Getaway Rock Festival 2011 at Gasklockorna in Gavle, Sweden

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Getaway Rock Festival 2011

Day 3



The last day of the festival began at 13.00 with the band Blindside on the Bandit Stage. Our plans was to see The Poodles at 13.30 so after having a late breakfast and lounging for a bit in the sun outside our tent was we ready to head over to the festival and the last day of the great Getaway Rock Festival. The third day also clashed with the Sonisphere Festival that was held in the capital of Sweden Stockholm. Bands that performed there was Arch Enemy,  Slipknot, Mustasch etc. Too bad that two large festival was booked at the same day.



Not many people had woke up this early during the day and to say that it was crowded on the area was to lie. However had a  few hardcore fans, mostly teenagers, kids and a little older women gathered in front of Monster Energy Stage to see The Poodles. The band has recently released their album PERFORMOCRACY that sounds, to be honest, like the rest of the albums. The Poodles music can be categorized as melodic rock music with catchy refrains that are easy to sing along in.


The Poodles

The members entered the stage to the sound of an intro and as soon as the intro had faded out kicked the show off with the new song “I Want It All” taken from the new album. Band members are:

Jacob Samuel – lead vocals
Henrik Bergqvist – guitar, b-vox
Christian Lundqvist – drums
Pontus Egberg – bass, b-vox

It was a brave crowd that welcomed the band under the hot sun and the show continued on with the song “Seven Seas”. Samuel ran across stage and worked really hard to get the crowd going. Egberg and Bergqvist stood mostly solid put on their spot during the show and did their thing. The fans in the front of the stage sang a long in the song and as soon as the song had ended said Samuel that it was nice to be in Gavle playing and that the band hoped the crowd was doing alright. Samuel said that the next song was going to be “I Rule The Night”. The small crowd seemed to really appreciate the show and the songs and screamed and shouted the entire show through.




The first ballad of the show came in “I Believe In You” which also was taken from the new PERFORMOCRACY. Samuel really showed what an amazing voice he has and that he can take on both the higher notes as well as the notes in the lower register. “Like No Tomorrow” followed instantly and after that was it time to play the new video from the new album in the song “Cuts Like A Knife”. Even though the audience screamed and cheered at their favorite band the fans stood solid and didn’t ran around forming circle pits, but on the other hand how cool is it to form a riot to melodic rock? As soon as Samuel ended the song he ran out from stage and it was time for a few solos. First out was Egberg on a bass solo and then came Bergqvist on a guitar piece. Both of them left stage when they had done their part and left drummer Lundqvist alone on stage while he was doing his solo. His solo was a bit different compared to the regular standard drum solos. He began with asking how everyone was doing and said that it was hard to play while he was wondering what he was going to update on his facebook status with. Everyone who has seen Lundqvist either on stage or on TV knows that he’s quite a joker. Lundqvist kicked off the next song straight after his solo and Samuel came out in a different outfit. Now was it time for the crowd to sing a long in one of the bands biggest hits “Line Of Fire”. This song entered the Eurovision Song Contest over here and originally was the song a collaboration between The Poodles and a Swedish euro-dance legend called E-Type. Luckily wasn’t E-Type on stage in Gavle instead was it Egberg that sang his parts and it worked out much better with Egberg on vocals compared to E-Type.




“Metal Will Stand Tall” followed and Samuel invited the crowd to sing a long in the song. Everyone in the band are really skilled and knows what they’re doing on stage and it can seem odd that they are focus on such a “light” band as The Poodles. The band have entered the Eurovision Music Contest twice(!) and the last song for the day was their big breakthrough song “One Night Of Passion” which they entered the competition with a few years ago. As soon as the song had ended and the band had thanked the fans was the show over and even though we’re not a fan of the band we discovered the 40 minutes had gone by pretty fast.


Set list
I Want It All
Seven Seas
I Rule The Night
I Believe In You
Like No Tomorrow
Cuts Like A Knife
Line Of Fire
Metal Will Stand Tall
One Night Of Passion

Straight after The Poodles was it time for us to see a band we never had expected to see live. It was the re-united Alien that was about to enter the Bandit Stage with their soft 80’s west coast melodic rock music. Alien sure was an unexpected and very varied booking by the organizers and not many people had gathered in front of the stage to see the band. The current line-up is the original one and they only made one album together in ALIEN that came 1988. the band got a huge hit with the soft ballad “Only One Woman” and shortly after that left the singer Jim Jidhed the band and was replaced by singer Pete Sandberg. Alien has currently released a new single and the reason why they are out playing is probably to check out the interest for the band.


