RON KEEL On Possible STEELER Comeback – “2013 Will Be The 30th Anniversary Of That Album’s Release; I’d Like To Do Something Special To Mark That Milestone”

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KEEL frontman Ron Keel is featured in a new interview with discussing various chapters of his lengthy career. An excerpt is available below: 

Sleaze Roxx: What was it that led to you changing to country music in the mid ’90s?

Ron Keel: “You have to realize that in the end of the ’80s all the bands like us… like when grunge happened in 1991/92 we went from the top of the world to being slammed right in the fucking ground. We went from being gods of rock’n’roll to being a joke overnight — everybody, almost all of the bands hit the ground really, really hard. When I hit that ground I realized there was no more record deal, and had to sell the beach house and the sports car. What did I have left? I had my guitar and my voice. This was my way to avoid the drugs, it got really tough and I was able to express myself through that type of music and I was able to release my country music and that paid my bills and I expressed myself by being able to perform any music.”

Sleaze Roxx: Let’s go back in time to when you started STEELER. You recorded this legendary album in 1983, how do you explain that it would be one day become one of the biggest selling independent metal albums ever?

Ron Keel: “Of course you must have confidence and believe in what you do — my goals have never really changed. I just always wanted to be a rock star, make music, have fun, and make money! I’m very thankful for the success of the Steeler album because it launched my career and gave me the opportunity to put Keel together. The Steeler album, which was released in 1983, was part of the foundation of ’80s rock and has achieved a legendary status — and I’m very proud of that.”

Sleaze Roxx: What was the magic, in your opinion, of that album?

Ron Keel: “Well, it was my first album, and it was YNGWIE MALMSTEEN’s first album. The combination of my songs and voice — screaming metal vocals with powerful commercial rock riffs — and Yngwie’s classically influence guitar solos was a unique sound that inspired a generation of rockers.”

Sleaze Roxx: Is there any chance of Steeler coming back again?

Ron Keel: “There’s always a chance. 2013 will be the 30th Anniversary of that album’s release, and I’d like to do something special to mark that milestone.”

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