Finland’s melodic rockers “MYON” has inked a worldwide deal with ROCK N GROWL Management/Promotion

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Myon band: “Myon proudly presents the new management deal in courtesy of Rock N Growl Promotion! With this new management deal we expect great international success with our forthcoming album; Vitalworks! We expect a great increase in live performances and touring. Also it is to be expected, that we will establish a more permanent and secure place within the European Central markets. And with this, more media visibility.”

The band’s fifth full-length album “Vitalworks” is ready to release in 2012.

Myon’s fifth album Vitalworks (countdown to ground zero) is done. With this album, you have access to the biggest unused resource – unique album with unique sound – in the music industry today. As earlier albums has proved, Myon’s tracks works for everybody involved in the rock scene. Ground Zero is a strong package of genius songs made with the highest level of professional touch.

The new single “After It’s Gone” Proves that all once again. Myon is taking music to the new direction and brings the rock to the new era 2011. Vitalworks era has began.

After It’s Gone” Video –

Band: Jukka Nummi – vocals, Mika Pohjola – keyboards, Jyrki Laiho – guitars, Keijo Koivikko – bass, Matti Torro – drums


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