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Traditional heavy metal rockers CARELESS have made available for their fans a metallic version of Christmas classic “What Child is This?” in video and MP3 formats. The original cover dates back to the mid-eighties. In late 2009 Careless redid the cover and created the video. An MP3 is available as a show of appreciation for their fans’ support. You can find out more by visiting and clicking on the video tab.


Out of Control
As Time Passes…
Blackened Walls of Freedom
Against Stupidity
Between the Mayhem
The Gods Themselves
Contend in Vein

Song 9

Upon first consideration, the name Careless would be an odd choice for the name of a rock band. Why would anyone want to be thought of as negligent, hap-hazard or ill considered? As it relates to this band, the term means none of those things. In this context, Careless is a good thing. Careless means moving forward with a regard for what has come before it, but in the same breath, not being defined by it. Careless means movement in a single minded fashion, where the only goal is to create music that is an accurate extension of the musician’s values, personal beliefs and aesthetic tastes. Careless means …being free!
Let’s start from the beginning. In the early 80’s two of the band members, Walt Kosar and James Collins initially met while attending college in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Both were music majors and they became fast friends. They had an appetite for the music of the Canadian power-trio Rush along with New Wave of British Heavy Metal innovators Iron Maiden. They also were fans of Seattle based quintet Queensryche’s euro-metal sensibilities and of course, the late great Ronnie James Dio. Kosar was studying guitar and Collins percussion so it wasn’t long before the two made their first foray into writing some original music and recording it. These initial songs, “Curtains,” “Boundaries” and “D.F.M.” although composed early in the bands development, already displayed traits of what would become hall marks of the Careless sound. Crisp and well thought out song structure, powerful, soaring vocals (provided by Collins, an equally talented vocalist as he is a drummer) and blistering guitar work. Bassist Nolan Ayres, a high school friend of Kosar’s was recruited to work on these initial tracks. These were recorded on a Tascam 234 4 track cassette machine, which at the time was considered pretty technologically hip, as home recording gear went. On the strength of these initial recordings, the band decided to continue writing to hone their craft with songs such as “Out of Control” and “Blackened Walls of Freedom”. For a variety of reasons, the group ultimately disbanded. Kosar finished music school, went to work in a non-musical field and continued to write, record and perform music. Collins decided to travel the country playing music, and Ayres took a job in the private sector and continued playing bass on the side.
The members of Careless had lost touch with each other over the years and moved to different geographic regions. However, technology being what it is, it didn’t take Kosar long to get in contact with his old band mates in 2008 after tracking them down on the internet. After some discussion, it was decided to revisit the old material and supplement it with some new songs (“Against Stupidity,” “The Gods Themselves,” “Contend In Vein,” “Song 9” and three Solo Instrumentals) to be packaged into one solid body of work entitled “Coalition.” Prior to this point, Collins, Kosar and Ayres have been in numerous cover bands, original bands, jazz bands, polka bands (just kidding) . . . you get the picture. The reason I’m noting this is because there is a synergy when these three guys play together. Call it what you want. Chemistry, some bizarre connection due to being raised in the same locality or having the commonality of the same musical influences. I don’t know what it is, but it’s there . . . and it’s on record. I’m starting to feel like Marty DiBergi in “This is Spinal Tap.” “Enough of my yakkin’.” Listen to the music. If you love melodic, high energy, hard rock performed by musicians that can play their instruments, you’re gonna dig Careless.


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