“Brave New Love” kicked off the show and Jidhed showed instantly that his voice still is intact. He sounded amazing throughout the show and he was the greatest thing with the show. The line-up of today are:

Toby Tarrack – drums
Ken Sandin – bass
Jim Jidhed – lead vocals
Jimmy Wandorph – keyboards
Tony Borg – guitar

The band had nothing on stage but themselves, no amps or other equipment what so ever. The entire band looked to be really laid back and comfortable on stage and Jidhed joked around with the fans on stage. “Go Easy” followed as well as Ulrikas personal favorite “Tears Don’t Put Out The Fire”. Nothing much happened on stage but music and even though the guys haven’t played together for about 20 years felt the music and the band as solid as ever.





Jidhed let the small crowd sing the chorus to “Only One Woman” and the fans did their best to be heard. As soon as the song was over left a few people the area and to be honest had probably most of the people that attended the show show up only to hear that particular song. “Jamie Remembers” followed with a really great guitar solo in the middle by Borg and then came the song “Feel My Love”. Last song for the afternoon was “I’ve Been Waiting” and as soon as the song was over thanked the band the brave crowd and left stage. The band had 45 minutes to play for but we think that they played shorter than that. Overall was the show pretty good and it was fun to see and hear the old gentlemen on stage performing live again. Maybe Getaway Rock Festival wasn’t the right forum for Alien but the organizers should have credit for having the guts to book them.



Set list
Brave New Love
Go Easy
Tears Don’t Put Out The Fire
Only One Woman
Jaime Remember
Feel My Love
I’ve Been Waiting

The time flew by in a hurry and now was it time for the Swedish hardrockers in Bullet to enter the Monster Energy Stage with their Accept – AC/DC oozing music. The band released HIGHWAY PIRATES earlier this year and we wasn’t impressed at all. To us Bullet is nothing but maybe a tribute band to the two bands mentioned above at best. But we went to see the show open minded and this is what we got.




“Highway Pirates” began the show in a furious pace and everyone except singer Hofer ran around like maniacs on stage. The line- up is:

Hell Hofer – lead vocals
Gustav Hjortsjo – drums
Adam Hector – bass, b-vox
Erik Almström –  guitar, b-vox
Hampus Klang – guitar, b-vox

The audience seemed to be loving the guys and the fans clanged on to the fence like there was no tomorrow. Bullet was one of few bands that had pyro and fire going on, sadly played Bullet in the sunny afternoon but you could see the fire in the sun anyway. A bit wooden sign was placed at the front of the stage where it was written Highway Pirates on. “Back On The Road” followed as well as “Turn It Up Loud” and “Stay Wild”. To be honest wasn’t Hofer’s voice much to brag about instead it was the back-up choirs by the rest of the boys that saved the songs and the same goes for the songs on the album. As soon as “Stay Wild” had faded out disappeared the guys from stage and only Hofer came back with a kings cape on accompanied by the sound of a roaring motorcycle (hello Halford??).



The 2008- song “Roadking” followed after which Hofer introduced the band and Klang made a shorter solo on his flying V guitar. It’s really hard to take this band seriously which is sad because the members are all really skilled musicians. The one who drag down the band is Hofer with his lousy voice. “One Deal With The Devil” continued and Hofer thanked everyone for being there and thanked the festival for letting Bullet come and play there. Hofer said that now it was time for the band to play the song “Knuckleduster” for the first time live and the song was warmly greeted by the fans. As soon as the song ended headed the band of stage but the dedicated fanbase wanted to hear and see more from Bullet so the band returned on stage kicking off the encores “Pay The Price” and their signature song “Bite The Bullet”. After that was their 45 minutes over and the crew began to prepare the stage for next act.




