Helstar’s Guitarist Larry Barragan Interview

Helstar’s Guitarist Larry Barragan Interview

Interview by Noel Wesley

Photography by Jo Blackened 

Altercarnated Photography


It was during their gig at The Purple Turtle that we managed to grab a few minutes with Larry Barragan of Helstar!

Noel: Hi Larry, welcome!  The history of the band has been well documented in magazines and on the net but where does the Band stand now?

Larry: Thank you. We’re supporting Glory of Chaos, the last album. It’s probably the last tour for that album, we’ll go home I think we have a show in Chicago and we’re opening up for Saxon back home…

Noel: COOL!!!!

Larry:YEAH!!!…and then I think we’re gonna start writing another one. So we’re quite active! we’re not just gonna sit around.  James is busy with his projects and we kind take it as a blessing like :’He’s busy, so we have time to write’ I think that’s probably what we’re gonna end up doing.

Noel: Do you have a subject matter in mind?

James: no not really..

Noel: You had Nosferatu and we know where that came from….

Larry: James kinda wanted to do a continuation of the last song on Glory of Chaos: ‘Zero One’ the end of the beginning, so a continuation of that but we’ll see. I write a lot of the lyrics and he writes a lot too we kinda split it up but I write about whatever grabs me at he time, yeah it’s kind hard for me to put my finger on it and say, "Well, the next album is gonna be like this.." I haven’t really even started writing music for it yet.

Noel: What other projects have you been involved with?

Larry: I’m in a tribute band with James, ‘Sabbath Judas Sabbath’, he’s got different Chapters of it East coast and West coast and I’m in the Southern Chapter of the US, actually he’s talked about me to come over and do the European version of that…

Maybe, I don’t know yet I have been asked to do the southern part of the tour for Seven Witches with Mike Lepond, but that kind of fell apart so I’ll think whenever they get it together I’ll probably go on tour for Seven Witches.

Noel: I know that it’s the first time in the UK for the band but have you or any other members been to the UK before with other bands?

Larry: No it’s the first time for everybody!! So it’s been along time coming, so it’s special.

Man! We fought so hard to get here, we got held up at the French Border and we missed the ferry it took us hours to get here. But I never felt like it wasn’t gonna happen, everyone else was like "arggh!!! God are we even gonna make it??"  I just knew that we’d pull it off.

So we took the Eurostar and here we are!!!


Noel: So what are you doing after this show?

Larry: We go over to Europe for the Occult-Fest, one in Greece, one show in Italy in Milan, we got a few shows to go.

Noel: Anywhere in Scandinavia?

I have alot of friends over there and they’ve been asking…..

Larry: No, not as yet.

It’s a real short two week tour, it came together real quick.  We were only supposed to play the Alcatraz Fest but then everybody went: "Oh lets play here and lets play this one".  Then we were gonna do that show with Forbidden as the Dynamo, but then Mark left that fell apart so…

Noel: You guys have been around since day one in the Thrash scene…

Larry: Yeah, since ’82!!!

Noel: What do you think about the New Wave of Trash with these younger bands coming up compared to what you guys did back in the day?

Larry: I thinks it’s cool, but I don’t think some bands understand it, they understand it technically but not in their heart, they can’t be Exodus overnight. So bands like us who have done it for a long time, now we’re very well seasoned musicians and have a good idea of how to write what makes a song heavy, what gets you moving or whatever. They may have a little ways to catch up but it’s not impossible but I do listen to alot of bands and think "Yeah, that cool, I like that!"

Noel: Anybody in Particular who have caught your eye or your ear?

Larry: Umm, Sacrifice, err ummm I wish I had my i-pod hahahaha! The cats from around here… Gamma Bomb, yeah like them.

Noel: The one Thrash band everybody has been talking about is Municipal Waste.

Larry: I like them too, but I tend to like the older cats, like Exodus. The two albums, ahh man the guitar sound was awesome I actually also like the last Metallica album but I didn’t care for the guitar sound but I liked the songs. I wish I could have gone in there and said "God, lets go back to ’82 and crank it up a bit!"  Over all it’s a really bad ass album. The last Testament album was great!!

Noel: I think they’re touring soon..

Larry: I hope so!!!!

Noel: Any Plans for a live DVD?

Larry: Yeah I think they may take this on the camcorder.

Noel: So what drives you nowadays?

Larry: We love touring and playing live, being on the road.  It’s worth all the travelling and waiting at borders just to play for an hour and do it all again.

[Knock on the door signals the end of interview.]

Noel: Well, thank you very much for your time Larry and have a great show.

Larry: Thank you, maybe if you guys are around after the show we can have a few beers?

Noel: Hell yeah!!!!

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