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Reviewed: September 2011
Released: 2010, Dark Harvest Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Carlos Llanas

Originally formed in January of 2009, Sledgegrinder is a death metal band hailing from Tampa Bay, Florida. I got a chance to check out a demo from their first ever EP \”Through the Conveyor,\” and it is pretty straight forward. Their newer style of death metal isn\’t bad, but It isn\’t anything ground breaking or something unheard of before.

The first thing that caught my attention was the structure of the songs. As soon as you start getting comfortable with the direction the song is going, it quickly changes. It\’s a bit chaotic, but I can hear some good riffing here and there. The track \”Black Venom (Victorious)\” has all the breakdowns and growling vocals expected from such a band. From the pinch harmonics and sporadic licks, to the occasional blast beat, I didn\’t hear anything that really surprised me though. Sometimes too much technicality can be a bad thing.

\”Calculated Comatose\” was a little different from \”Black Venom (Victorious).\” It was a less chaotic and the tempo a little slower. It has a eerie guitar intro, which was cool. The only problem I found with the song was it\’s length. It\’s eight minutes long, and after the first four, I heard what I needed to hear. The recordings themselves were not too bad; they had a good guitar tone, drum sound, bass, and the vocals were well recorded. There is no doubt that these guys have talent, and with time and dedication I think they have great potential.

To sum it all up, the songs are not bad at all. They have a good sound and it is obvious that these guys are hard working. Unfortunately, I\’ve didn\’t hear anything that really made it stand out. It doesn\’t mean that it\’s bad, but something different from the \”norm\” would have gone a long way.


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Track Listing:
1. Black Venom (Victorious)
2. Calculated Comatose
3. Perception
4. Uniform Depravity

Brad Balsama-lead guitar
Alex Gallegos-vocals
Michael Longo-guitar,vocals
Danny Day-drums
Nathan Dahlvik-bass