Getaway Rock Festival 2011 at Gasklockorna in Gavle, Sweden

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Getaway Rock Festival 2011

Day 2





Day 2

When we woke up early Friday in our subtropical tent we found that a lot more tents had been unpacked around us and that a lots of people was already on the move despite the early hour. The sun beamed down from a clear blue sky and we decided to hit the toilets and get ready for breakfast. The festival was about to kick off already at noon but we hadn’t planned to see any band so early so we enjoyed a long breakfast in the sun along with fellow hardrockers. All of the bands had in between 45-60 minutes to play for except the headline acts, Alice Cooper, The Darkness and Hammerfall, that had a playing-time for 90 minutes. The first band for us this Friday was the Finish Sonata Arctica that played in the Monster Energy Stage. We arrived to the festival about one hour early in order to check out the merchandise stands and the metal market. The metal market left a lot more to wish for. It mostly included cd-albums, funny shirts, various clothing, key-chains and jewellery. The food was really expensive and the range of food was nothing to brag about. Well the clock slowly reached Sonata Arctica time and we got ready to go over to the stage.

Sonata Arctica

“Flag In The Ground” kicked off the show and to be honest it wasn’t the smartest move to place Sonata Arctica in broad daylight on the biggest stage. Their music needs to be surrounded with some atmosphere and suits better in a dark and sweaty club not on a sunny festival during the middle of the day. The band are:

Tony Kakko – lead vocals
Elias Viljanen – guitar
Tommy Portimo – drums
Marko Paasikoski – bass
Henrik Klingenberg – keyboards

Kakko thanked everyone on Swedish but said that he’s Swedish was so poor that he instead choose to speak in English. “Blinded No More” and “Paid In Full” followed after which Kakko once again thanked and said that it was great to be playing in Gavle. “Last Drop Falls” continued and the small amount of people that was attending the show felt a bit reluctant towards the band. There were only a few hardcore fans that headbanged at the front of the stage. And we joined the reluctant part of the crowd. Kakko’s voice was below standard and it felt like the band did just another day at the work. Nothing much really happened on stage besides Kakko’s thanks you’s and the Happy Birthday To You we all sang to celebrate Viljanen’s birthday. Songs that then came was “Victoria’s Secret” and “The Last Amazing Grays”. The song that got the crowd going the most was the crowd pleaser “Don’t Say A Word” taken from the album RECKONING NIGHT. The audience closest to the fence sang along in the song with Kakko. The last and final song for the show was “Vodka (Hava Nagila)” and after that walked the guys off stage and 45 minutes had gone by.





Set list
Flag In The Ground
Blinded No More
Paid In Full
Last Drop Falls
Victoria’s Secret
Don’t Say A Word
Vodka Hava Nagila

The Sonata Arctica show felt dull, quite boring and Kakko’s voice wasn’t in order at all. This was just another day at work for the guys and it’s a shame because I(Anders) know that they can a much better job than this. After the show we ran over to Bandit Stage because it was time to check out the NYHC-icons in Agnostic Front. One thing that struck us during the days was the lack of security and other staff personnel. Of course we saw a few security guards here and there and a few from the medical staff but maybe wasn’t the organisers in need of any more staff because it was a really calm and friendly festival over all.

Agnostic Front

The band walked out while the intro ran and everyone in the crowd screamed out their welcome to the band. It felt like Agnostic Front was a very loved band by the Gavle crowd and as soon as the first song “City Streets” kicked off was a circle pit formed. All of the member ran around and jumped like maniacs on stage during the entire show and especially the bass player Gallo was loved by the audience. Members are:

Roger Miret – lead vocals
Vinnie Stigma – guitar
Mike Gallo – bass
Joseph James – guitar
Pokey Mo – drums

It was full speed ahead from the very start just like it should be when it come to music like this and Miret had the crowd in the palm of his hand from the very start. “Dead To Me”, “For My Family” and Friend Or Foe” was songs that was run through as we ll as “The Eliminator”, “Peace” and “Gotta Go”. Miret and the rest of the band looked really happy with the respond from the crowd and from nowhere ran a guy up on stage and stagedived straight into the people at the front of the stage. We was a little worried that he got injured because there were not that many people that could have catch him but a few moments later he got up and brushed the dust of him and continued to jump around.