Set list
Highway Pirates
Back On The Road
Turn It Up Loud
Stay Wild
One Deal With The Devil
Pay The Price
Bite The Bullet

We have problems to see in where the greatness in Bullet lies but at least it seemed like the fans loved the show and we guess that what’s counts. The sound and the lighting was great which it had been on all stages throughout all the three days. Sadly this show was a disappointed and together with the Danzig show was this one the low point of the festival. On Bandit Stage was it now time for Adept to enter but we decided to take a break and sit down for a while. It felt like the number of people was lower during the second and third day.

The first day must have drawn the most people but even though many visitors maybe had a little too much to drink we never saw any fights or things like that. It must have been a very calm festival. It’s nice to see that people actually can drink and listen to music without getting into a fight or a disagree. Something that made us wonder was how the organizers could put bands like Nifelhem, Ghost, Graveyard, Marduk, Aura Noir and Vicious Art on the tiny stage inside the house just beside Monster Energy Stage. A lot of people waited in line for several of the bands but never got in. It might be something to think about next year.



After being slightly refreshed was it time for us to once again visit the Monster Energy Stage to see the Swedish punk icons Dia Psalma on their farewell tour. The band rise from the ashes from another early punk band called Strebers. When the drummer in Strebers died in a car crash the rest of the band felt that it was wrong to continue under that name and re-formed themselves as Dia Psalma. It was the singer/guitarist Ulke and bass player Ztikkan that continued the band together with a new drummer. The bands debut album GRYNINGSTID was released at the beginning of the 90’s and manifested the bands statement as one of the most important punk bands in Swedish history. The band sings on Swedish and their latest album came 1995 and the guys decided to quit the year after. In 2006 did the band a few secret shows but decided in March the same year to do the first official show for over 10 years together. Since then has the band played a lot live but have now decided to quite and lay Dia Psalma to rest. This tour is only dedicated to the ground breaking album GRYNINGSTID and they played the album back to back. Along with Alice Cooper must Dia Psalma have drawn the most people during these three days.

Dia Psalma

As soon as the band showed up on stage screamed the large amount of people from the top of their lungs and it sounded really mighty.
The band members are:

Ulke – lead vocals, guitar
Ztikkan – bass, b-vox
Pontus – guitar
Stipen –  drums

The first song on GRYNINSTID is called “Alla Älskar Dig (Everybody Loves You)” and that song was also the first song for the evening. The show didn’t start so well and Ulke had some technical problems that was hard to solve. “Mamma (Mother)” continued and the fans at the front of the stage went crazy and sang a long with Ulke during most of the songs. There was no doubt that the band still are as loved as ever and longed for by the fans. Their critical lyrics towards the society are as relevant today as they were back in the days when they was written. And most of the songs stands as strong today as they did before. The band stood solid on their spot doing their thing and nothing more was needed from them because the fans adored the band anyway.




Ulke thanked everyone for being there and supporting the band however was the band disturbed by the technical mishaps that took place during the show. The songs from the groundbreaking album continued and the audience seemed to be loving every minute of the show. When the ordinary playtime was over shouted the audience for more and the band came back in and did encores. The band played two songs from the album “Efter Allt” (After All)  from 1995. With the songs “Vi Svartnar” and “Luft”  60 minutes ran by in a speed of light and the only negative thing with the show was Ulke’s voice that ran out of breath as the show proceeded.




Set list
Alla Älskar Dig
Hon Får
Tro Rätt, Tro Fel
Den Som Spar
Kalla Sinnen
Gryningsvisa I D-Moll
Sol Över Oss
Vi Svartnar

It was great fun for both of us to once again see the old punk heroes in Dia Psalma. And it was nice to hear the amazing album GRYNINGSTID from beginning to end and we think that the band did the right thing to end their career with playing the entire album. Even though the band had technical problems was this one of the highlights of the festival for Anders. After having hearing a bit of Swedish punk it was time to see and hear one of Sweden’s most prominent death  metal acts in Entombed. Unfortunately was Entombed playing against another death metal act in Nifelheim that played inside the house on the small stage (the ex-Entombed drummer Peter Stjärnvind now plays with this band). We wonder how the organizers thoughts went when they put the two similar acts towards each other.

I mean, if you’re a fan of Entombed you probably also a fan of Nifelheim. We decided to check out Entombed and it was going to be fun to see how Nico Elgstrand who normally plays bass was going to handle the guitar now that the bass player Victor Brandt have joined the band. (-Anders: I saw the new line up when they played in Copenhagen early this year).

