Huron – Mary Celeste

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Reviewed: September 2011
Released: 2011, Casket Music
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Huron’s second album Mary Celeste is a superb follow on album from their 2009 debut release \”Cheyne Stoking\”. It highlights how the Plymouth quartets have grown musically since they started out in 2007. You can hear the band\’s influences throughout the course of the album. They have a strong, distinctive style and feel with what seems to be ‘taking’ the best of their favourite bands and blending them together ala Huron style and it works very well!

The album starts off with the powerful and superb track “Branded” as is followed up with the title track “Mary Celeste” which is done in a similar style to Pantera/Down with a fantastic groove through it. “Disperse Or We Fire” has a bit more thrasher beat and edge to it.

“Blood In Blood Out”, “All My Gods” & “Serpentswine” carry the album along with rockin riffs, power drumming and storming vocals on towards “Eternal Sea Pt. 1″ this is a melodic ballad, which is enchanting both musically and lyrically. It shows the softer side of Huron whilst still in keeping with the rest of the album.

“Suffer” & “Black Harvest” brings the album back up to tempo and sails us strongly onwards to the final track “Eternal Sea Pt. 2″, I wasn’t sure if this was going to be another melodic track or not after Pt 1! It’s not and it brings the album to a fantastic finish in a crescendo or guitar riffs and headbanging beats.

If you are into Pantera, Down, COC etc, then this is an album you want to check out!

Review by Sheila Hamilton


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Track Listing:
1 Branded
2 Mary Celeste
3 Disperse Or We Fire
4 Blood In Blood Out
5 All My Gods
6 Serpentswine
7 Eternal Sea Pt. 1
8 Suffer
9 Black Harvest
10 Eternal Sea Pt. 2

Palmer – Vox
Conroy – Drums
Sims – Guitar
James – Bass