Tuska Open Air 2011 – Suvilahti Helsinki Finland

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TUSKA 2011


The drummer and the heart of Meshuggah is definitely Thomas Haake. His playing is admired amongst the young drummers thru the metal world. The drum sounds were massive and tight. It was amazing how brilliant and professionally the sounds of the drums had been managed to reach. The frontman of Meshuggah Jens Kidman with the bald and the lurking view have some kind of certain references to Phil Anselmo. The five piece was brutal tight and above all crushing on the stage. The technical parts sounded truly complicated and tight. Meshuggah sounded strong, technical and above all aggressive with the groove brutal songs. Maybe these big stages ain’t the best places for bands like Meshuggah  

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The legendary NY hardcore band Agnostic Front did one hell of a gig, even though there weren’t many people around to see them. Most metalheads didn’t understand why they were on the Tuska bill or just didn’t care, but I think their inclusion in a festival like Tuska it’s more than welcome. During their 60min set the band did a mix of old and newer songs like ”For my Family”, ”Peace”, ”Gotta Go”, ”That’s Life” and others that kept their fans in the pits and singing. Reaching 30 years of career, the band still has a lot of energy and power left, so here’s hoping that they’ll still go for many more years.




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Jex Thoth fronted by Jessica Toth with the magical and hypnotical performance was an entirely spellbounding show at Tuska for sure. The whole packed tent was in a kind of trance while starring at Jessica’s performance.  The gloomy, catchy, doomy, hypnotic riffs created a magical atmosphere when the frontman did eccentric magical singing and movement. Jex Thoth turned the show more into the ritualistic feeling for sure. The songs crowned the whole magic.

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Amorphis recently released a new album and has been having a strong following in Finland year after year. Vocalist Tomi Joutsen is an outstanding frontman for Amorphis. His massive dreadlocks literally leave the other guys behind when spinning his massive hair system around. Both guitarists seem to be extremely loyal to the stage manners of their own by standing and focusing on playing. Amorphis offered a great and good quality set of the both old and new stuff mixed.  

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It’s been a couple of years since Misery Index’s last tour here in Finland. Misery Index returned to Tuska promoting ”Heirs to Thievery”, on their last day of the European tour. Through songs like ”Conquistadores”, ”The Great Depression”, ”Traitors” and many others, the band demonstrated their traditional brutality, precision and speed. For song after song the crowd kept moshing and going into the pits, which were quite intense. It was interesting to notice how guitarist/vocalist Mark Kloppel’s role in the band has grown, since now there are more songs in which he divides the vocal duties with basist/vocalist Jason Netherton. Without a doubt Misery Index was one of the highlights of this year’s Tuska.   





It was obvious Turisas should have been placed on the main stage as the area was once again packed. The set was kicked off by the opening song of THE VARANGIAN WAY called To Holmgard And Beyond and was followed by Battle Metal. The band’s more symphonic based folk metal was impressive. The frontman Warlord Nygård with the warpaints appeared to be a real wild animalic revelation at  the stage. Turisas definitely appeals to the young generation due to their visual side and fantasy world where the image of the band floats.  


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When the viking death metallers Amon amarth were announced to headline the last day of Tuska, it was kind of amazing to see how they would handle the headliner role at Tuska. About ten years ago the Swedes still played at the small tent stage. The success has increased more than tremendously in the positive way for these Swedes. The Swedes kicked the set by offering quality Swedish Viking death metal. The Viking bear Johan Hagg appeared to be an extreme strong frontman dominating the stage with his charismatic figure. The whole 90 minute set featured all in all 17 songs, mostly focusing on the material of the latest albums. The sounds were astonishing murderous and awesome, creating the trademark of the real massive Amon Amarth sounds.  Amon Amarth didn’t offer and do any extra gimmicks just doing the mandatory routine headbanging. Killer set. How they succeeded in handling the headliner slot, damn well, they definitely deserved that. Besides the whole area was totally packed.

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All right it is definitely more than sure that each of us has personal fave bands with the different approach and style appealing to our taste. Some found the Devin Townsend show outstanding and brilliant and whereas some people got bored and left the venue. Ghost definitely made some people excited and of course someone couldn’t stand any single nano second. There are tons of examples. In that way Tuska offers a great dissection on the different genres about metal. As for the area, obviously it is temporary one, cos the area will be under the insane massive construction area. However Tuska was once again great success even though the organization needed to put more effort on booking bands rescheduling the dates. As for the next year, well we are eager to see what they will bring to the table in 2012!