the photo pit to get closer and the crowd nearest him went crazy. When the song was over said Berg that it wasn’t long ago since the band was in Malmoe but that they love to play here. “Last Forever” followed as well as “She’s Offbeat” and “We Don’t Celebrate Sundays”. Berg thanked for the massive support and said that this gig was a little bit better compared to the show they did in Stockholm (there’s always a little rivalry between Malmoe and Stockholm).







Berg had the audience in the palm of his hand and everyone in the band seemed to be enjoying themselves. Hardcore Superstar is a mean tour-machine and not many bands beat them in a live situation. The sound worked really great but it was the lights that caused problems for the photographers. That and the smoke machine was the two things that didn’t work in favor of the band this night. “Hatefull” and the amazing “Wild Boys” increased the temperature inside the club and then came another crowd pleaser in “My Good Reputation”.

Before it was time for the last song the calm “Standing On The Verge” fired the band off golden coins like “Cry Your Eyes Out”, “Simple Man” and “Blood On Me”. All songs was really loved by the fans and there was no doubt that everyone in the venue including the band had a really good time during the show. “Standing On The Verge” was performed unplugged during the first and second chorus and the song became really beautiful that way. When the band went off stage after about 60 minutes I could see that the band had played their entire black album called HARDCORE SUPERSTAR from 2005 back to back. The band came back to do the obligated encores and the fans screamed even louder when they realized what was going on. “Still I’m Glad” and “Sadistic Girls” flooded out and the band and the fans became even sweatier after the encores.




The next song for the night was the terrific “Last Call For Alcohol” and by then was the fans in total bliss. The crowd sang a long even louder and it felt like the roof was about to blow off. At the end of the song the band did what they have done during the summer and invited a few fans up on stage to finish the song with the band. Berg picked out a few lucky fans and brought them up on stage but before they all could begin to sing Berg asked if anyone had seen Amir which is Zino’s brother. Berg said that the band wasn’t about to sing until Amir had showed up on stage and after a short while Amir came to the stage. It all took time so the band had only time to play a shorter version of the sing a long parts with the fans on stage. By then were there so many fans on stage that it was hard to see the band. The band and the fans closed the song and while the fans went of stage said Berg that it was time to close the show with “Moonshine”. The band thanked the fans once again and Adde threw out his drumsticks into the crowd. The entire show lasted for about 1.25 and I wanted to hear more. The big question though was why didn’t the band play the brand new single “We Don’t Need A Cure” from the new compilation album?. This was just another great and magnificent show by Hardcore Superstar who is one of the best glam/sleaze acts in the world at the moment.



Set list
Kick On The Upperclass
Bag On Your Head
Last Forever
She’s Offbeat
We Don’t Celebrate Sundays
Wild Boys
My Good Reputation
Cry Your Eyes Out
Simple Man
Blood On Me
Standing On The Verge
Still I’m Glad
Sadistic Girls
Last Call For Alcohol


Thanks to Kristian Kornhage head of press at Kulturbolaget for help with press/photo pass to the show. Thanks to Totte Lundberg, head of Kulturbolaget, for all the help. A big thank you to crew and staff at KB, it’s always a pleasure coming to the club.

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