Autopsy – Chris Reifert Interview

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Autopsy’s Chris Reifert Interview

by Shelia Hamilton

I started off the interview with a quick trip down memory lane, a quick recap of the 1st era of Autopsy before going into more detail about the new album. How would you describe the band during the 1st era 1987 to 1994?

Total death metal made by the same freaks who make it still, but younger of course. As far as Autopsy goes, there’s a distinct mindset when it comes to the music and that mindset is intact now, just as it was then. We had a lot of crazy fun back then and still do to this day.

What is your favourite song&/or album from this era?

By us other bands? In either case, I like the one in the middle. Haha!
What made you decide to disband in 1994 and form Abscess instead?

It was pretty much the soulcrusher of a US tour that we did in 1993. Long, grueling, and devoid of any financial stability. It had fun moments, but overall it was the beginning of the end. We did know this full well and were ok with facing up to it, to the extent that we formed a plan to record a final album, play a farewell gig and go out with our heads held high. Danny and I weren’t ready to stop playing horrifying music, so we started Abscess with Clint Bower and Freeway Migliore. Abscess lasted for16 years. That’s a lot of whiskey under the bridge, friends!
What made you reform in 2008?

It was really just for the purpose of making the 20th anniversary of Severed Survival extra special. We were kind of blown away that that album was 20 years old and it seemed like a cool idea to write and record a couple of new songs for it. There was no intention at the timeto do anything else as Autopsy.

What prompted you to reform permanently in 2010?

We even surprised ourselves with that one. Haha! After many years of saying ‘never again’, here we are. Ultimately I guess we retain the right to change our minds so we did. The timing had to be right though. If all our hearts weren’t into it, we would have not done it.
What was the fans reaction to last year’s EP The Tomb Within?

Extremely good actually! What a shocker for us. Heh heh. We knew it sounded killer to us, but you never know what other ears will make of something.

How is the new bassist Joe Trevisano fitting in with the group?

Like a stinky sock on a rancid foot. He being the stinky sock and Autopsy being the rancid foot. Or is it the other way around? At any rate, Joe’s doing great and is the first one to break the Autopsy bass player curse. Shit yeah!
How does it feel to be releasing the first full-length Autopsy album ‘Macabre Eternal’ in 11 years?

We’re totally psyched about Macabre Eternal. It’s what we sound like and that sound is pure heavy duty doomy deathly metal!
What were the main influences for the album, who/what are they and how did they influence you?

To be honest, at this point we don’t have much in the way of direct influences. The Autopsy path has been set and we’ve been following it pretty closely since the birth of the band. It sprung up from stuff we were into at the time (which we still love) and we put our own torniquet on things. There’s room for us to insert some additional weirdness when it’s appropriate, but it’s always gotta be sick, crushing and dark.
Do you have a particular writing process for songs or is it different for each song that you come up with?

It’s pretty general. We work on stuff at home and bring it to the rehearsal room for all to reflect, inspect, dissect and ultimately bring to life. Although bring to death sounds better. heh heh…
How would you describe ‘Macabre Eternal’?

Pure fucking Autopsy darkness.

Can you talk us through your tracks that are on it?
01. Hand Of Darkness

It’s gonna grab you by the kness and pull them up right through your throat.

02. Dirty Gore Whore

Folks gravitate to this song first quite often hoping for some sexually titilating pervorama shindig and instead end up saying ‘uugghh’, ‘gawddamn’, or ‘hey, that’s just wrong!’

03. Always About To Die

We are though, aren’t we?

04. Macabre Eternal

Sums up the band’s philosophy perfectly.

05. Deliver Me From Sanity

A sane person begging for insanity, though how sane can he actually be?

06. Seeds Of The Doomed

A heavy doomy trip through the barren moors of your mind. Watch out for those bones!

07. Bridge Of Bones

Cross it if you want. We’ll be waiting for you at the other end with a bottle of whiskey.

08. Born Undead

No, we’re not sick of zombies yet.

09. Sewn Into One

Three’s more than a crowd where this tale is concerned.

10. Bludgeoned and Brained

Mindless violence, what can I say?

11. Sadistic Gratification

A real nightmare ride. You will be broken.

12. Spill My Blood

The final burst before silence makes itself known.
What is your favourite track from the album ‘Macabre Eternal’ and why?

The one with the drums in it, of course! That’s the best part.
Autopsy has always been considered a pioneering band in the death metal genre. How does that make you feel?

Oddly, like continuing what we do best. None of us really know how to do anything else and truthfully, many thanks must go to all who hold this band in any sort of regard. We’ve got more plans to make disturbing music, so watch your ears, eyes and minds. We want to make them bleed profusely.
Besides the old school death metal bands like Entombed, Dismember, Gorefest etc are there any newer bands that inspire you?

Yep, plenty of ’em. None of us are stuck in any sort of time or place. The bands you mentioned are all great and there’s lots of new stuff going on that kicks ass as well. Good news indeed.
Which equipment do you use?

Guitars, bass, drums and microphones. And speakers as well come to think of it. Is a bong considered equipment? No reason for that question of course. Anyone from a company who wants to give us free gear, get in touch so we can say how great yourstuff is, providing that it actually is. Haha!

Do you have any plans for a UK tour?

A tour? No, but we’d definitely love to get over there for a killer gig or two. Hell, it’s been quite awhile since we were in the UK, so it would be great. We’ll see what comes up.

Do you have any plans to play any festival dates this year?

We just did a handful of dates which all went really well. Met lots of cool and crazy folks and had a great time doing so as well as annihilating stages. We’ve got one more gig for the year, then that’ll probably do it. We are putting some thought into 2012 live appearances though.
Do you find you get a different response in the UK to mainland Europe/USA etc?

I’m really fucking happy to say this, but we’ve been getting equally great reactions in the US, Europe and Scandinavia as far as live gigs go. We are totally stoked of course and must send out megacheers to all the fiends who came to the shows. Hell yeah, see you next time!
Are there any messages that you would like to pass on to your fans?

If you’ve read this far, you deserve a beer. Enjoy it and cheers to yas!