The sound was really great and no lighting was really acquired when the band played during the sunny hours of the day. “Gotta Go” and “Take Me Back” followed and we couldn’t but be impressed by these legends. You could see that the crowd loved the band and the circle pits continued during the entire show. “A Mi Manera”, “Addiction” and “Police State” continued the show before it was time for the band to say goodbye and thank the fans for an amazing 45 minutes. It was a brilliant move to book Agnostic Front and it was fun to see hardcore music at its best.

After having a heavy dose of hardcore it was time for us to relax our ears with some glam/sleaze metal music from Gothenburg Sweden and we headed the short way over to the Monster Energy Stage to take a look at Hardcore Superstar.

A huge back drop with the cover art from the new album on it was already hanging on stage when we arrived and on each side of the drums was huge speakers placed. It was fun to see that a lot of people had gathered in front of the stage waiting for the band to go on.

(Anders) everything worked a loot smoother in the photopit this year and the organisers had narrowed down the amount of photographers that were aloud to be in the pit which made it a lot more spacious and easy to take pics. The photographers from the big daily newspapers only came when it was time for the bigger bands and the headline acts to play. Well, time moved on fast and suddenly the clock turned 6 and it was time for the biggest glam/sleaze metal act from Sweden to invade Gavle.



Hardcore Superstar

“Sadistic Girls” opened the show and the audience screamed at the top of their lungs when they saw and heard the band on stage. Zino ran around like a whirlwind on stage during the entire show and all of the guys were really eager to be on stage. “Guestlist” followed and the crowd sang a long in most of the song this afternoon. Members are:

Jocke Berg – lead vocals
Martin Sandvik – bass, b-vox
Vic Zino – guitar, b-vox
Adde – drums, b-vox

Berg also hooked up with the people that sat outside the beer house looking at the band. The two songs the band played was taken from the brand new album SPLIT YOUR LIP  and it only took the band two songs to proof why they are the best glam/sleaze metal act in Sweden today and in Europe at the moment. Berg said it was fun to be in Gavle and that he wanted to hear the crowd in front of the stage scream for him and said the same to the people that was hanging out in the beer garden. The fans exploded of joy when the band kicked off the old classic song “Liberation” and everyone sang a long in the song.


Zino ran around on stage during the show and it was fun to see him enjoying him so much on stage and to see him feeling so comfortable on stage. We can imagine that it wasn’t easy to replace such a charismatic guitar player as Silver but Zino has really grown into his role and is now a solid part of the band. All members of the band worked really hard to get the crowd going and drummer Adde at the back also did his fair share in connecting with the audience. He is one of the most funny, charismatic and hard hitting drummer in the world and it’s always funny to see him in action. Berg asked if the crowd felt tired and everyone shouted NO and the song “My Good Reputation” continued the show. Berg had the audience in the palm of his hand and it was fun to see how crazy the audience got when the band showed up on stage.





Adde had hit so hard on his snare drum that the crew had to switch it and while he waited he came at the front of the stage talking to the rest of the guys and to the fans. He jumped down into the pit talking to the fans and after a short while had the crew replaced the drum and it was time to continue the show with “Wild Boys”, “Dreaming In A Casket” and “Medicate Me”. Berg asked the fans if they had gotten tired yet but everyone shouted No again and Berg announced that the next song was going to be “Cry Your Eyes Out”. Berg said that the next song was going to be an acoustical version of “Here Comes That Sick Bitch” and Adde and Sandvik left the stage. It was a great version of the song and it felt good to have a little calmer moment in between all the madness that was going on up there. Berg’s voice sounded brilliant and it was fun to hear the song in this shape. Straight after the song was over came Sandvik and Adde back on stage and kicked off the monumental party song “Last Call For Alcohol” and in the middle Berg said it was time for the fans to sing and that we knew what we were going to sing. He sang “I’m on my way, I need it now – and then the crowd shouted “Last call for alcohol”.

Berg encouraged the fans to sing the lines a few times and then he went over to the left of the stage and said to the people in the beer garden to do the same. Then he asked if there was someone who wanted to come up on stage and sing with the band. A girl and a guy shortly after came on stage and they sang together with the band in the song. That was also the end of the ordinary show that lasted for about 45 minutes and the band and the two guest singers walked off stage. After a few minutes of shouting and cheering from the fans got the band back on stage and kicked off the first encore “Moonshine” taken from the new album. The encores continued with “We Don’t Celebrate Sundays” and Berg jumped down in the pit and lend his mic to fans who wanted to sing. That crazy version of the song ended the show and a mindblowing hour was over. This was just another great show executed by one of the best live acts in Sweden.





