Machine Head and supports – Helsinki Finland

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Club Circus, Helsinki, Finland

The 6th of November 2011

Review and Photos by Arto Lehtinen

Machine Head have enjoyed massive loyal support in Finland since their first visit back in 1995. Since then, the legendary Bay Area groove metallers have returned to Finland for almost every tour. During the past few years Machine Head have delighted Finnish fans by giving unforgettable shows . Each time the touring packages have been extremely well received by many metal fans. The current package consisted of Devildriver, Darkest Hour and Bring Me The Horizon. The tickets sold like hot cakes. Before the doors were opened, there was a huge line weaving down the street in front of the club. Even some passersby  by wondered what people were standing in line for. Some fans had arrived several hours before the gig even started.

Before Machine Head got on the stage to unleash the aesthetics of hate, the opening bands warmed up the crowd. The gig was kicked off by Darkest Hour. The five piece offered a 30 minute set of  solid metalcore. Darkest Hour is rather an unknown act up here in Finland, therefore people were mostly following politely the band’s activity on the stage. The group sounded tight, but also mediocre.

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The roadie break was quite short and Devildriver went on stage on time. Their front-man, Dez, is known for his extremely relentless and passionate character encouraging the audience to go utterly beserk. Unfortunately, the sounds were quite horrible when the bass and drums literally rolled over the guitars and vocals. Where was the mixer then? The floor was literally burning up when the kids started their mandatory running like they were trying to keep fit  by running the circle like in some gym. The circle running looked very lame, like running on a track. The old mosh pits should be brought back or these kids should be educated a bit. Anyway Devildriver deserve a gig of their own in Finland as the band’s success is definitely huge. Unfortunately the terrible sound and shot playing time set limitations on the gig and obviously the band wasn’t in that fiery feeling on the stage either.

End Of The Line

Head on to Heartache (Let Them Rot)

Dead To Rights

You Make Me Sick

Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Impending Disaster

I Could Care Less

Clouds Over California



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Obviously the audience had divided to two different camps. Most of people had arrived to witness both DevilDriver and Machine Head whereas another half of the audience were more eager to see the metalcore band Bring Me The Horizon. There was a massive changeover on the floor when BMTH got on the stage. The whole five piece turned out to be another extreme relentless outfit on the stage. Above all the vocalist turned out to be really hyperactive. The whole band is known for their extreme restless and wild to the bone on stage presence. Above all, the singer moved and jumped all around the stage and encouraged the audience go insane.  Some lucky lady from the audience appeared to be in heaven by having a chance to scream the duet with the BMTH singer. The end of the gig of Bring Me The Horizon ended up with a fight between the band and an audience member. Obviously the band got provoked by someone from the audience when the guitarist handed his guitar to the roadie and rushed to the audience, beating someone in attendance. In the wake of this, the guitarist and the singer joined with the mic as a weapon to beat someone. After all the mixer pulled the plugs, but the band continued one song with stage sounds.

A clip of the fight can be seen online here.


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The “Machine Fucking Head” shouts were echoing during the whole night. The floor was entirely packed when the opening riffs of “I am Hell (Sonata In C#)” literally caused an utter ballistic reaction amongst the Finnish crowd. The set list consisted of plenty of new songs picked up from the latest album UNTO THE LOCUST. For obvious reasons the older and especially mandatory song were a part of the set such as “Old” and “Ten Ton Hammer”. Even though people had been running like maniacs on the floor for each band, that didn’t prevent them from causing a massive looking circle pit and wall-of-deaths. Even though other bands suffered from terrible sound, the sound was bulldozing brutal and sharp for Machine Head. The four piece did a strong gig as usual. The evil twin axes of the guitarists of Machine Head (Demmel-Flynn) is the essential part of the sound of Machine Head. The guys’ playing crowned the whole blood sweat show. Dave McClaine’s drumming and Adam Duce on the bass brought their own input to the groove approach of the sound of Machine Head. Although the band doesn’t offer that groundbreaking turmoil, but they came and once again conquered by tearing the whole place down and proved being one of the greatest and asskicking live bands around.  Wishful thinking of seeing Machine Head at some of Finnish metal festivals. 

I Am Hell (Sonata in C#)

Be Still and Know


Beautiful Mourning

The Blood, the Sweat, the Tears


This Is the End

Aesthetics of Hate


Darkness Within


Ten Ton Hammer




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