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Bloodstock 2011: [Sunday]

Getting up this morning may have been quite painful but I can’t think of a better way to start the day than with 1349!

I have to admit these guys are one of my favourite bands, so I was more than happy starting my day, seeing these Black Metal guys from Norway! Coming on stage in full black metal clothing and corpse make up, these guys know about stage presence!

Unfortunately due to technical problems vocalist ‘Ravn’ lost sound on his microphone, but him and the other members held it together well, until he was able to get a replacement mic, you could see his frustration but he made up singing his vocals with a strong brutal sound!

Their set was awesome and went by fast, they played so well and showed their years of gigging experience, I’m not sure this was the right time of day for these guys to go on, but they did well and played to a reasonable sized crowd.

I look forward to seeing these guys again when they return to Europe at the end of the year!

1349 Setlist:

Riders of the Apocalypse/I Am Abomination/Chasing Dragons/Serpentine Sibilance/When I Was Flesh/Sculptor of Flesh/Atomic Chapel

If 1349 weren’t enough to wake anyone up then NAPALM DEATH certainly were!

Before entering the photo pit, another photographer started chatting to me and asked if I had shot these guys before, to which I replied…’Nope’ and he laughed and said ‘Good Luck then, cause these guys don’t stand still for a minute!’, and he wasn’t wrong!

Being in the Grindcore Metal genre I was surprised to see how many fans were here to watch them today, then I realised they are local boys as vocalist Mark ‘Barney’ Greenway screamed out ‘For those looking non-plussed by the noise attack, we are Napalm Death and we are from Birmingham!’, to which the crowd replied by an immense cheer!

I had no idea they had such a strong following, everyone was buzzing about them and was so excited seeing them play!

As they began to play I realised these guys are just totally insane onstage!

With all the members showing such energy and craziness onstage with Mark ‘Barney’ Greenway looking like he was constantly being chased by a bee! It was amusing to watch and he had no problem expressing his views regarding Anti-War, stating how pointless it is and it’s only us as a society who suffer and included this whilst performing ‘On The Brink of Extinction’ and then stating how pointless Religion was too and everything should be down to scientific fact!

But regardless of their views, to which some of the crowd agreed, where others weren’t too sure, there was no doubt these guys were truly amazing and really set the standard today, with them being a highlight for myself and most of the crowd here today!

Napalm Death Setlist:

Strong Arm / Unchallenged Hate / Continuing War On Stupidity / Next On The List / When All Is Said & Done / Lucid Fairytale / Social Sterility / Diktat / Lowlife / On The Brink Of Extinction / Scum / Life? / Control / M.A.D. / You Suffer / Nazi Punks F**k Off / Suffer The Children / Instinct Of Survival

Next on stage were  HAMMERFALL!

These guys entered the stage to a great intro and with great energy! The crowd weren’t as full as the previous band but the fans that did come to watch these guys showed much love and enthusiasm for this power metal band!

Playing tracks from their latest album ‘Infected’ these guys were really impressive on stage, with fantastic stage presence, it was no wonder their 45minute set went by fast.

These guys really showed us some intense power metal madness until they slowed things down abit with a calmer energy, but I have to say after only hearing these guys studio albums I was surprised how amazing they sounded live and showed just how strong and powerful Joacim Cans Vocals really are, hitting every note perfectly, every time!

The fans seemed happy with their set, especially as they played some old skool tracks. It’s been 14 years since their debut album and Joacim shouted to the crowd ‘You’re never too old for Metal!’ with the audience cheering they went into the track ‘Hammerfall’ which got a great response!

These guys were really amazing to watch live and definitely not a band to have been missed today!

Hammerfall Setlist:

Patient Zero/Any Means Necessary/B.Y.H./Blood Bound/Last Man Standing/HammerFall/Bang Your Head/(Quiet Riot cover)/One More Time/Hearts on Fire/Let the Hammer Fall

Seeing as I had some time before another Main Stage act came on, I thought I’d go check out the NewBlood Stage to see local London Band TALANAS!

It’s obvious we here at Metal-Rules UK are a big fan of these guys, having recently interviewed them and covering their album release ‘The Waspkeeper’ and it was no surprise seeing the guys looking sharp in their suits as they made their way to the stage! With the rest of us looking like we’ve been sleeping in a field for the last few days it was clear to see ‘Hal Sinden’ nicely moisturized (don’t ask) and looking like they had just stepped out of a 5 star hotel.

This for me was my first time seeing them perform live and I was really looking forward to their set and seeing the crowd filling the tent it was clear these guys had a strong fan base here today, even with vocalist Hal looking shocked but immensely happy about this!

These guys are so funny and entertaining on stage, that as Vocalist Hal was about to take to the mic he soon realised that Joe Butterworth (drums) was having some tech issues, which seems to be quite an occurrence at BOA this year! But this didn’t stop Hal taking to the mic anyway to entertain us all with his comedy act, which was hysterical, keeping everyone entertained that it was actually a shame they sorted out their tech issue and were ready to play!

Taking to the mic they played songs from their latest EP and Album release and after the first two songs Hal commenting how happy he was with everyone here today supporting them and was shocked that not only did they have so many people supporting them, the crowd weren’t just screaming but actually knew their songs word-for-word and were happily singing along.

These guys are amazing live and I’m so happy they have come along way in such a short amount of time, which is no surprise really given their musical background.