Set list
Sadistic Girls
My Good Reputation
Wild Boys
Dreamin In A Casket
Medicate Me
Cry Your Eyes Out
Here Comes That Sick Bitch
Last Call For Alcohol
We Don’t Celebrate Sundays

The band’s performance was amazing and it was just another show off in how great glam/sleaze metal music ought to be played. Even though we wanted to hear a few of our other favourite was the set list impeccable and we have nothing negative to say about the show at all this was one of the highlights of the festival.




While most of the people headed over to the Bandit Rock Stage to look at Amorphis we took advantage of the pause and grabbed something to drink and rested our feet at the VIP area. It had been a long day so far and it wasn’t over by far yet. We took a stroll and looked at the merchandise stands and where they sold the artists T-shirts. Norrlands Guld ( a Swedish beer brand) was the main sponsor and the prices on the beers and on the alcohol overall was ridiculous. After having a little spare time was it time to once again head over to the Monster Energy Stage to check out one of the biggest names of the day – Danzig. – (Anders) because of previous experiences with Danzig wasn’t my expectations high and I wasn’t even convinced that he was going to show up at the festival. When I arrived to the photo pit were there already people waiting outside and to our surprise hadn’t Danzig proclaimed any restrictions towards us photographers.



(Ulrika) Well, the show didn’t work out in favour of the “mighty” Glen Danzig. The show began with Danzig running out on the stage like a furious bull singing at the top of his lungs – in a mic that didn’t work and not a sound came out of it. The guys that stood in front of me began to laugh and I have to admit to doing the same thing because it all looked really funny. When Danzig realized the circumstance he went totally insane and started to throw amps around him and threatened the technician and tried to punch him in the face. The fans screamed and encouraged their idol and when he finally got a mic that worked the show began for real. It only took a half song before the photographers were thrown out from the pit and as a reason to why we was told that Danzig didn’t want to have any photographers in the pit. What’s to say about that? If he didn’t want us to be in the pit then why let us in there in the first place. “Twist Of Cain” followed the lousy opening song “Skin Carver”.



Danzig had a really tired voice and there was no gigantic crowd of people that had gathered in front of the stage. Danzig mostly walked front and back on stage and when he saw a young guy taking pics in the audience with his pocket camera he went berserk and said that if the guy didn’t stop taking pics of him then Danzig was going to stop playing and go home. Doesn’t Danzig suffer from megalomania?? The only thing the fan did was standing calm and still taking a few pics of his idol. “Hammer Of The Gods” , “Rebel Spirits” and “Her Black Wings” continued the disastrous show and I (Ulrika) think that the only one that really enjoyed the show must have been the few hardcore fans in the front, rest of the people mostly stood still watching, laughing and waiting for the ship to sink. The rest of the members in the bad was solid and did their best to save the show. The band consisted of:

Tommy Victor – guitar
Johnny Kelly – drums
Steve King – bass

Their efforts was perfect and it was Danzig that ruined the show with his lousy attitude, his tired voice and not the rest of the guys. “How The Gods Kill” and “Do You Wear The Mark” followed and while Victor made a guitar solo disappeared Danzig off stage. Just before he was going to kick off “Ju Ju Bone” someone in the crew said to him that his time was about to run out and that made Danzig even more furious and said that he played as long as he wanted and that he was going to sue anyone who told him not to play. Fuck you I’m going to play for as long as I want he said and gave the crew the finger. That incident along with the earlier ones made the show feel like a bad joke. First of all was Danzig 10-15 minutes late on stage and his actions also got everything delayed. He was the only artist that was late on stage during the entire festival. The songs “On A Wicked Night” and “Thirteen” continued and Danzig kept on showing the finger to the organisers that stood beside the stage. Mature?. “Bringer Of Death” and “Mother” ended the horrible show and as soon as “Mother” had faded out threw Danzig the mic on the floor and walked off stage.