The band haven’t released an album since the 2007 year SERPENT SAINTS – THE TEN AMENDMENTS and we think that its about time that the band head over into the studio and record a new opus.



Maybe it wasn’t the best possible weather for playing death metal music. The sun poured down from a clear blur sky and Petrov had the sun in his eyes when he introduced the first song “Eyemaster” for the anxious crowd. A circle pit formed instantly and it continued into the song “Crawl” that was the next song on the set list. Petrov said that he hated the fucking sun and said that he had forgotten his shades. “Serpent Saints” followed and the audience seemed to enjoy the mix of both older and more current songs. Petrov walked around on stage doing his thing during the show and he had a great connection with the fans during the entire playing time. Brandt and Elgstrand helped out Petrov with the connecting with the fans while Hellid mostly stood put on his place.

Band members are:

L.G Petrov – lead vocals
Nico Elgstrand – Guitar
Victor Brandt – bass
Alex Hellid – guitar
Olle Dahlstedt – drums

Petrov asked if the crowd was doing alright and introduced the song “I For An Eye” and Brandt head-banged throughout most of the song and he looked a lot like the old bass player Lasse Rosenberg from time to time. At the end of the song said Petrov that he had sung the wrong line and Hellid said that he had played wrong but that was things that could happen. It looked like Elgstrand really loved to play the bands older songs and it’s great that the band finally have added another guitarist into the band. Entombed’s music needs to have two guitarist because it adds more edgy, heaviness and fierceness to the music. As soon as a new song began the circle pit began and Petrov, who now was really pissed off by the sun, said that only because of the sun he was going to do a The Poodles pose and stood in a really weird position. Everyone in the audience laughed as well as the band.







“When In Sodom”, “The Truth Beyond” and “Stranger Aeons” was songs that was played. We thought that the show was great but one thing that put a lid on the experience was the poor sound that was on Bandit Stage. It sounded like Petrov’s voice was mixed really low for some reason and it was sometimes hard to hear him growl. “Damn Deal Done”, “Chief Rebel Angel” and “Demon” followed before Petrov dedicated the song “Supposed To Rot” to their friends in Nifelheim. “Left Hand Path” and “Revel In Flesh” ended the show and the band had run through 60 minutes fast like hell. As soon as the last note had faded out left the iconic band the stage and the burning sun. The band delivered a rock solid show but what else can be expected by the founders of Swedish old school death metal? Entombed are and will always be one of the most respected and skilled death metal acts of all time. Even though the band have leaned towards playing more death’n’roll than clean death metal I (Anders) as an old fan that has been a fan of the band from the very start never get tired of hearing their ground breaking riffs.




Note: Set list is not in order but this is what they played.

Set list
Like This With The Devil
Serpent Saints
I For An Eye
When In Sodom
The Truth Beyond
Stranger Aeons
Damn Deal Done
Chief Rebel Angel
Supposed To Rot
Wolverine Blues
Out Of Hand
Left Hand Path
Revel In Flesh

After having heard groundbreaking Swedish old school death metal it was time to head over to Monster Energy stage to hear some old German heavy metal in Accept. The re-united Accept consists of the original members Wolf Hoffmann and Peter Baltes along with a new singer and the well known drummer Stefan Schwarzmann. The band released their brand new studio album BLOOD OF THE NATIONS earlier this year and performed at Sweden Rock Festival earlier this summer. We would lie if we said that BLOOD OF THE NATIONS are one of the strongest albums of the year but we decided to put all the doubts aside and give Accept the chance to surprise us, after all have the band done a few of our favorite albums of all times. But the big question was, how would the band sound without Udo? A lot of people had arrived to see the band and the area was pretty crowded. A huge backdrop hung behind the gigantic drumkit  and about 8.30 was it time for the German mean machine to enter stage.




