HATE @ The Underworld, Camden

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Erebos European Tour

Hate, Vesania, Negură Bunget and Inferi

@ The Underworld, Camden

Sunday 18th September 2011

Review by Jo Blackened

Photography by Michelle Murphy

 Camden at first seemed pretty quiet, with only a small queue forming outside Camden Underworld, but seeing as this is a Sunday night it’s no surprise really!


The doors opened on time tonight; with the first band Inferi taking to the stage!

I’ve heard of this Melodic Death Metal band but I’ve not seen them live before and I seeing them I wasn’t disappointed. To be honest, the sound wasn’t great, but this was probably the venues fault as the band gave good effort on stage and kept their energy up throughout their set.

This was a good start to the night but they did seem to lack charisma in the beginning of their set but they definitely picked up towards the end with the crowd warming to them and getting a good response, I would definitely check them out again in the future.

It was stated on the flyers that Negura Bunget where on next, but after a short break it was Vesania who took to the stage!

This Polish symphonic black metal band is made up of Orion (Behemoth), Daray (Dimmu Borgir) and Heinrich (Decapitated) and to say they have great stage presence would be an understatement!

Bursting onto stage in full make-up and energy that easily kept the crowd under control; especially with no security at the Underworld, there are often members of the crowd climbing on stage!

With vocalist Orion enjoying every moment on stage and talking to the crowd throughout their set, looking at every fan before him stating ‘None of you out there, know the true meaning of EVIL’, and ending with an evil grin, before screaming into the next song!

It was at this point the crowd could no longer control themselves and began jumping on stage and singing along to one of their most infamous tracks including; God the Lux, Rage of Reason & Hell for Children. They were for the most part… absolutely amazing!

Seriously, these guys are incredible live and a band that needs to be experienced!

It wasn’t long until a change in mood and slight music genre when seeing Nugura Bunget’s equipment being brought on stage which included a large drum kit and some interesting additional drums and xylophone.

I have waited along time to see these guys perform live as they are in fact one of my favourite bands of all time, so I was slightly excited when they came on stage, especially as I had missed them last time they were in the UK.

This band is all about atmosphere, with their long intros and deep voices and sounds, with a lot of the crowd here tonight attending just to see them live!

I was quite surprised some of my friends standing with me hadn’t even heard of them and on the first time hearing them weren’t too sure what to make of them.

They do have an unique sound and they remind me very much of another favourite band of mine; Dead Can Dance, but just a black metal version and bands like this need a longer set so the audience are given time to get immersed in the atmosphere and the darkness of this band.

I myself personally loved their set, they are a band that needs to be felt and experienced live!

Finally the headliners of tonight came on were HATE.

By the time these guys came on stage the venue was totally packed out and it was no surprise there were no tickets left to sell!

These Polish death metallers know how to put on a great show and no surprise really considering they formed back in 1990.

With a great stage image and their infamous synchronising headbanging, the room was full with everyone headbanging with them and metal horns high in the air!

Funny enough, despite these guys being around since 1990, they have only really gained proper coverage from their releases ‘Morphosis’ and their latest release ‘Erebos’, hense the tour, but these guys deserved it as their performance was outstanding!

With a great set, high energy and so much enthusiasm it was no surprise I wasn’t the only one disappointed that the night had come to an end but what a great night!

Filled with darkness and pure demonic black metal…this is the way every week should end…well in my opinion anyway m/

If you don’t know these bands I strongly recommend checking them out immediately!