Set list
Skin Carver
Twist Of Cain
Hammer Of The Gods
Rebel Spirits
Her Black Wings
How The Gods Kill
Do You Wear The Mark
Ju Ju Bone
On A Wicked Night
Bringer Of Death

Unfortunately doesn’t we have anything positive to say about the Danzig show. He acted like a juvenile kid that didn’t got his way and that didn’t contribute with anything worth mentioning.There are a few pictures on Danzig and why is it so can be read at the beginning of the review.
It’s sad to see that he thinks he’s still on top when he in real life has been ran by other younger bands and artists. His glory days has passed a long time ago.

We decided to brush of this poor show with some high quality German thrash metal and headed over to the Bandit Stage to see Kreator. A big crowd was awaiting Mille Petrozza and his Kreator and we joined the eager fanbase that shouted for Kreator to go on stage. It was a brilliant move of the festival to book Kreator and we think that everyone that waited to see the band also agreed. A big backdrop hung at stage portraying a picture inside the booklet from the latest album HORDES OF CHAOS. You could feel the excitement amongst the people and when the clock struck 9.45 it was time for the German legends to enter the stage.




The band entered the stage to the sound of an intro and the members are:

Mille Petrozza – lead vocals
Ventor – drums
Christian Giesler – bass
Sami Yli Sirniö – guitar

As soon as the band showed up on stage screamed the fans of joy and went crazy when the first song “Hordes Of Chaos” began. A circlepit was instantly formed and it lasted also throughout the next song “Warcurse”. Petrozza asked how the crowd was doing and said that he wanted to see the entire festival to form a huge circle pit and kicked off the song “Endless Pain”. The band felt really tight and solid and the music was razor sharp and heavy as led. Giesler and Petrozza headbanged most of the time while Sirniö was the most calm one  on stage. The classical “Pleasure To Kill” followed and the circle pit began once again. The pit moved faster and faster through each song and we saw a few participants that got minor injuries but overall was it mostly fans that wanted to have a good time inside the pit. “Destroy What Destroys You” followed and after that came “Voice Of The Dead”. Petrozza said that the band loved to be back in Sweden again and that they was going to return to Sweden soon to record their new album.




“Enemy Of God” continued the crazy show and by now had the darkness rolled in over the area. The sound was amazing and now when it had gotten darker could we also see the kick ass light the band had on stage. “Phobia” and “Reconquering The Throne” burst out over the festival and the fans supported their favourite act all the way through the show. It was amazing to see that the band still have such a loyal fanbase and the crowd wasn’t satisfied when the band went off stage after 40 minutes of music. It didn’t take the band long to return and play the intro “The Patriarch” after which it was time for the encores that began with the fierce “Violent Revolution” and needles to say began the huge circle pit to run around again. “Betrayer” followed and then went Petrozza over the stage to get a flag and wanted us to help him out. He wanted us to scream hate and said that it was time to raise the flag of …hate. While the audience screamed HATE Petrozza waved the flag from side to side. Of course was that the intro to the song “Flag Of Hate” that in the middle transcended into the song “Tormentor” before “Flag Of Hate” continued. That closed the amazing show with Kreator – one of the best bands ever coming from Germany.




Set list
Choir Of The Damned (intro)
Hordes Of Chaos
Endless Pain
Pleasure To Kill
Destroy What Destroys You
Voice Of The Dead
Enemy Of God
Reconquering The Throne
The Patriarch (intro)
Violent Revolution
Flag Of Hate/Tormentor/Flag Of Hate – medley

If Danzig was the worst act of the festival was Kreator definitely one of the best ones. The show was nothing but a show off in how great thrash metal ought to be executed. It was a perfect set list and the only thing we opposite against was that they played too short. We wanted to hear and see more of Kreator.

As soon as the show was over came to presenters up on stage and said that a huge news regarding next years festival was about to be revealed on Monster Energy Stage and that everyone should gather in front of the Monster Stage. A few minutes later showed the head of the festival up on stage. Festival general Tomas Jernberg announced that the first headline act of the 2012 Getaway Rock Festival was Manowar and in came Joey DeMaio. The Manowar band leader talk so long about how the band going to tear down Gavle that festival general have to all most drag DeMaio of stage.

The audience roar showed no mercy and there was no doubt that the crowd loved the booking. The headline of this day – Friday was The Darkness but since we don’t like The Darkness or think that they have anything to do in we went over to the camping and prepared ourselves for the final day of the great Getaway Rock Festival.



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