“Teutonic Terror” which is a song from the new album was the first song out for the night and as soon as the band showed up on stage began the fans to scream. Accept 2.0 consists of:

Wolf Hoffmann – guitar
Mark Tormillo – lead vocals
Peter Baltes – bass
Herman Frank – guitar
Stefan Schwarzmann – drums

Tormillo said hello to everyone and said that they were about to play some really good songs for us this evening. “Bucket Of Hate” was the next song up and contrary to on album sounded the new songs actually really good live. Tormillo wanted us to welcome back Frank who had been away for a few gigs because of broken ribs. “Breaker” followed and Hoffmann and Baltes walked to the front of the stage to do their typical twin-guitar thing. “Breaker” opened the gates to the flood of classic songs this band has and the show continued with “Metal Heart”, “Losers And Winners” and “Princess Of The Dawn”. It was obvious that this was Hoffmann’s and Baltes show and as soon as Tormillo had sung his part he walked to the back of the stage just in front of the drums and made space for Hoffman and Baltes to show off at the front of the stage. Tormillo wanted us all to sing a long in “Princess Of The Dawn” which everyone already did.



As soon as that song had ended continued the show with “Aiming High” and “Up To The Limit” and even though Tormillo is not an Udo he did a great job on stage and it felt like everyone in the band had a really good time on stage. The monumental hit “Fast As A Shark” followed and everyone in the crowd danced, screamed and cheered when they heard the intro. Another mega hit ended the show, it was the crowdpleaser “Balls To The Wall” that echoed out on the area and it was the perfect ending of a show that was actually really good. No encores was played but we didn’t mind that at all instead if felt like “Balls To The Wall” was the perfect ending of the show.




Set list
Teutonic Terror
Bucket Full Of Hate
Metal Heart
Losers And Winners
Princess Of The Dawn
Aiming High
Up To The Limit
Fast As A Shark
Balls To The Wall

To our surprise was we more than satisfied with the performance and it’s fun to see that Accept 2.0 actually work pretty good live. The band felt tight and you could see that the guys had a really good time on stage. It was a smart move not to hire a singer that had obvious vocal-similarities with Udo but one that runs his race and do his own thing. Otherwise Accept had felt more like a band that covers their own songs instead of like now feeling like a proper band playing their own classical hits in front of a dedicated crowd. The only thing we opposite against was the short playing time, Accept could easily have headlined the festival instead of only been given 60 minutes to play for.

While Accept played the darkness had settled and while many went over to the Bandit Stage to see Earth Crisis other went over to the food stands, to the beer house or the merch stands to purchase the final items before the festival closed. The last act out and the final headline for the last day was Swedish act Hammerfall.


When we took a closer look at the stage it seemed like Hammerfall was about to give the fans a really special show and we saw a long wire that was drawn all the way from the mixer table to the stage. Johanssons huge drum set was placed in Marshall amps, in fact, the entire stage was covered in amps and behind the drums was of course a gigantic backdrop placed.




The song “Patient Zero” taken from the brand new album INFECTED began the show and sparks and fire flew already from the start. As everyone knows are the band members:

Joakim Cans – lead vocals
Oscar Dronjak – guitar
Anders Johansson –  drums
Pontus Norgren – guitar
Fredrik Larsson – bass

Cans had the young audience in the palm of his hand right from the start and they followed his every move. Right after the song had ended disappeared everyone except Johansson from the stage and motorcycle roar was heard form the speakers and the song “Renegade” kicked off. Cans invited the audience to sing a long in the lyrics and the fanatic crowd sang their lungs out. Norgren had some minor technical problems with his guitar but that was easily solved and the rest of the show ran by smooth for his sake. “Any Means Necessary” was the third song out for the night and fireworks blew off across stage during the song.








Cans welcomed everyone to the show and said that it was nice to be playing in Gavle again and that the band was about to give the audience a show that was something extra ordinary. Another new song in “Bang Your Head” followed and the band sounded really tight and fit together. The only two things that dragged down the show was Cans poor voice, we really think that he are one of the weakest links in the band, as well as the lousy guitar play by Dronjak. The real guitarist in Hammerfall is Norgren and he did a great job during the show. The audience exploded when they heard the first notes to the major hit song “Blood Bound”. Again, rockets and fires blew off and even if we didn’t appreciated the show that much was it fun to see it because of the pyros. Hammerfall was the only band that had brought on pyro and fire except for Bullet but their little show wasn’t near the Hammerfall show. Cans had the audience to sing on commando, to bang their heads and scream whenever he wanted to. Johansson was a rock behind the drums and he is still one of the best drummer in the world. Cans asked if we could see all the marshall amps on stage and everyone in the audience screamed YES. Cans said that they had 54 amps on stage and that they wanted to break the old record that Candlemass had with 40 something amps on stage at Sweden Rock. This is a new record in Sweden with amps on stage.

