Jackie Slaughter of Skullfist

Jackie Slaughter of Skullfist

Interviewed by JP

Jackie Slaughter of Skullfist

Let’s start at the top.  How did you come up with the name Skullfist?

Being drunk is a wonderful thing. You write cool riffs, cool songs, cool band names. We’ve written a few songs while drinking, but also have written shit not drinking. Goes both ways I guess man. But with the title, I was just shitfaced on my couch one day and I looked at this album and it had a big skull on it, and i was like, "man, if that was my album, it’d have a big skull fist on it." I meant to say skeleton fist, but I said skull fist. The next day I was sitting around and had this blank shirt this dude left over at my place. I grabbed a marker and wrote skull fist on it and shabam. I wrote it in the same font we still use now actually hahah! So it was a quick shit logo!

Tell us about the early origins of the band!

That would take way to long man. I’m from northern Canada. A tiny little turd town called porcupine. Yeah. population 2000 or so hahaha. I moved to Toronto to rock, simple enough. I found the other proper dudes to rock and wam…started rocking. Tons of people came and left during the forming of the band, it took a long ass time to get to this point, that’s for sure! hahaha

Wait for the fist novel. hahaha naaa….fists don’t read books!

In a time when many younger Metal musicians are choosing to go with a heavier sound, what inspired you to play straight ahead, classic Heavy Metal?

Skateboarding, riding real fast, the wind, the moon, moose, mice, meece, greece, pootin. I never thought of tuning down when I was younger into like mondo heavy tunings. I geuss I always kept my guitar tuned to D though so I can learn Motley Crue songs when I was younger hahah. When I started writing songs I just wrote them in that tuning as well. But I like shit that’s powerful, to me. Heavy metal has got all the power. Mighty fuckinn power hahah! It doesnt have to be heavy or fast to be heavy you know, and I think alot of it is the lyrics for me too. I just love a certain feeling I get from some tunes. It’s hard to explain exactly the mode and feeling hahah but its rad as shit anyways. So thats what I wanted to do. Good thing the bro’s now want to do the same!

What is it about the NWOBHM that still holds such interest for the next generation of Metal fans and musicians?

Its not sucky? hahah Theres soooooo many damned bands that you can spend forever and still never hear it all. Split beaver and getting all obscure and shit. It neverrrr ends man hahah. Its the relentless pursuit of good tunes man!


Canada is becoming a stronghold for classic, traditional Metal with bands like Cauldron, Striker, Untimely Demise, Stinger, Hrom, yourselves and many more. Why do you think this is?

Because Canada is boring and full of techno rap country crap. Its a retaliation. Every one of us who hates the real world decided to start our own world! There’s not shit loads of fans in Canada but it seems like all the fans also play in the bands hahah!


Many people suggest that physical media is a dying medium. Why did you guys decide to release an actual CD?

Because artwork is fucking awesome and records still rule….and mp3s sound like mondo junkage….and our label wanted to. hahahah  Naaa I just dont think were part of that mp3 generation. I was 16 when I first got the internet so im still into cds and records and shit. But i think the next generation man. fuckkk.. see ya later CDs…I think. I dunno about records though. I think they’ll stick around


Is physical packaging still important?

Extremely. If it doesn’t look cool then well… Then its a good album that doesnt look cool. hahah! Everyone loves checking through album sleeves and pictures and lyrics and shit. If you don’t, then your a dork and your not paying attention closely enough man. Every band and every album has a different feel and aspect to them. That fucking rules. Every album ever man. They are all different dude. And sitting down with the CD, lyrics in hand, with headphones. Its the way to go man. Fucking dive in and see where it takes you!



Tell us about the cover art. How did Philip Bernard get involved? Does your mascot have a name or back-story? Does he have a girlfriend? How many posers does your mascot kill on a weekly basis?

Phil is just the man. He’s the man that you go to. He’s rad as shit and knows what the hell he’s doing. He always just knows. Almost knows more than he knows you know? Or he knows more then how much I know about how much he knows.. you know!?!? Led foot we call him. His back story is well…he started out as a halloween decoration. He was promoted to jam space decoration and then promoted to giant helmet wed wear when we were drunk. Then was dubbed ledfoot from making up back stories about him. He has a big metal foot that he kicks people with, saves the day, kicks ass, serious ass, and that’s where we are at right now with him. Led foot action figures coming soon. hahahhaha

Its not so much killing than it is more of kicking in the shins. He’s a full on shin kicker. That’s how he rolls.

How did you get picked up by Noiseart?

Rock the nation contest. We had lots of cyber sex previously as well..we just hit it off.. hahaha

How many Banzai vinyl albums do you have?

Almost as many as cigarette butts on my balcony…7 million… I usually smoke about 16,000 packs a day and crank about 4 million albums a day as well… time machine style. hahah

Any last words?


Wait no, I’ll go with…






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