These are really lovely guys and they seemed genuinely happy to be playing here today and were thankful for everyone who came to show their support, if you don’t know Talanas then I strongly recommend that you do…immediately!

Enjoying Talanas so much made me lose track of time so I had a mad dash back to the Main Stage to see AT THE GATES!

These guys hit the stage without showing much energy at first, commenting on how surprised they were being in England and it was actually nice and sunny and not raining! It was only an hour or so after saying that, it decided to rain, but was only a light shower!

The guys looked very relaxed on stage and seemed to enjoy playing their set which consisted of a lot of their old material with guitarist Martin Larsson smiling happily throughout their set!

I liked watching these Melodic Death Metal band from Sweden,  but I have to say they didn’t seem to play as well as I thought they would, with a less enthusiastic crowd following.

Despite loving this band for many years I really didn’t feel their energy or excitement today and just felt there was something missing.

Saying that, they did pick up towards the end of their set, showing more energy but after they finished I did hear a few fans saying they were ‘unimpressed’ which I thought was a shame, especially a lot of people seemed to be excited seeing them today.

At The Gates Setlist:

Slaughter of the Soul/Cold/The Swarm/Terminal Spirit Disease/Suicide Nation/Raped By the Light of Christ/ Under a Serpent Sun/ Windows/World of Lies/Unto Others/The Burning Darkness/Nausea/Need/Blinded By Fear/Kingdom Gone

With a slight dinner break & a few drinks sneaked in, it wasn’t long until MORBID ANGEL took to the Main Stage!

These guys have been around forever and it was clear from the start these guys weren’t messing about tonight!

As soon as these guys took to the stage you could feel the strong commanding stage presence which was strong from these guys!

From their performance to their outfits, these guys certainly made an effort and showed the crowd what true metal was about, playing some new tracks tonight, they performed in their own unique and traditional style!

I was so happy to be able to finally see them perform live and, despite the lack of enthusiasm of their latest album release it was clear these guys have a strong and loyal fan base.

They played a great set, keeping the energy up throughout their 60 min set with an amazing and astonishing sound, these guys certainly put on a show tonight!

Morbid Angel Setlist:

Immortal Rites/Fall From Grace/Rapture/Maze of Torment/Existo Vulgoré/Nevermore/I Am Morbid/Angel of Disease/Chapel of Ghouls/Where the Slime Live/God of Emptiness

With the energy given by Morbid Angel, the true buzz of tonight was still going on with everyone talking about tonight’s main headliners…. Motörhead!

Again there was the same problem of every photographer being there tonight and all wanting to shoot Motorhead. It was decided we were to be split into groups with us all only shooting one song each with some of us only having less than afew minutes in the photo-pit.

I was one of the photographers who decided to go first and shoot for the smallest amount of time, doing the rest of the photographers a favour really, just hoping to get at least one decent shot…I hardly got that though lol so again I can only apologise for the photo fail here, but it was crazy in the pits and some of us never got a chance!

But anyway… Motörhead!

Again with their performance starting with pyrotechnics, smoke machines we missed their entry on stage from the photo-pit but it was clear from the screams coming from the crowds these guys were highly anticipated and greatly received!

It felt I was in the pit for only a second with Lemmy Kilmister standing infront of me, taking to the mic wearing his infamous cowboy hat with his well know distinguished voice roaring from the stage, that I realised it was at this moment I was meant to be taking pics, but unable to find a decent spot I almost gave up and was happy just watching these great Rock’n’roll London legends on stage!

Unfortunately their set did have some strange moments going on, Lemmy sounded unclear and seemed to be slurring more than normal as he struggled with the lyrics to the tracks, which followed by some unexplained band absences from the stage, drummer Mikkey Dee.

It was a shame to see Lemmy struggle so much tonight, but maybe time has caught up with these guys and they are just showing their age.

But Lemmy seemed in good spirits tonight by speaking to the crowd ‘And now it’s time to be an ace for you’ before opening to the well known track ‘Ace of Spades’!

Cutting their 90mins set by 20mins short with no encore, they seemed to disappoint the crowd tonight with some people deciding to leave and go home early instead of waiting for the morning.

It was a shame these guys didn’t get the reaction they deserved and some of the fans were left disappointed but either way I was still felt privileged to have seen them perform tonight and it was still a great way of spending an evening!

Motörhead Setlist:

Iron First / Stay Clean / Get Back In Line / Metropolis / Over The Top / One Night Stand / Rock Out / The Thousand Names Of God / I Know How To Die / The Chase Is Better Than The Catch / In The Name Of Tragedy / Just ‘Cos You Got The Power / Going To Brazil / Killed By Death / Ace Of Spades

Well what can I say about my first experience to Bloodstock, except for the fact that it was epically awesome!
The atmosphere from the crowd in the camp site is worth going just for that, it’s such a friendly place with everyone in great fun spirits, dressing up, great entertainment, comedy and some great stalls, it was worth the 135 mile drive!

Despite there being some strange incidents at Bloodstock this year, including Motörhead’s performance and when ‘Primordial’s’ Alan ‘Nemtheanga’ Averill suddenly lost his voice, with no known cause whilst half way through his set on Sunday with the crowd having to sing the rest of the song for him and the weather going from hot and sunny to cold and rainy, it was a very successful weekend for all!

This is one festival which is worth the £105 price tag, with the option of paying double & going VIP, where you have access to the VIP bar but not the Media tent!

Bloodstock will always hold fond memories and I’m already counting down the days to next year!

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