Deceased – Surreal Overdose

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Reviewed: September 2011
Released: 2011, PATAC Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Virginian death/thrash metal veterans metal Deceased headed back into the studio this year to record \”Surreal Overdose\”, their first full-length of all-new material since 2005\’s \”As The Weird Travel On\”.

The sumptuous “Skin Crawling Progress” start us off in style, this track is over 7 minutes long and never loses its edge all the way through. The next 5 tracks carry on in a similar vein and are great to listen to.

We landed up at “ A Doom Laden Aura” this short melodic instrumental introduces us perfectly into “Dying In Analog” this epic track is about 8 & a half minutes long, its rounds off the album superbly. It starts off slightly softer than the other tracks before picking up speed.

“Surreal Overdose” is a no nonsense album with the drums delving through the powerful, roaring riffs combines well with the strong and masterful vocals that tear their way through all these tracks. I really enjoyed this album and have been playing for the last few days.

Review by Sheila Hamilton


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Track Listing:
01. Skin Crawling Progress
02. Kindred Assembly
03. The Traumatic
04. Cloned (Day of the Robot)
05. Vulture Shock
06. In the Laboratory Of Joyous Gloom
07. A Doom-Laden Aura
08. Dying In Analog

King Fowley: Vocals / Lyric Writer / Keyboards / Drums (Studio Only)
Les Snyder: Bass Guitar / Music Writer
Mike Smith: Lead Guitar (Studio Only) / Music Writer
Shane Fuegel: Lead Guitar / Music Writer
Matt Altieri: Lead Guitar (Live Only)
Eric Mayes: Drums (Live Only)