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Ravage, the heavy metal band from Boston MA has issued an update on the band’s upcoming November 16th show at Church in Boston, MA to promote the band’s collection of new music. (Full text of the update is available at this location www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=10150447684326280) The venue has been forced to change the format of the show to an age restricted 21+ show. Singer Al Ravage commented, “Unfortunately, certain powers have aligned against us (as usual) and even though the show will go on as scheduled, the club has been forced to change it to a 21+ age format in the last minute. This is the work of the [expletive] in the Boston local government who have sought to squelch any decent form of live entertainment in the city limits for as long as I can recall. Apparently those [expletive] have won again and we have been forced to refund tickets and turn away fans who have long awaited the chance to see the band. I promise that this victory on the part of [expletive], puritanical governmental tyranny will be fleeting and we will put together an event that allows everyone in the area to experience the live metal madness regardless of age.”

The November 16th event will go on as scheduled with a special appearance from Howl.

In addition, the band has offered details on the format of the upcoming release. The band will release a collection of live videos and audio demos exclusively to youtube on November 16th which will be entitled “15 Years Underground”. A link will be posted on the band’s facebook page www.facebook.com/ravagetheearth and will contain a preview of the forthcoming 6 song, self-produced EP “Enter The Outbreak” – which the band is currently completing at their studio in Malden, MA. This EP will be released in full on November 24th, the anniversary of Ravage’s first live show in 1996 and the track listing is as follows.

Enter The Outbreak EP
1. The Mouth Of Pain
2. Enter The Outbreak
3. Talons In The Heart
4. Ravage Part 1: Damage
5. The Demon Core
6. By My Hand ( Twisted Tower Dire cover song in tribute to Tony Taylor )

The EP will also be available in a digital-only format. Ravage’s singer explained, “People who attend the CD release will receive a CD copy of one of the new songs, which they can feel free to upload to the web and share with friends. Embrace technology people! Recorded music is available free now, that is just the way it is. That is not to say we won’t offer products and merchandise in the future, and you will be able to purchase the new tracks on music download websites soon. But in general, I think it is silly to charge money for music in a digital format because you can generally find it for free on a download or stream it free. I won’t mind at all if people want to send donations to the band to support us, and of course we’ll have t-shirts etc, but music is free now, viva la revolution! That is the end of that rant.”
According to the update, the EP will initially be made available as a free streaming YouTube exclusive and will be downloadable through other venues – iTunes etc but will also not be issued in a hard-copy format.

Contact swwrproductions@gmail.com
RAVAGE – www.facebook.com/ravagetheearth

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