L.A. Guns with support act Dirty Passion on European Tour 2011 at The Rock Copenhagen, Denmark

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L.A Guns – headline

European Tour 2011

Dirty Passion – support act

The Rock



25/9 – 2011


Reviewed and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall



It’s always a blast hanging out at the best hardrock/metal place in Copenhagen – The Rock. On this Sunday, it was time to head over to see the old icons in L.A. Guns. There are two versions of L.A. Guns out there today: one constellation contains Lewis/Riley called Phil Lewis L.A. Guns and the other one is named Tracii Guns L.A. Guns. The band I’m going to see is the first one and this combo have stayed pretty solid except for the departure of Adam Hamilton in 2007 during the later years. The last album the band released came in 2005 and is called TALES FROM THE STRIP. The Swedish glam/sleaze har drock act Dirty Passion tagged along on this particular show and since it’s Sunday only a show stood on the agenda for The Rock and not any nightclub after the show.

I had really high expectations on the show and it was quite a while since I last heard the band. Europe hasn’t been blessed with L.A. Guns gigs, so when the chance appeared I grabbed it. There was actually a lot of Swedes that had traveled to Copenhagen to see the band play live. Slightly after 7, the doors to the club opened and the line ran down to the venue. The time moved quickly and at 8 o clock stepped the support act on stage.

Dirty Passion

The band consists of four members and have since the last time I saw them seemed to have changed bass players. Two songs played before the singer said that the band was really glad to be standing on the stage at The Rock. Dirty Passion fitted like a hand in a glove as support act to L.A. Guns and it must be a dream come true for the guys to be opening for such an iconic act as L.A. Guns. Many of the songs the band played said the singer was taken from their debut album that was possible to buy after the show. It was noticeable that the guys have done quite a lot of live shows and they have gained stage presence for sure. 35 minutes went really fast and soon had the show come to an end. Dirty Passion did a great job as a warmer up for L.A Guns and if they play their cards right they sure are going to rise to become a force that can be seen on the big stages in the future.




While the band played their last songs more people arrived to the club and slowly started the place to crowd up. The time went by pretty fast while the crew changed great behind the curtains and behind the curtains we could hear the line-check. At 9 stopped the music paused and the lights were turned down then the curtain dropped.



L.A. Guns

As soon as the band members showed up, the large audience screamed out their love for the band. Everyone but Lewis stood on stage and Lewis ran on stage when the song “It Don’t Mean Nothing”. Lewis wore a clown mask with a really long nose and the mask went off him after the first song. Lewis thanked the audience for the warm welcome and took on his guitar and kicked off “Gypsy Soul”. Behind the drums hung a huge backdrop with the band name on logo on it but that was also the one thing the band had brought with them. “Sex Action” followed. The sound worked great but the lighting worked worse and the band members stood partially in the dark. Lewis said that the band thought the city of Copenhagen was a beautiful place and that they had to apologize for not have been in Denmark the last 17 years. “Never Enough”, “Over The Edge” and “I Wanna Be Your Man” followed and the fans loved to see their favorite act on stage. The band felt solid as a band and there was no doubt that they loved standing on the Copenhagen stage this night. The songs that worked out the best was of course the old classical ones but also the more current material worked quite well. Lewis voice sounded great and there was no signs of weakness or tiredness at all. The newcomer Griffin of bass did rock solid job and Riley and Griffin worked well together.

Band members are:

Phil Lewis – lead vocals, guitar

Stacey Blades – guitar

Steve Riley – drums

Scott Griffin – bass

Lewis and Blades used the entire stage to run around on while Griffin stood solid on his spot. “Vampire” and the song with the funny name taken from the album HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRES “My Hoo Ha Choo”. Lewis looked really happy with the warm respond he got from the fans and told stories behind about the songs. He told us that back in the 80’s everyone bought dope from a really cheap girl and when the other dealers discovered that it went really bad for her and the following song “Sleazy Come Easy Go” was about her. Lewis then asked if the audience wanted to hear Griffin sing and the fans shouted yes. So while Lewis went of stage Griffin sang “Showdown”. Griffin didn’t sound bad on lead vocals but he sounded a bit tired. When Lewis entered the stage again he had on a flyer’s cap and big glasses and kicked off “Hellraiser’s Ball” and as soon as that song ended flied Lewis once gain off stage because it was time for Blades and Riley to do solos. Maybe Lewis needed a short break because the guys had been now playing for a while.





“Electric Gypsy” went on when Lewis came back and the crazy audience screamed and sang a long in the lyrics with Lewis. Lewis said that the band had a hard time accepting the next song, first they hated it and then they loved it. Now they only accept it. It was the song “Ballad Of Jayne” and there was no doubt that the fans loved it because once Lewis had mentioned the title the fans screamed on the top of their lungs in happiness.



The song is one of the legendary songs from the classical album COCKED AND LOADED and the ballad is as great today even though I’ve heard it a bunch of times before. This song is a major hit and a hit is more than the band Pretty Boy Floyd have had according to Lewis and laughed. Lewis said that the band had one more song to play before the show was over but if we only waited for 20 minutes after the show the band was going to come out and sign and talk to the fans. “Rip N Tear” ended the great show to do an encore and it was “No Mercy” with Lewis with a robber-hood on looking quite funny. He sang the first verse with the hood on. By then had about 90 minutes zipped by and there is nothing at all to complain about.


It was a great show with a varied set list and the new member Griffin did a great job. They prove that they still are a band to count with. It was a brilliant evening filled with great music. I only hope that the band makes it to a studio and start to record a new studio album and not a compilation album or a live album.


Set list

It Don’t Mean Nothing

Gypsy Soul

Sex Addiction

Never Enough

Over The Edge

I Wanna Be Your Man


My Hoo Ha Choo

Sleazy Come Easy Go


Hellraisers Ball

Guitar & drum jam

Electric Gypsy

Ballad Of Jayne

Rip N Tear


No Mercy




 Thanks to Camilla Blicher, booker and production manager at The Rock for help with press/photo pass. Also thanks to the staff and security at the club for nice treatment.

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