Jalometalli 2011 – Oulu Finland

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Here we are again… The mighty Jalometalli Open Air Metal festival strikes back once again with a killer line-up to maintain its metallic lofty status on the Finnish festival map. The festival is known for relying on an old school metal approach offering traditional metal to extreme metal. The festival offered a great deal of bands from the classic metal to the extreme black metal. The festival had also paid attention to young rising and local bands which had been placed to play at the small third sage. That was unique and thankfully most of the bands sounded killer. The Metal Rules team hit the ground of Oulu to testify several absolutely killer bands. The whole Jalometalli as a festival is so unique and one of kind that anyone reading this article should take a glance at the offering of the festival. Here is a brief article on the fest.

Article – Arto Lehtinen and Petri Seppänen Da Costa

Pics by Arto Lehtinen


The Swedish thrashers F.K.U. standing for Freddy Krueger’s Underwear was nothing but an extreme hilarious outfit at Jalometalli. F.K.U faced a bit weird amusing problem cos they have never ever played 75 minutes, only less than 60 minutes. But anyway four Swedish thrash trolls wiped the Finnish audience. In the long run the set turned out to be rather boring as the four piece were in strike in the first 30 minutes, but speeches and all kinds of gimmick and hassle to lengthen songs decreased the intensively of F.K.U. However, they are a funny thrash band from Sweden.


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Tyranex fronted by the sister of the Nifelheim twins unleashed a blistering old school death/thrash assault. The high pitched vocals with the vicious sounding guitar tunes belonged to the world of Tyranex. Even though the frontlady Linnea Landstedt moved around the stage, but finally filling up the whole stage turned out to be a bit problematic. The Tyranex three piece sounded as old school as possible.



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One of the grindcore pioneers, Napalm Death, were pretty much the first ”big” international act of Friday and they completely destroyed. At first it seemed that there was not that many people around to see them, but after a few minutes the outside main stage was surrounded. During their 50min. set, the band played a whole bunch os songs (as you’d expect from a Napalm Death gig) that comprised of their early stuff like: ”Life?”, ”M.A.D.”, ”Scum”, ”Social Sterility”, ”You Suffer”, ”Suffer the Children” and more recent material such as: "Continuing War on Stupidity", "When All Is Said and Done", "On the Brink of Extinction" and others. This time around they included 3 cover songs on their set: ”Lowlife” (Cryptic Slaughter), ”Conform” (Siege) and the usual ”Nazi Punks Fuck Off” (Dead Kennedys). It’s great to see that the band doesn’t seem to be stoping, even after 25 years of existence playing this fast.     

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The reunited LA thrashers Evildead made their virgin visit to Finland and above all Jalometalli. The festival is such an excellent place to have a chance to witness old school thrash metal. With the new frontman, Evildead annihilated Jalometalli. Unfortunately, the sounds were chaotic and a bit distorted so that killer songs off the debut album ANNIHILATION OF THE CIVILIZATION didn’t get the justified soundquality at all. Damn… However the LA thrashers thrashed with an obvious old school grip.  

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The main headliners of the day, Sepultura, were promoting their recent album ”Kairos” and did a surprising gig, with a well selected set list. From the  start with their more classic stuff, going through the newer songs and finishing with their usual ”anthem”, Sepultura showed that they still have a lot of energy, power and charisma playing live. Although the night was cold, the band got most of the crowd headbanging, going in the circle pits or jumping. Sure, a few songs needed a second guitar, vocalist Derrick Green should play rhythm guitar in some songs, and for many this line up isn’t the ”real” Sepultura, but there’s no denying that the band did a great performance this night.





Convicted in Life


What I Do!

The Treatment


Troops of Doom

Escape to the Void

Meaningless Movements

Just One Fix (Ministry cover)



Inner Self


Roots Bloody Roots

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Closing the first day of the festival was the mighty Exhumed. After a 5 year hiatus, the band is back with a new and great album, ”All Guts, No Glory”, and for the first time in their career they played in Finland, so all the necessary ingredients for a triumphant gig were present. Unfortunately that didn’t happen. First off, the band was scheduled to play from midnight until 1.30am, not exactly the best time after a marathon of bands, so when the band hit the stage there were just a dozen or so fans there, while most people had either gone away or went to the bar area. Secondly, the band played a shorter set, something around 45min., so half of what was advertised. It’s unsure what caused this short set, was it the lack of support from the crowd, was it too late to play the longer set, what was it? Luckily the band sounded amazing live and even though the set was really short, those who were there were fortunate to hear ”All Guts, No Glory”, ”As Hammer to Anvil”, ”Limb from Limb”, ”Slaughtercult”, ”Forged in Fire (Formed in Flame)”, ”Necromaniac”, ”Decrepit Crescendo”, ”Casketcrusher”,  ”The Matter of Splatter” and ”Open the Abscess” which closed the set. Hopefully the band will return one day to Finland and play some more.   


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