BAL-SAGOTH @ The Purple Turtle, Camden London

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Bal-Sagoth @ The Purple Turtle, Camden London

7th July 2011

Review and Photos by Sabrina Dersel

Mademoiselle S Photography

Tonight is UK Black Metal madness at The Purple Turtle in London, and it is highly represented by the bands on the bill tonight.


Eastern Front takes the stage after Phyrexia and Crom Dubh.

The band signed to Candlelight Records after being voted ‘The Metal Underground’s Best Unsigned Metal Band in 2007’ following the demo release “Blood On Snow”.


Their Black Metal has been labelled “War Torn BM”,it retains a traditional BM sound but they experiment with other genres like Doom and Folk.

The lyrics are highly inspired by History, especially World War II and tonight’s gig sees the return of the former singer Metzger, which makes the band like a whole unity again.

Holocaust & Krieg on Guitars are the dark riffs Lords, Destroyer on Bass the Seigneur and the beast Destruction cracking the Drums.

The live performance is far from a let down tonight as this really is high quality Black Metal Music!

Ending the setlist with the EP title track “Blood on Snow”, this was a very well performed gig.

Following the darkness by even more darkness, Ethereal comes to the stage!

The Liverpool based band owns an aggressive, fast paced, melodic Black Metal sound.

Fontman Luke Diesektor knows how to warm up the crowd and inspire a crazy mosh pit from the 3rd song onwards.

Iyaan and Matius on Guitars perform a full force evil inspired sound, with Peter Klmn on Keyboards, Sludge on Drums and Dayy on Bass.

This is explosive darkness in your ears and soul, Ethereal proudly owns the status of the rising band in the dark Black Metal underground scene and by judging the gig tonight you easily understand why!

Their EP “Revelation Beast” is newly available and has to be in your cd collection!

After a long awaited performance by the English Headliners Bal-Sagoth of Five years!

It is with a certain frustration and disappointment that we are told Byron Roberts; the singer, won t be able to perform tonight due to illness.

This is a big let down for the fans tonight with a lot of disappointed faces in the crowd.

The Black Metal battle magicians project intends to take the form of sublimely symphonic Black Metal, with lyrical concept of Dark Fantasy and Science Fiction.

So it is with some amusement that Chris Maudling on Guitar, Jonny Maudling on Keyboards, Paul Wok Jackson on  Drums and  Alistair Mc Latchy Bass are joined by Luke Diesektor from Ethereal and Elliot from Phyrexia to fill in as vocalists for the missing Byron.

So instead of an epic fantasy singing, it is the joined growls of Luke and Elliot that fills the venue.

A different style than the original for sure but actually it comes out very good!

The crowd, not holding a single grudge, despite the let-down is really enjoying it and goes insane!


Let s hope Bal-Sagoth will be back soon as a whole to make it up to their fans!