Thrash Metal Old School Style: Degradation Delivers Juggernaut

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Old school thrash metal that is dynamically composed and injected with maximum groove, Juggernaut from Chicago thrashers DEGRADATION delivers the goods with authenticity and conviction. This is as real as it gets, folks.Check out a Degradation documentary at this location.A Necessary Evil

The Reckoning
Rise to Fall
Trail of Sin
Executioner… Slayer of the Light (The Crown Cover)
Thrill of the Kill


Degradation, a metal/thrash outfit from Chicago, embodies the raw aggression of old school thrash along with technically driven song writing and addictive grooves Degradation strives to set a new level in the heavy metal world with its strong emphasis on live sound, quality recording, high energy shows, and every note sounding “tight.” Degradation is looking for support from a label to assist in taking their music to a wider market. The band is also looking for management to help with CD distribution, shows, and getting their music into compilation CD’s, movies and video games. Degradation is working to be anywhere and everywhere.


The founding members, guitarist /vocalist Alex Manske, guitarist Mike Hartman, and drummer Joe Manske, established the band in 2001. In 2007, the band produced their 4 song EP, Unleashed, which led them to be featured in the May 2008 issue of Metal Edge magazine and the November 2008 issue of Metal Maniacs magazine. Shortly after, the band had their television debut on Tattoo Factory TV. 2009 brought the addition of Bass player Steve Holy to the lineup. Returning to the studio in 2010, Degradation recorded their debut album Juggernaut, working with producers Jonathan Clardy of Progression Productions and Dan Precision of Bombshelter Chicago. The eight song album encompasses the dedication, determination and raw power the band thrives on. Reviews of the album have described it as “A must have if you are into the genre of thrash metal and like to bang your head.” “The energy and the passion is everywhere!” “They promise to keep your head banging. I’m listening to this album for almost two days all the time!!” In 2011, the band was featured in a two-hour special on WXAV radio. Degradation’s music can be purchased and heard on iTunes, Amazon, Napster, Rhapsody, CDbaby, Reverbnation, Facebook, Myspace, Purevolume, Isound, Youtube, and may soon be available at Best Buy.


Degradation has played many clubs across Chicago and Indiana with national and international acts such as Death Angel, Sabbat, Macabre, Bonded by Blood, Exmortus and Diamond Plate. As reviewed by Joel N. of, “Degradation is…young, hungry, eager to please and technically talented…a good start to a show headlined by Bay Area thrash veterans.” Constantly working, Degradation has been broadening their range of listeners by opening for touring acts and distributing music through internet sites, magazines, compilation CDs, TV shows, radio play, and good old fashioned word of mouth.


The band’s live shows are intense, energetic, and leave you screaming for more. Charismatic and experienced musicians, this passionate band draws listeners, young and old alike, not only through their music, but also through their magnetic connection with the crowd. “No discrimination, just determination, devastation, punishment and destruction of all! Never stopping, never stalling, no controlling, it’s time to die!”

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