It would be a lie to say that the area was crowded but yes there were a lot of people that had turned up to see the headline act of the final day of the festival. We guess that it was Alice Cooper that draw the most people during the festival. At the end of “Crimson Thunder” exploded the wire we wrote about earlier and bursts of flames and sparks blew like crazy. It looked really cool but if you have seen the band before you know that they’re fond of pyros and fires. Cans continued with presenting his fellow band members before it was time to play the old classical “Heeding The Call”. It felt like the bands oldest songs worked out the best this night and it was without doubt a “best of” show. The two lifts that was positioned besides the stage began to rise in “The Fire Burns Forever” and large flames came out of them. It was Cans and Dronjak that used the most space on stage and they ran around on stage during almost the entire show. Cans said it was time to head back to the ancient days and announced the 1997 year song “Hammerfall”. That song ended the show and when the guys walked off stage had about 65 minutes passed by.




It only took a few minutes until the members came on stage again to fulfil the needs of the crazy crowd and the first encore out was “One More Time”. It maybe wasn’t the ultimate first encore though because the song is taken from the brand new album but the fans seemed to be happy anyway. Cans said that it felt like one song was missing, a song with the words heart in the title and fired off “Hearts On Fire” with the usual sing a long part from the audience . Cans then thanked for the amazing support and said that everyone who had seen the band before should raise a hand. Cans said that he wanted the fans to end the sentence Let The Hammer…Fall and the crowd went crazy when the realized what song they was about to hear live. That song ended the Hammerfall show and three days of music and sun. The show ended of course with a big blast and fire and sparks and flames. The fireworks most have been seen a few miles away.


Set list
Patient Zero
Any Means Necessary
Blood Bound
Fury Of The Wild
Let’s Get It On
Crimson Thunder
Heeding The Call
Last Man Standing
The Fire Burns Forever
One More Time
Heart’s On Fire
Let The Hammer Fall

The show was like we had expected it to be, a lots of fire and flames and some really catchy songs. Norgren did a great job and he and Johansson was the strongest cards in the deck. The acts that closed the festival was Immortal on the Bandit Stage and Dynazty on the small inside stage. However we didn’t care to stay and listen to any of the act and our final act was Hammerfall. We saw that a lot of people that did like us and left the area after the Hammerfall show.

Well what are the conclusions of this festival? We both thought that the line-up of bands felt stronger last year. This year was the bands on Thursday the best ones however there were of course highlights during the other days as well. We wonder though why the organisers put The Darkness as headline act? The play time for the bands was too short as well. 40,45 and 60 minutes for everyone except for the headlines felt a bit cheap and why start the festival so early as noon? It was nice to have an info sheet where both start and stop time was written but we had wished for a little more precise info on where to find things like the camping and stores and super markets and so on. Signs would also have been nice. We also lacked some meet and greet with the artists, maybe that is something to look into next year? The entrances was too few and too small. The range of various food was not that good and the prices was far too high as well as the prices on alcohol. Besides that we both thought that it was a nice festival with great atmosphere and some great performances. The organisers still have a few things to work on but they are on the right track. The first big name for next year is Manowar so all fans of viking-heavy metal get your ass over there. Getaway Rock Festival sure has potential to become a force to reckon with and compete with Sweden Rock Festival to become one of the largest festivals in Sweden.




Favourite band: Alice Cooper, Hardcore Superstar

Best discovery: Agnostic Front

Highlight: Kreator, the amazing weather

Biggest disappointment: Danzig, the expensive food and the discovery that major parts of the toilets was out of order the second day!!

Last comment: The best thing during the Alien show was the guy in the lime-green Borat-like mankini that showed up in front of the stage. Please come back next year.


Favourite band: Hardcore Superstar, Kreator, Evergrey

Best discovery: Accept, it was a calm festival as last year

Highlight: Monster Magnet, Accept

Biggest disappointment: Danzig, Bullet and guards that don’t answered your questions, expensive food and beer, no Meet & Great at all this year just as last year

Last comment: Nice festival but there are more things to work on before it is all good.



Thanks to the head of the festival Tomas Jernberg at Getaway Rock Festival for help.

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