Indian Metal bands 1833AD, Noiseware and Workshop find a spot on the new Metal Hammer Global Metal CD

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In recent times UK based magazine METAL HAMMER has taken a keen interest in the Indian heavy metal scene. Last year a Planet Metal CD was released in March featuring Indian metal bands Bhayanak Maut and Undying Inc which was followed by Demonic Resurrection winning the Metal Hammer Golden God award for Global Metal.
Earlier this year the magazine released ‘Global Metal Vol.2′ a  15 track CD featuring a whopping 10 Indian bands including bands such as AlbatrossScribeDevoid, Heathen BeastSlain etc. This was followed up with another Indian metal band Dark Desolation being featured in a CD after that. In the latest issue of Metal Hammer (featuring Mastadon on the cover) three Indian bands 1833AD(Delhi), Noiseware (Pune) and Workshop (Mumbai) have been featured on the Global Metal Vol.3 CD.
Editor at large, James Gill had this to say “There are lots of great metal bands coming out of India at the moment – and they’re great for the reasons all the best seminal metal is great: it’s raw and honest and grounded in the underdog and DIY mentalities. There’s also a musical originality that while rooted in the greats – Maiden, Priest, Metallica, Slayer – draws from local music and culture to give it a unique individuality.
The tracklist for the CD is:

  1. Kimaera – A Silent Surrender
  2. Device – Temptation’s Desert
  3. Nami – The Growing
  4. Cultura Tres – El Sur De La Fe
  5. Dies Irae – For
  6. 1833 AD – Who Will Kill The Emperor?
  7. Arise In Stability – Maverick’s Wind
  8. Archiaos – The Distant
  9. Sabbathica – Laberinto Del Destino
  10. Zombiefication – Last Resting Place
  11. Razed – A New Light
  12. Noiseware – Need For Sleep
  13. Workshop – Kothai Doro Cho
  14. Fusnota – A Colder Place
  15. Skinflint – Iron Pierced King
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