GRAVE – With Gigan, Pathology, and Blood Red Throne. September 13, 2011 (Calgary, Canada)

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With Gigan, Pathology, and Blood Red Throne

September 13, 2011

Dicken’s Pub , Calgary, Canada

Review and pics by Monika Deviat

It’s been five years since Grave toured Canada and it was the 20th anniversary of their debut record, Into the Grave [Century Media, 1991] that brought the Swedish death metal band back along with Norway’s Blood Red Throne. Joining them as support on the tour were Gigan and Pathology from the U.S. On September 13, 2011 the tour stopped in Calgary Alta., at Dicken’s Pub. Unfortunately the crowd was pretty small – probably partly due to the fact that prior to a couple weeks before the show the date was listed as the 13th and 14th depending on what site you were checking.

Gigan from Chicago kicked off the night with some psychedelic extreme metal. Their set included “Mountains Perched Like Beasts Awaiting the Attack” and “Vespelmadeen Terror” off their newest album Quasi-Hallucinogenic Sonic Landscapes [Willowtip Records, 2011]. There weren’t that many people in the bar at this point in the night but the band was able to peak some interest and get a small crowd moving up to the front of the stage.


Pathology from San Diego, Calif., was the second support band of the night. The band’s brutal technical death metal was well received. Vocalist Shawn Whitaker was entertaining to watch as he struck poses during his guttural lines. Pathology’s set consisted of quite a few tracks off their newest album, Awaken to the Suffering [Victory Records, 2011].




Norway’s Blood Red Throne played a commanding set. The band plays with power and precision, delivering a tight set to the crowd. The dual lead guitars of Dod and Ivan Gujic were impressive as were Erland Caspersens crazed bass-lines. Drummer Emil Wiksten’s had windmills going behind the drum kit and Vlad towered over the crowd growling out his vocal lines. Blood Red Throne included a few songs off Brutalitarian Regime [Sevared Records, 2011], their newest release. We weren’t able to get any decent photos of Blood Red Throne because the lighting was turned down for their set leaving the stage too dark for photos.

Grave was the band everyone was waiting for and the highlight of the evening. The death metal band from Sweden has been through numerous lineup changes and although frontman Ola Lindgran is currently the only original member, the band had no problems recreating the music. In honor of the 20th anniversary of Into the Grave, Ola Lindgran announced that they would play the album in its entirety. While the crowd was enthusiastic to hear the entire album track by track, “Into the Grave” was the song with the most energetic response. Grave also threw in a few other classics such as the title track of You’ll Never See[Century Media, 1992]. Although the crowd was small, the fans were excited to see Grave and showed their appreciated throughout the set.



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