SuperCharger, Hardcore Superstar, Entombed at Malmoe Festivalen 2011, Malmoe Sweden

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Supercharger – Lilla Sydsvenskan Stage

Hardcore Superstar – Headline Stora Sydsvenskan Stage

Entombed – Lilla Sydsenskan Stage


The Malmoe Festival



20/8 – 2011

Review and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall


The Malmoe festival is held in downtown Malmoe and it’s free to visit the festival and see all the shows. The festival is held every year in August and it includes performances by various acts both native and foreign, theater, exhibitions, various activities for kids and food from all over the world. There are a bunch of stages placed everywhere in the city that is dedicated to all kinds of music genres. There is the blues-stage, the swing-stage, the 60’s stage and world stage etc. The biggest stage and where the biggest acts are playing is located at the Grand Square in the middle of the town and the place where the hardrock night took place this year is called Posthusplatsen where two stages was located. The festival goes on for a week and during that week is the town invaded by tourists from everywhere in the world and of course the citizens of Malmoe. The hardrock-evening was arranged together with the commercial radio station Bandit Rock and featured artists that appealed me was the Danish act Supercharger, the kings of sleaze/party hardrock Hardcore Superstar and the inventors of old school death metal Entombed.


Posthusplatsen is situated right behind the newly renovated Central Station and last year the weather was so bad that the two stages almost blew away and the shows was either canceled or relocated to other stages. The band was scheduled to play for one hour each with Supercharger as the first band out at 10 o clock. The big question was how to manage to get to the shows in time, the stages were luckily placed pretty close to each other. Other acts that performed during the day was Visa from USA and Dead By April from Sweden. A tivoli was placed besides the entrance and the first thing that I met was the smaller stage called Lilla Sydsvenskan. Besides the area is a channel situated that floats into the sea and besides the channel lied the beer tent so you could see both stages if you sat outside the beer tent. People had already gathered when I came to the area and first out was Supercharger. The band released their second album THAT’S HOW WE ROLL earlier this year and the first single out from the album was “Are You Satisfied”. The band has also got a song featured in the movie The Last Demon Slayer.


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